Collapsing hay feeders – a unique design from Tarter

Flexible Round Bale Feeder for Cattle

Feeding with a traditional livestock bale feeder doesn’t present much of a challenge out in the middle of your pasture. You’ll typically take the tractor, drop the hay inside and call it an afternoon, after all this is how it has been done for years. Like all livestock equipment suppliers, we carry a large inventory of the traditional hay feeders, but we came across this new design from Tarter and think it’s worth a look!

Trouble with Traditional Hay Feeders

The problem with a large fixed ring hay feeder is that once your livestock eat the outer layers of the bale, the bale shrinks in size to the point where they can’t reach it anymore. The hay is just out of reach and all it does is entice them to lean against the feeder. This of course leads to metal bending and even cattle climbing inside the feeder to finish off the bale in the center. This can lead to injury and the exciting struggle of trying to help them out!

The ‘Flex Feeders’ are uniquely designed to shrink in size as the bale get smaller and allow your animals to eat the bale entirely. Each of the panels of these feeder are hinged like a door so that when leaned upon, instead of bending, they will actually slide inward around the remaining bale to provide consistent access until it is gone.

Cattle and Horse Hay Feeder Designs

The cattle feeder is made with a top bar all the way around the vertical bars while the horse design is open at the top. See the pictures and videos below for each style and consider this feeder the next time you’re looking for a new bale feeder. This unique design is worth exploring!

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Collapsible Cattle Feeder

Flexible Round Bale Feeder for Cattle

collapsible hay feeder

Flexible Cattle Hay Feeder Video


The Flexible Horse Hay Feeder

Collapsing Horse Hay Feeder

Flexible horse hay feeder collapses around large hay bales.

Flexible Horse Hay Feeder Video

Calf Warmers and Calving Season

Calf Warmer

It’s that time of year again; time to start planning for calving season! Spring is fast approaching and you need to make sure you have the necessary calf warmers and livestock supplies to protect your newborns from the elements when they arrive.  To give them the best start to a healthy life and to provide the necessary weight gains early on, make sure you provide a calf warmer for their first hours on earth!

interior of calf warmer

Health advantages of calf warmers

It’s not always possible to be born and on a warm, sunny day and it seems more often than not that the weather is at its worst when your calf arrives. A warmer provides a secure and comfortable enclosure to foster a nurturing environment and allows for the quickest possible recovery after what can be a very traumatic birthing process. Leaving its comfortable and toasty mother and being thrown directly into the often cold, wet and windy conditions, a newborn is immediately exposed to a dangerous and life-threatening environment while they are so fragile.  It can be such a dramatic shock that your animal may experience long-term health problems or even death from extreme exposure at such an early point in its life. Immediately protecting your animals from the elements is never more important than when they are in such a vulnerable state.

Heating Controls in calf warmers:

A calf warmer heater and fan is used in combination to keep the interior warm and provide protection from the cold.  Most heaters have a thermostat or temperature control switch to keep the inside nice and cozy. The heater itself is usually powered with 110 volts and a multi speed fan helps distribute the heat, keeps moisture from building up and will provides proper ventilation for its occupant. Don’t let your little ones freeze in the pasture, keep them warm for the best recovery possible.

heater for calf warmer


Newborn warmers are typically made from durable and sturdy polyethylene and are large enough that your newborn calf can stand up in with the lid closed. The enclosed (but ventilated) environment allows for the natural sent to remain intact so the mother will still identify with the calf. An important consideration when they join up again.

side of calf warmer with picture of cow on the side

The lid of the shelter is usually completely removable allowing easy access to your animal and for ease in cleaning. Floors are raised and slotted for ventilation and are usually supported the entire length of the box with stainless steel. The bottom is typically ribbed with thicker material so the entire shelter can be drug around the pasture to where it’s needed.

calf warmer with the top off


Circulation is achieved by drawing air in the bottom, passing it over the heater where the fan pushes it up and out of the top vents. The eve vents have adjustable holes that can be opened or closed to help control airflow and will help regulate both temperature and humidity.

Providing the best for the growth of your herd and bottom line Calf Warmers are a simple and effective way to ensure the best possible start for the newest additions to your herd. Make sure yours have access to a warm, safe and enclosed environment this spring so your bottom line and your animals are as strong as possible.

If you have any questions or would like to provide the best start possible for your newborn calves, please visit or call Barn World today.






Hog Feeders | Pig Feeders from Barn World Livestock Supplies

Big Wheel Hog Feeders from Barn World

Barn World is proud to offer the Big Wheel hog feeders from Osborne.  Keeping your feed fresh for your pigs is essential in getting them ready for market.  The big wheel pig feeders are designed to eliminate waste from spoiled or spilled feed. They are much more efficient than the best gravity feeders as the feed is only dispensed when the paddle wheel is turned by the pigs. It does not sit in the truck waiting to be consumed. This ensures the fresh feed in the hopper is delivered to the trough clean and ready to eat. Eliminating the square corners of a rectangular feeder keeps the feed from accumulating in corners, turning stale, rotting and going to waste. The round trough and sweeping action of the feeder arm keeps the food supply fresh and will be consumed in its entirety by your animals.

How it works – a patented feed flow system
All the pig feeders come with an adjustable rate gauge to control the amount of food dispensed when the wheel is turned. Inside the feeder, the flow system is controlled by an adjustable cone they can be raised and lowered in the bottom of the hopper. It is the cone that regulates the rate of feed flow, not gravity. As the pigs eat, they move the large feed wheel sweeper arm in the bottom of the trough. They don’t know it, but the sweeping action literally cleans the bottom of the trough and dispenses fresh feed at the preset rate. As the feed wheel is agitated feed falls through the center hole of the cone and into the trough where it is dispensed to the pigs. When they stop eating, the lack of movement on the sweeper arm stops the flow of feed. As such, these big wheel feeders are self-cleaning and self-regulating which reduces feed waste to none!

Build for longevity and efficiency
The Osborne feeders are designed and built to last for generations. In fact the very first big wheel feeders were built 20 years ago and are still in use today. The frame is made with heavy-duty steel construction and the fiberglass troughs and hoppers are easy to clean, maintain and can be used indoors or out. The feeders can be anchored to almost any service and maybe placed in a fence-line to handle every type of feeding situation. Their large trough openings and round shape give pigs much better access and provide more trough openings than rectangular feeders can. Easier access and adjustable flow rates create a less stressful eating environment and will allow your pigs to eat in less time with less stress.

Types of pig feeders

1. Nursery Feeders

Fresh feed is critical for young pigs as they are very sensitive to stale feeds. The patented mechanical flow delivery system of the Osborne nursery feeder guarantees fresh feed every time. The agitation on the sweeper arm keeps the trough clean and dispenses feed only on demand. All types of feed including crumbles and pellets can flow through the system without damaging it’s texture or appearance. These conditions allow the pigs to eat at will while maintaining the fresh, unneeded green in the hopper. This produces a better quality of gain for consumption and will better the overall health of your pigs. The careful design of the head space openings and trough reduces eating stress and promote consumption, producing better gains.

Available in the one bushel, 3 bushel and 4.5 bushel sizes, these nursery feeders are the best in the industry.


2. Finishing Feeders

As your pigs grow in size, the main sources of food waste are more pronounced but are still eliminated with the patented delivery system of the big wheel feeders. The self dispensing feeders required no human activity and eliminate waste on their own by stopping the feed from entering the trough when the pigs are not eating. The self-regulated and self-cleaning finishing feeders will completely eliminate spoilage.

Available in three sizes from 4.5, 7.5 and the 15 bushel capacity these finishing feeders will reduce your management time and minimize feed waste to guarantee maximum efficiency.


3. Bulk Hog Feeders

Just like the smaller models the big wheel feeders, the bulk hog feeder is designed for maximum efficiency and the elimination of spoilage. The feeders are engineered to last for decades while minimizing your time, waste and need for adjustment. The reinforced fiberglass and hot-dipped galvanized steel supports all add up to a feeder that will produce healthy weight gains in your pigs for generations to come.

Hopper lids are not needed as plugging is never a problem even in heavy rains. The self-cleaning movement of the patented sweeper arms keep the feed flowing regardless of conditions. Set your feed rate once with the easily accessible outside mounted controller arm and it will remain constant for years to come.

Designed to be used with 90 head and possibly more, the big wheel bulk feeders are available in five different capacities: 24, 45, 65, 85 and 105 bushels. Using the same self-cleaning and regulating feed delivery system inside the hopper, the capacities are adjusted by adding rings to the height of the feeder. Available with an optional galvanize steel skid to be mounted underneath for easy moving, these pig feeders are some of the most versatile on the market today.


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Calf Warmer – livestock supplies from Barn World

Calf Warmers

It’s officially spring and that means calving season and it’s time to make sure you have the livestock supplies and calf warmers needed to protect your newborn calves from ol’ mother nature.  Make sure you’re ready to provide the excellent care required after birth when your new livestock enter the great big world.

Calf warmer: construction

The best protection for newborns is offered by a polyurethane calf warmer with an enclosed heater that will create a comfortable enclosure to protect and give privacy to newborns. Constructed from medium density polyethylene, these durable warmers come complete with a heater to keep your calves cozy, dry and comfortable during the first critical hours after birth.

The interior provides enough room to feel secure, stand up and dry off while getting used to their new environment.  With a hinged top section that is removable for easy entry and cleaning, this warmer provides the ultimate in accessibility. The slotted floor is raised so heat easily circulates throughout the entire unit before exiting the vent in the top of the lid.  The top section vent also serves as an easy way to view the calf without having to open the lid.   The floor is very sturdy and is designed to handle the weight with stainless steel supports.

The exterior bottom is ribbed so it may be moved or dragged around the pasture with ease and the rounded front bottom end allows it to slide over obstacles on the ground. There is also an optional steel hitch that can be used for towing with the vehicle if needed.

Calf Warmer Heater

The warmer comes complete with a high performance 110 V heater, three heat settings and two settings for the fan for an accurate temperature control in almost any environment.

It’s large size of 45 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 50 inches long allow for plenty of room and movement in a secure environment.

PolyDome Calf Warmer

Make sure your calf has the best available environment provided to it so it may have a quick and healthy recovery from birth.  These warmers are essential to giving your animals the best chance of a healthy beginning and prevent it from experiencing the shock of leaving the warmth of the mother to the cold and sometimes frozen ground.

Contact today and we’ll be happy to help with all your livestock needs – from cattle guards to saddle pads, Barn World has the equipment for your farm and ranch.

Calf Warmers from Barn World – Livestock Supply Necessity

Calf Warmers from Barn World

To provide the best care in the critical after-birth hours of your calf’s life, be sure to enlist the help of a calf warmer.

Calf Warmer - Image

Calf warmers should be a livestock supply staple when raising livestock

Calf warmers create an excellent shelter and warm nurturing environment for new born calves. Usually constructed out of a durable, long-lasting and rust proof medium density poly, this animal shelter is a must for newborns and should be in every livestock supply arsenal.
New born calves require a warm enclosed space during the critical hours right after birth. They are vulnerable to the cold and need a safe place to recover from the birthing process. Barn World calf warmers have top of the line heaters located in the rear of the warmer in a separate enclosure that provides a steady warm, circulating flow of air. The area is large enough so the calf can stand up or lie down while remaining in the interior warmth of the heater. Being contained allows the identity scent to remain intact so the mothers will instinctively reclaim their rejuvenated infant once they’re ready to be released.

Calf Warmer Features

Barn World carries the Sioux Steel calf warmer with the following top-of-the-line features including a fully controllable an automated heater.

Calf Warmer - Image

• An adjustable 1500 watt electric heater with a fan with automatic shutoff and built in thermostat for controlling temperature and air flow speed
• The top hinged section is completely removable for ease of cleaning and for providing the largest allowable access area for calves to enter and leave the enclosure
• The bottom of the warmer is reinforced for easy towing and durability. It comes compete with a tow rope already installed so you’re ready to remove the calf from the delivery area
• The floor is raised and grated to provide warm air circulation throughout the entire warmer. It has a two panel system and is removable for easy cleaning
• The top eve vent allows for ventilation and circulation control as well as provides sighting access so you may keep an eye on the calf without raising the lid and disturbing it
• A popular feature is the 12v adapter
• The warmer measures 45” high, 25” wide and is 48” long to allow for maximum comfort inside.

Livestock Supplies are necessary for newborns

To keep your young, newborn livestock healthy and to give them a great start at a long and healthy live, a calf warmer is a must during the crucial hours after birth. Providing a safe and comfortable environment for your animal is a must to ensure a great beginning in a stress-free setting. To take advantage of all the calf warmer has to offer, call (720) 238-2190 or visit today for all your livestock supply needs and remember, they carry everything from cattle guards to saddle pads!

Drive Over Gates – a Cattle Guard alternative from Barn World!

Drive Over Gates from Barn World!   A Great Cattle Guard Alternative


Barn World is excited to announce the arrival of the Drive-Over Gate.  No need to stop to open a gate, pull through only to stop again to close the gate.  This gate allows you to simply drive right over it!  It will return to it’s upright position automatically as soon as the vehicle or trailer is clear.

Drive Over Gate Uses

The gate allows easy access to all your fenced-in areas without the hassle of leaving your vehicle to open and close your gates.   This simple design has been tested in high traffic feed lots with all sorts of different vehicles.  We tested it repeatedly with very large tractors and heavy loads to ensure the durability of the gate and with the weight of every load transferred directly to the ground, there was no limit to what the gate could handle.  It proved extremely durable and trouble-free as shown in the video above.

It also allows for smaller ATVs, walk-through and walk-over traffic to easily pass a fence line. Large or heavy load are not necessary to ‘open’ the gate and it is easily passable by stepping on it or by removing the pass-through stakes and simply replacing them once you’ve gone through.

It also works well with your pivots!

Gate Operation

The Drive-Over Gate is held in position with solid, heavy-duty springs that ensure many years of trouble free use and is designed to be opened by all vehicles, large and small, from ATVs to large tractors with trailers. The tension on the springs may be adjusted to keep the gate as firm as you’d like from day one to through day 10,000.

No more gates to open or close! This gate allows you to drive right over it without exiting your vehicile!  It returns to it’s upright position automatically and is extremely durable.

The gate is accessible from both sides, and is easily pushed down by all vehicles and implements – from a small ATV to a tractor with attachments.  Irrigation pivots can cross fences any time and if you need to walk through, simply pull out one or two of the cushion rods and step through the gate.  You may also just push the gate over slightly and step on it to cross.

  • Easy for one person to set up and to move to a different location
  • Available in 6′, 14′ or 16′ widths

Livestock gate

The drive over or push over gate is great at containing your animals while allowing easy access to all of your pastures and fenced in areas.  The gates are large and sturdy enough that livestock won’t look twice at it as a means of escape.  Even if they do try and ‘test’ it, a push against the gate only leads to the gate pushing back and frightening the animal away.  They quickly learn not to mess with the moving gate.
The speed that the gate ‘resets’ to it’s upright position may be adjusted by varying the tension on the springs or the telescoping tubing.  There isn’t much pressure on the rods when they are in the down position so they barely tickle the underside of a vehicle as it crosses over.  Please see the above video for a demonstration.

Installing a Drive Over Gate Cattle Guard Alternative

With it’s simple and reliable design, it’s very easy to install the gate.  It’s important that the site be level and clear of obstructions in both directions for proper performance.  In the winter, you’ll want to make sure the snow doesn’t pile up on either side as the weight of a crossing vehicle may bend the rods when compressed over large ice buildups.  The gate is virtually maintenance free.

Cattle Guard Alternative

This gate has been used to provide easy access to all fence lines and it’s durability allows for all type of vehicles to cross effortlessly.  When comparing it to a cattle guard installation, there is no comparison.  No vaulted area or foundation is required to be dug and poured with concrete.  A 6-8 inch gravel base is recommended and it installs in much less time, without an engineer, contractor or permits needed that are necessary with a cattle guard install.  Simple to install and simple to use is why this gate is so popular and effective.
If you have any questions or would like a quote with shipping, please contact Barn World at 720.238.2190 or send an emailed to, and we will be more than happy to help.

Animal Shelters from Barn World – portable livestock shelters!

 Animal Shelters now at Barn World!

Barn World is proud to offer a line of portable steel shelters that are designed to be livestock shelters but come in sizes large enough for efficient to be equipment and storage facilities as well.

Animal Shelter Calf Hut

Animal Shelter Calf Hut

Calf Shelter

Calf Shelter

Animals Shelters and Livestock Huts

Whether you need an animal shelter for goats, calves, Ostriches or  Emu’s, there’s an animal shelter built for you.  All of the huts are constructed from steel and are available with swing in or out bucket holders and bottle holders.

There are also options for the front and back of the shelters.  You may choose from the fronts being partially closed with a solid immovable panel that covers half of the entrance, or get a full closure with the optional swinging door if desired.

Animal Hut Front Door and Enclosure

Animal Hut Front Door and Enclosure

Animal Hut Front Enclosure

Animal Hut Front Enclosure

Animal Shelter with door (closed)                   Front closure without door

Small Animal Shelter

The small huts measure either 4-1/2’ or 7-1/2’ long in width. They come pre-assembled and like all the shelters, have the option of the front enclosure without the door or with.  The height is 3’10” and light weight of only 145 lbs, allows for easy mobility and greatly increases the uses for this small building.  They come with anchors, one in the back and two for the front make your portable shelters a permanent solution until you’d like to move them for another use.

Transporting the huts is made more efficient by design.  Up to fifteen of these smaller shelters can be loaded in a pickup when you’re ready to move them for another use.   Extremely popular with pig and hog operations, they make great farrowing shelters.

Making them tough is the galvanized, heavy-duty corrugated steel reinforcements and heavy angle irons frames.  These buildings are designed to shine in the worst of Mother Nature as well as your livestock.

Ostrich and Emu Shelter

These huts are great for large birds and come pre-assembled in 7’ long sections.  You may choose from 7’ as the shortest length and add sections all the way up to your longest use need.  Available in 8’, 12’ and 14’ widths, they offer a wide variety of uses and allow for growing and large herd sizes.

Ostrich Shelter

Assembly for these portable and yet permanent buildings takes a quick 2 hours and with the included 4×4 skids, you’re never stuck with a shelter in a specific place.  All necessary parts are included for complete assembly.



Large Animal Huts

The larger animal shelters come in widths of 8’, 10’, 12’  and 14 feet while the lengths are in any increment of 7’ and although they are not pre-assembled like the smaller shelters, it will only take two men or women, 2-4 hours to completely build them.  These larger huts come with skids made of 4×4’s to make it easy to move them in the pasture or around the farm and ranch.

The 14’ wide hut is plenty big enough for a full size pick up.  You can even open the doors to get out when parked inside.  It’s extremely useful store equipment out of the snow, sun and rain and can even make a nice workshop.  There are large vents located on the back wall that open up to allow for ventilation and ‘airing out’ in the summer.

Portable Steel Shelter

This is a picture of the back of the 14’ shelter with the back vents open

Steel Shelter rear vent

A Shelter or Hut for all types of uses

To offer the portability and versatility inherent in the design of these buildings, it is necessary to anchor them to the ground.  Please note that due to varying soil composition around the country and from county to county, anchors are not included with the larger shelters, but are included with the 6’ wide huts.

For questions or information on the animal shelters or for assistance any farm and ranch livestock supplies or even cattle guards, please call (720) 238-2190 or visit today!



Animal Dryers from Barn World: The best in animal grooming

Cattle guards

Animal Dryers from Barn World:  The best in animal grooming

Barn World is proud to offer pet dyers and livestock blowers for your show animals. These two blowers are packed with power and can lower your dry-time over conventional blowers by almost 75%. These new powerful dryers offer variable speeds and don’t have harsh heaters that will dry out animal hair. The warm air from the motor is mixed with outside air to deliver a safe amount of heat and prevents damage to your pets or livestock.

Animal blower and pet dryer

Cattle guards and livestock supplies

The Air Force Blaster comes with a ten foot flexible hose and a blower nozzle for heavy duty use. The 4HP motor provides plenty of power and the air flow is controllable for allow variable flows from zero to one hundred percent, unimpeded air. The casing is from an all-steel designed that will allow for years of heavy duty, daily use. This animal dryer is lightweight making it a perfect portable, go-anywhere and use on every type of animal, from pets to livestock, animal grooming dynamo. It’s great for livestock with heavy coats and dries hair without drying out their coats. With a simple and easy to change filter, it’s a very versatile design and is built to last. It comes with a one year guarantee too!

Big Brother Animal Dryer

119435 livestock supplies

The Master Blaster is the big brother to the Airforce Blaster. At 8 horse power, it has double the power and will move air at 58,500 feet per minute. It has two motors with 2 stage, dual fans for two temperature settings. As with the Airforce Dryer, this dryer uses the heat from the motors to mix with the ambient air to prevent damage to your pet or livestock’s hair.

It comes with a 10 foot long hose that’s 1.5 inches in diameter and is made of heavy duty commercial strength flexible hose. The nose is also constructed of heavy duty neoprene to handle the roughest of use. The cord is 12 feet long with a three conductor plug for extra reliability and grounding.

This dryer is portable and weighs only 16 pounds making it convenient to take to shows or travel with. It also features the easy to change foam filter for simplicity and efficiency.=
Keeping it simple, portable and efficient, these two powerful and durable animal grooming dryers will provide years of dependable use and will save money for years to come. Whether using as a portable dryer for shows, traveling or barn use, or for your pet grooming or livestock grooming business, these sturdy dryers are perfect for the job.

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Livestock Scales: Using an animal scale for managing the health of your livestock


Barn World Logo

To effectively manage livestock health and growth, you need a high quality long-lasting scale to provide accurate weight and data to ensure a healthy animal.  There are many different live stock scales to choose from and certainly there is one for your needs.  This post will focus on the portable platform scales that provide a simple and easily movable scale for everyday use.


Platform scales

Platform scales provide a versatile means of weighing almost anything and come in low profile, light weight and heavy duty options.  The most popular are rated at capacities of 1,000 lbs. , 2,000 lbs. and 3,000 lbs.  They make great portable animals scales.

Mulit-purpose 1,000 lb capacity platform scale

PS-1000 Livestock scale

The PS-1000 all-purpose livestock scale is perfect for 4H and general use for animals that require a nice low-profile platform and portability when being weighed.  The scale has a 1,000 pound capacity and a stainless steel indicator whose digital readout creates an easy to see display. This scale also includes a 6 V rechargeable battery for use when not near a power outlet and an AC adapter to provide power to the scale or charge the battery.

The platform itself is a low 2- 1/2 inches and is made with diamond tread to provide traction and prevent falls. The end ramps make it easier for your animals to get on and off the scale with hesitating, tripping or falling.  The adjustable feet allow you to even the scale on an un-even surface for accurate weighing and at  55-1/2” by 20”, the platform is large enough to accommodate pigs, sheep,  goats and calves.

The PS-1000 arrives ready to use, just place it on a hard surface and connect the indicator to begin weighing immediately – perfect for showing animals at your next 4H function.

PS-2000 Platform Scale

 Weigh Scale and animal scale

The PS-2000 animal scale is another platform scale with a 2,000 pound capacity and a large 59″ x 30″ steel weighing area.  The rugged steel platform is made with a diamond plate surface that protects animals and yourself from accidentally slipping and falling.  To help your livestock access the platform, the scale has ramps on both ends.  A calm animal is much easier to way than a nervous or anxious one.  The platform itself is only 2 1/2 inches high and weighs only 105 pounds and has two slide-out handles to assist with portability.

There is no installation or set up to be done as this is a true plug and play scale with great potential for waiting almost anything.

The Multi-Purpose PS-3000 platform scale


Livestock scale

This platform scale has a 3,000 pound capacity and will weigh almost anything with this large steel platform.  The platform is powder coated for corrosion protection and finished with a safety tread to prevent accidental falls.  It also has a 150% overload protection feature in case you happen to weigh something more than 3,000 pounds.  At 78 -3/4 inches long and almost 40 inches wide and only 3.93 inches tall, there is plenty of room to weigh animals, freight and anything else you could roll onto the platform.

There is also an optional indicator stand that is 36 inches tall for easy viewing in remote areas.  The battery life is approximately 20 hours and there is an auto off feature to help prevent the battery from being drained when not in use.  This scale also features an average weight hold for when animals are skittish on the scale.

As with all the platform scales, there is no installation or parts assembled.  Just plug it in, set it on a hard surface and you are ready to weigh!

Scale can be used on battery power alone is what outlet is not available.  It also has a hold feature to assist getting an accurate weight even when the animal is moving.

When you need to weigh large loads or have the option to weigh large objects, this scale provides an economical means for weighing everything from livestock to bulk containers.

Whatever weighing your needs, from animals scales, livestock scales or just large, heavy duty weighing, there is a platform scale for you at Barn World.

Please visit or call 720.238.2190 today.





Hay Feeders Save Money and Pay for Themselves Quickly

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Hay Feeders Save Money and Pay for Themselves Quickly

It’s another hot and dry summer and the cost of feeding your livestock is only going up as hay gets more difficult to come by.   Shipping hay long distances from the few growing areas left in the country to the animals that need it has become all too common.

To make the best of this terrible hay growing season and to save as much money as you can while still providing for your animals, it’s important to provide the most efficient means of feeding and minimize the amount of waste produced.  This calls for a no-nonsense hay feeder from Barn World.

There are many different feeder styles that allow for any budget and will produce savings that will allow the feeder to pay for itself in a short amount of time.  Whether you feed small square bales to a few animals, or large round bales to a lot, the proper feeder is critical to saving money.  A quality feeder will allow you to minimize money lost to hay waste that falls on the ground and erodes your profits, while providing a safe environment to maximize your feeding budget.

Types of Hay Feeders

Round Bale Feeders

For large animals that are fed large quantities at a time, you can’t go wrong with a round bale feeder.  These large and durable feeders are designed to feed almost any large animal from cattle to buffalo.  We carry a Bull Tuff Round Bale Feeder that has a 9’ 6” bottom diameter that tapers to 8’6” at the top.  It will accommodate the 6’ round bale, has 12 feed openings and 9 heavy duty  mud skids to keep the feeder entirely off the ground.  There are no sharp edges for animals to cut themselves and the 3 piece bolted assembly is built for years of heavy duty use.  This is a very common and popular feeder for large bulls and horses.

Another large animal feeder that’s new and very popular is the hay hopper design.  This feeder holds the bale off of the ground and livestock will eat from the bottom up.  The loose hay will drop to the bottom of the feeder where it is protected from being trampled by a metal skirt.  This preserves the hay to be eating directly under the suspended bale.  The hay hopper feeders are made for cattle, buffalo, horses, goats and sheep and has a patent pending design.

Horse Hay Feeders

For a quick and simple method of feeding your horses’ large bales, look no further then the Hay Hut Hay Feeder.  At 84” deep and 72” wide, and a height of 84”, this plastic feeder will not rust out and is extremely easy to use.  Simply drop your bale on the ground and cover with the hay hut.  It’s an attractive feeder that looks like a small house or hut and has eight feeding stations available for easy access to the hay bale.  It also provides a covered shelter to protect the bale from the weather and the sun.  This feeder ships in two easy to assemble sections and will fit in the back of a pickup truck.  It takes approximately half an hour to put together and is easy to move around your pasture should you choose.

The plastic is a durable and UV protected material that provides fantastic, maintenance free cover for your bales.  There is a one year warranty and most feeders last for 10 or more years with steady use.  They’re also available in two colors:  black and forest green.

Popular Horse Hay Feeders

One of the most popular horse hay feeders is the Poly Round Hose Hay Feeder.    It’s designed especially for horses and all of the hardware is counter-sunk into the feeder so there aren’t any sharp edges for potential cuts or scrapes.  This feeder is mad e from four pieces to form the circle and is also idea for small ponies and colts.  It’s easy to assemble and move to where you’d like to feed.  Simply drop your round bale either on the ground or on a pallet, roll the feeder next to it and drop it over the bale.  At only 80lbs, this one is extremely portable and can be rolled to your bale.  Made from recycled plastic, it’s environmentally friendly and is composed of UV resistant resin.  With a two year warranty on material and workmanship,  this feed will last for many seasons.

Rack and Trough Hay Feeders – the combo feeder

Rack and Trough Feeders allow for both hay bales and grain to be feed from the same feeder.  Another plus is the ability of the trough below the rack to catch hay that falls when animals pull from the bale.  This allows the hay to be eaten from the trough, rather than wasted on the ground and eating into your profits.

Our combo feeders come in a variety of sizes, each designed for the animal being fed.  They are primarily built to accommodate cattle or horses and the versatility of the feeder allows for animals that require both grain and hay in their diet.  A very convenient feature.

Portable and Stall Feeders

Although used in the stall with smaller amounts of hay, a lot of potential food can still be wasted.  The portable hay feeders are useful when traveling or in the stall.  Typically mounted on the wall or in a corner, they can provide an easy means of dumping in flakes for your animal to enjoy at any time.  The Health-EZ Hay Feeder even does double duty as ‘entertainment’ and can keep some horses minds occupied and out of trouble while they nudge a hanging feeder around the stall.

It doesn’t matter what type of animals you’re raising or enjoying, a hay feeder is one of the easiest ways to introduce an efficient means of saving money and will pay for themselves in short order.

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