ATV Cattle Guards from Barn World!

Barn World carries a variety of cattle guards and livestock equipment for your every need and now has an ATV cattle guard.

front view of an atv on a cattle guard
It’s made for easy installation. No need to dig a hole – simply cut your fence and lay the cattle guard on the ground.


  • 1-1/2″ x 11″ gauge square tubing!
  • 72″ wide X 91″ long
  • The ramp is 14″ tall at the center
  • Overall width of the guard (including the wings) is 87″
  • Includes a gray enamel finish
  • Shown for two seat, also available for four seat designs too

Installation Suggestions:

We do recommend a couple of installation guidelines when placing in a pasture:

Vegetation: The guard is most effective when it can be readily seen by the animals. While this is a place it and forget it design, keeping the area free and clear of weeds and tall growing grasses ensures it can be sign and not hidden beneath vegetation. If plants are allowed to grow up through the top rails, it can hide the crossing from your livestock and they may think they can trot right through the opening in the fence.

We’d strongly suggest that the ground that the guard sits on be clear of tall vegetation growth to make sure your animal can see the barrier before walking on it. Most of the time just the sight of the rails will keep them away and you don’t anyone in your herd mistakenly stumbling upon it unknowingly.

Drainage: The other suggestion is to promote drainage way from the site. The guard is made from steel coated in enamel but leaving it for long periods of time in standing water or muddy conditions can promote rusting.

Ideally, the site should be able to drain water and allow moisture to move away from the structure. A bed of crushed gravel can help it drain into the ground below and a slight slope will also guide it away from the guard.

Easy site preparation should include:

  • Selecting a fairly flat area with a slight grade for drainage to the side
  • Creating a layer of gravel to assist with downward (into the ground) drainage
  • Spraying or removing excess weeds
  • Laying a weed control fabric to prevent future growth

These simple preparation steps will help ensure a long-lasting and extremely effective cattle guard to contain your livestock for years to come.


The ATV Cattle Guard may be customized for golf carts, four seat ATV’s and other vehicles you may need to cross a fence line.

The standard design is built for two-place configurations and have an 11″ tall center over the span of 91″ in length. This top rail ramp size is great for the two seat version but may cause bottoming out in the longer four place vehicles.

The four seat vehicle design requires a longer structure to prevent the extended four seat wheelbase from bottoming out. We can ‘stretch’ the ramp to make it longer to prevent the high point from centering an extended machine on top of the guard.

Pictures of the ATV Cattle Guard

atv crossing over a cattle guard atv sitting on top of the atv cattle guard
side view of the atv on a cattle guard

Barn World still has all the cattle guards necessary for any road project and now carries this simple and easily installed ATV Cattle Guard too.

If you’d like a quote with shipping to your site, please let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review.

Call or email Barn World today at or (720) 238-2190 to place an order for this simple standalone and very effective cattle guard today!



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