Pig Feeders and Hog Feeders from Barn World

Start and finish your animals with high quality pig and hog feeders for long-lasting weight gains and high profits with a feeder from Barn World.

All operations should start out using quality pig feeders to ensure that proper and healthy weight gains are established early. The feeders below create a non-competitive feeding environment to establish healthy eating habits early.

three pig feeders in a row
As they grow larger hog feeders with higher capacities are necessary to continue their journey to market weight.

Barn World has a great selection of hog feeders. We offer both gravity feed pig feeders and ration style hog feeders that minimize wasted feed. In addition, we have many different sizes of hog feeders to accommodate the different needs of nursery pigs, grower pigs, and finishing pigs. Hog feeder sizes range from 2 bushels to 90 bushels and come in indoor and outdoor options. All Barn World hog feeders are made from materials that are impervious to acids from hog waste and will last and last.

Supreme Hog Feeder

large hog feeder with door flaps


  • Advanced scalloped trough design saves feed.
  • 12 large openings “natural” to hog anatomy.
  • Keeps feed in the feeding zone where hogs can get to it.


  • Long-lasting trough is heavy galvanized 12 gauge steel warranted.
  • Largest feed-saver flange on the market.
  • Strongest plastic door on the market.
  • Seamless spun steel top cover with reinforcement beads.
  • W-rod hinged top cover.
  • Polyethylene skid runners that never rust.

Top-Crank Feed Adjustment:

  • Convenient top-crank feed adjustment with four rigid 5/8” adjustment tubes.

All Supreme Feeders are available without top lid and/or doors.

Big “O” Hog Feeder

large poly hog feeder with plastic trough

Choose the 40, 65 or 90 bushel feeder hog feeder for your operation. The feeder will not rust, rot or corrode and hog lot and confinement pen acids have no effect. The Big “O” Oscillating Feeder Polyethylene Base will fit most sizes of feeders and an adapter ring is used to fit others.

Do not throw away your old feeder with the rusted-out bottoms. Bolt the top half of your old feeder to a new big “O” polyethylene base. Save big dollars!!!

Includes: Polyethylene base, trough a hopper, poly skids, painted steel supports, side feed adjustment.

Add packages to bases (40 BUSHEL FEEDER 1 ROW, 65 BUSHEL FEEDER 2 ROW, or 90 BUSHEL FEEDER 3 ROW) to make complete feeders.

Pig Feeders

Barn World also carries a full line of pig feeders. They range in size from one to 15 bushels in capacity.

pig feeder with on demand trough paddles  pig feeder full of food

Theses great feeders are on-demand, meaning they only dispense food when asked for.  The pigs will initially bump and the then turn the paddles in the trough which dispenses the feeder.

The ‘paddle sweep’ design not only hold feed until asked for, it also cleans the bottom of the trough as the pigs turn the wheel. A self-feeding and self-cleaning feeder!


small pig feeder

1 bushel

large pig feeder

15 bushel

The indoor feeders will manage very small groups all the way up to the 15 bushel capacity of 60 pigs to market weight.

See our entire selection of indoor pig feeders and outdoor hog feeders at Barn World today!  If you’d like a quote with shipping directly to your farm, please let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review!

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