Mineral Feeders: keep your animals healthy year round with supplements

During this time of year, it’s important to keep your animals well nourished to keep them healthy.  Barn World has a huge choice of mineral feeders for all types of livestock.  Make sure your animals are healthy with a Barn World mineral feeder.


  • Ground Style Mineral Feeder

    This feeder is the largest and heaviest in the business. It’s not uprising then that it’s also the most durable and easily used by horses and horned cattle alike. It has a 3/8” heavy duty 41” flap that covers and protects the solid minerals and supplements beneath. The feeder base itself is 38” wide, 15” tall and weighs 53 lbs!  It comes with three compartments that carry 200 pounds of salt, mineral or other solid supplements.

Ground Mineral Feeder with large flap

  • Upright Mineral Feeders

    The large feeder rotates 360 degrees to protect your expensive supplements from the wind and weather. It sits on a wide and sturdy 48” square tubular base made with 2” – 16 gauge steel tubing. The steel is rated at 50,000 psi for incredible strength to provide long-lasting stability. The top lip of the feeder is 23” above the ground to allow calves and smaller animals easy access. The hood opening is beveled and is 28” x 24” so even the biggest cattle can easily get their nourishment. This feeder weighs 73 pounds and is available with an optional face fly kit in either canvas or hanging string designs.

upright mineral feeder for cattle and livestock

  • Mineral Feeder Wind Vane

    This unique mineral feeder is a free standing feeder that holds a polyethylene tub. It’s approximately 3′ tall and has 3′ legs to allow a full rotation to protect it’s contents from the wind and weather. The rubber tub holds up to 100 pounds of mineral bulk.

Mineral Feeder with a Wind Vane Hood on top for cattle and livestock

  • Lick Tank Feeder

    This large, 280 gallon liquid mineral feeder includes two lick wheels and mounting brackets. It’s made with thick and sturdy plastic and is designed with integral ribs for support throughout. It’s incredibly tough and built to be out in the pasture year-round with the largest bulls. The polyethylene construction means it stands up to abuse and will not rust, corrode or rot.

livestock lick tank mineral feeder

Make sure your livestock are getting the supplements and nourishment that they need all year long with a mineral feeder.

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