Heavy Duty Hay Feeder for Bulls

You need to control your hay costs and make sure your feeders are tough and long lasting to maximize your profits . This heavy duty hay feeder is made to do both with ease.

hay feeder for bulls

Controlling Hay Costs

A hay feeder’s primary responsibility is to dispense hay with a little waste as possible. A feeder that allows expensive hay to blow away or be scattered and trampled is worthless.

This feeder has a hay skirt around the entire perimeter to keep any fallen hay inside the feeder. This means it’ll stay where it can be eaten and not be trampled into the dirt or mud around the feeder itself.

Heavy Duty Design

Making an investment in a feeder should be easy and your best weapon in controlling costs. Sure keeping hay inside the feeder is paramount, but a feeder that lasts is extremely important as well.

Open top Feeding stations

Cattle tend to keep their heads inside a feeder when the surrounding stanchions are open above their heads. It’s been discovered that a top ring will encourage animals to pull the hay off the bale and out of the feeder before eating eat.  The open area above them promotes consumption inside the feeder and the reason for the tombstone design.

The uprights create a 20.5″ wide feeding station and are made with 16 gauge steel. The square tubing is 1010 carbon in 1.5″ x 2.5″ SQUARE TUBING.  This adds extra strength and makes a total of 12 stations around the perimeter.

large heavy duty cattle hay feeder with a bale inside

Mud Legs

The feeder is 427 pounds and comes with extend rail legs to keep it out mud. The elevation keeps the steel away from any moisture or mud in the ground and extends the life of the feeder. All of the steel is powder coated for even more protection!


The overall height of the feeder is a tall 58″. The bottom has a large 9′ 8″ diameter and tapers to near 8′ at the top. This helps keep your bale upright and secure while it’s being consumed.

The hay-saving skirt is make with 16 gauge steel and measures 18″ tall. It’s built to keep the loose hay inside where it can be eaten even after it falls.

There are no sharp edges for your animals to scratch their necks or manes.

Video Review of the Hay Feeder

The unique three-piece, bolt together design allows the feeder to be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 States.

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