Now is the time to invest in a quality hay feeder, hay prices due to rise



Hay prices are due to rise and now’s the time to get a quality hay feeder to minimize waste.  With prices expected to climb as the year goes on, it’s more important than ever to eliminate wasted hay and not throw money away when feeding your livestock.

Barn World has a large selection of hay feeders.  From new designs that literally eliminate waste like the round bale feeder hay hopper for cattle and the round bale feeder hay hopper for sheep and goats.

For cattle

For sheep and goats


Their designs allow the hay be suspended above the ground and contain any falling hay so it may be accessed by your livestock without being trampled and wasted.  These feeders will literally pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

Barn World also carries a wide selection of traditional round bale feeders.  Closed bottom hay feeders offer a simple and economical way to keep the hay from blowing around and from being pawed at and turned into wasted hay/money.  We also have the Bull Tuff hay feeder designed to take any abuse livestock can throw at it.  It’s one of the heaviest duty hay feeders on the market and is designed for maximum durability.

Bull Tuff Feeder