Barn World Cattle Guards

Barn WorldBarn World has a large offering of cattle guards for all different types of applications.  Called by many names – Texas gates, cattle grids, animals guards and more, but they are an important part of livestock control and ease of use when crossing a fence-line.

Cattle guards fall into two basic groups: rated cattle guards and non-rated cattle guards.

cattle guard and concrete foundaion.

Rated Cattle Guards

An HS20 and HS25 rated cattle guards are designed for highway use and certified to meet the specifications needed for State and Federal requirements such as DOT, BLM, USFS, NP, and US Military installations. They will provide years of rugged service in commercial applications such as mining, forestry, agriculture, and petroleum production. They are also the product of choice for residential usage where city, county, or state regulations require the HS20 rating.Certified structural steel is used in the manufacture of all Barn World’s HS-20 rated Cattle Guards.

Standard Cattle Guards

Barn World also carries a less expensive option for private use such as washouts and driveways.  The Standard 6’and 8′ wide cattle guards are made of NEW 3″ Schedule 40 steel but do not carry the governments highway rating designation.   All Flat Top Rail Cattle Guards may be ordered with optional wings, integral box, or removable box.

ATV cattle guards are unique in the industry!

atv cattle guard

Made for easy installation. No need to dig a hole – simply cut your fence and lay the cattle guard on the ground.


  • 1 1/2 x 11 gauge square tubing
  • 72″ wide X 91″ long
  • Ramp is 14″ tall
  • Overall width of the guard including the wings is 87″
  • Comes standard with a grey enamel finish

Spec Cattle Guards

Our 7.5′ and 8′ spec cattle guards meet current AASHTO load ratings and are suitable for all types of applications where a square pipe is desired including heavy duty logging roads. They may be ordered with optional wings or clean-out line.

All cattle guards may be fitted with plow strips that allow plows to cross over the guard with minimal interference and wear.

All cattle guards may be outfitted with a removable box for easier cleaning as an option.

Cattle Guard Removable Box Picture

Barn World has a cattle guard to meet your needs. Please call us (720) 238-2190 with your questions and to obtain shipping quotes. We can also provide professional bid packages for large company, military, and government programs and carry a large selection for all of your livestock equipment needs.


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