HS20 Rated Cattle Guards for Public Roadway Projects

Barn World offers a complete line of cattle guards engineered for public roadway projects. The HS20 rating is the required by Department of Transportation Authorities and is a 16-ton per axle engineered rating.

They are made in either round or ‘flat’ steel top rails and are available in a variety of sizes. The longest single-span cattle guard is the round top rail 20′ design. while the flat top rail is available in a 14′ length. The guards may be bolted end-to-end for projects that require an even longer distance across a roadway. This method is a simple means of providing wider access for crossing vehicles.

Some crossings require more ‘depth’, or distance in the direction of travel.  The standard is 6′ or 8′ but the grids may be set side-by-side to increase the distance. This is useful when creating a barrier for more athletic animals such as deer. The added distance provides a deterrent to them jumping the crossing.

Pictures of Cattle Guards

Round Top Rail Cattle Guard                Flat Top Rail Cattle Guardcattle guard with round top rails cattle guard resting on concrete foundations

The HS20 Rating

The rating is an engineered certification that the design will provide support to vehicles with 16 tons on each axle with an additional safety factor built in.  It’s required for all Department of Transportation projects and the designation is called out for by the AASHTO (The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials). The rated cattle guards are certified for public works and roadway projects that adhere to the following load ratings.

Rating Designations

H-15 (12 tons per axle)
H-20 (16 tons per axle)
U-54 (25 tons per axle)
U-80 (30 tons per axle)

These engineered designs call out the details for not only the materials used, but also specify how they are to be built.

Cattle Guard Wings and Foundations

The cattle crossings are also available with optional cattle guard foundations and wings if needed.

Cattle Guard Foundations

cattle guard on concrete foundations

The foundations ship pre-cast and can be set directly in the ground upon delivery. They include j-bolts already set in the concrete that line up with the guard mounting holes. This allows the guard to be directly bolted and secured without the need for drilling holes in the field.

Cattle Guard Wings

picture of cattle guard wing

The wings are available on both designs (round and flat top rail) and connect the fence line directly to the ends of the crossing. They prevent livestock from stepping around a single-end post where the fence terminates. This simple, triangular addition completes the transition from the vertical fencing to the horizontal, in-ground barrier.

At Barn World, we’re more than happy to help with your project from the planning and quoting stages all the way through delivery.

Please let us know if we can help with installation and if you’d just like a quote with shipping, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We’re happy to help!

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