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Hoof Care and Hoof Maintenance

The Hoof-it Maintenance Kit is a great hoof care kit that makes caring for your animals a breeze.  Hoof Repair and maintenance is provided by farriers and horse lovers alike and this kit is an easy way to care for your equine and livestock yourself.

See how simple it is in the following video:

From the video:

Hoof Care and Maintenance Kit:

The Hoof Care and Maintenance Kit is a three step system.

  1. Apply sanitizer to the hoof to eliminate any bacteria or thrush
  2. Apply conditioner:  apply conditioner to strengthen and condition the hoof
  3. Apply the hoof strengthener, it will act as a clear coat to protect the hoof.  It will also leave the hoof with a nice shiny the gloss.

This very simple and effective system is a surefire way to keep your hoofs healthy and looking good.

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