Tack room organizers

It’s time to organize your tack room!

Have you put off the spring cleaning your tack room desperately needs?  You can easily get organized with this very popular tack room organizer.  It holds your bridle, horse blankets and up to four saddles!

saddle rack with arms for horse blankets and bridles   tack room organizer for horses in a green pastures

Horse Tack Stand

Too many of use toss our valuable riding equipment on a tack truck or nearest flat surface after a ride. A disorganized tack room with piles of pads, saddles and bridles creates a mess and can put creases, folds and retain sweat and moisture in our equipment.

The horse tack stand is a wonderful stand alone tack room organizer that holds everything you need. It frees up a huge amount of space and will clear your floors and flat surfaces in no time.

Tack Station Capacity

This self-standing station is build to hold four complete sets of equestrian tack ready for use.

Saddle Pads and Blankets

The left side is dedicated to holding ten blankets or saddle pads and will allow them to retain their natural shape with a center fold. The arms are great for letting your sheepskin saddle pads dry after cleaning and make your blankets look great and organized. A stack of pads will only retain moisture and sweat and make a strange smell consume your tack room.  Get them organized and looking good on the left side of the stand.

Bridle Organizing

The center section is dedicated hold your halters, headstalls and bridles.  There are four individual center posts for keeping your long and easily tangled equipment organized. This simple post design allows for easy hanging that keeps bridles available and easy to choose when looking to go out.

Saddle Racks

The right side has four large saddle racks for your favorite saddles. This makes it easy to quickly slide your saddles on and have them vertically organized with easy.  It just as simple to set your saddle on an arm as it is toss it in the corner.  With this organizer, it gets it off the flat surface and retains it’s natural horse back shape until you’re read to use it again. Not only that, but it looks great too!

saddle rack arm for tack room organizer

Tack Room Organizer

The benefits of an organized tack room can’t be understated. The ability to quickly see and access your riding equipment makes getting on quickly a breeze.

The proper storage and hanging of your equipment also keeps it in good shape. Allowing your saddle pads to completely dry while hanging on an arm keeps your sheepskin or wool material fresh and clean.

Bridles don’t have to end up in a ball behind your tack truck, have them clean and hanging for quick access in the middle of the stand.

All that and the ability to hold four saddles ready for action and off the floor or your trunk will keep your tack room looking great and working even better.

Take a look at all of our tack room organizers and note that most of them SHIP FREE throughout the US!

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Handmade Cinches for all types of riding

Handmade equine cinches make the 5 star equine cinch a Barn World favorite

The cinch is one of the most important pieces of your horse tack in securing your saddle to the horse. It’s comfort and fit are instrumental in giving your horse the freedom to be athletic and perform at its best without uncomfortable pinching or over-tightening.

These 100% mohair cinches are hand made and available in different width to match your style of riding. Whether you’re cutting, jumping, pleasure riding or roping, there is a cinch designed for your activity.

Take a look at some of the styles and designs below.

Styles of Cinches

Cinch design chart

The World’s Finest handmade, all-natural, therapeutic 100% Mohair equine cinches fit our philosophical position of what is right for horses and mules. Cinch cord is an 8-ply, 100% Mohair cord. The cord is hand laced onto flat buckles and rings. Mohair has been known for years to have the same therapeutic and comfort value as 100% wool felt.

Cinch hardware selections

The 5 Star equine cinch uses BORK FLAT BUCKLE HARDWARE, in TUMBLE or POLISHED FINISH. Bork Saddlery Hardware Co. is the finest and oldest saddle hardware company in the United States. The bronze rings and buckles are made of an alloy offering high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. The FLAT HARDWARE keeps the horse’s flesh from “rolling over” and pinching as with roller and round hardware.
cinch buckle selections

All 5 Star cinches are hand made to order in the USA!

If you have any questions or if we can help select the proper cinch for your rides, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always happy to help!

Visit Barn World today for our complete 5 Star product line and see all of our cinches online.


Contoured Sheepskin Saddle Pads

Sheepskin saddle pads provide tremendous comfort and performance. The bi-level Australian Merino sheepskin is so thick and well conforming that it can relieve pressure points and friction spots. The plush fibers create a material that lifts sweat and moisture that allows it to wick away heat. This keeps you and your horse cool under pressure while enjoying a secure fit for your saddle.

There a three different pad cuts for every type of riding and each has cantle and pommel roll options.  Below is a look at the contoured sheepskin saddle pads.

Contoured Saddle Pads

The contoured design is one of the most popular and is used in many disciplines. The sheepskin pads offer three different roll designs:  Pommel Roll, Pommel and Cantle Rolls and a Fully Rolled edge

Sheepskin saddle pad with Pommel Roll only

The pommel roll is one of the most important when securing your saddle. The forward movement created when your horse is stopping or changing direction can create a forward sliding issue with your saddle.  The rolling of the sheepskin over the front edge of the pad helps prevent forward saddle movement.

contoured saddle pad with pommel roll  black sheepskin saddle pad with a pommel roll

The pad is available with a full lining as pictured above on the right and well as a partial lining. The partial lining doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the leg sections as shown on the right.

There are also two different leg cuts. The dressage pad has slightly thinner leg at 15″ than the English pad design.

Sheepskin saddle pad with Pommel and cantle Rolls

The addition of the cantle roll adds even more saddle security than just the pommel roll alone. With a roll at each end of the pad, the saddle sits securely between the two for the best possible performance.

sheepskin saddle pad with pommel and cantle rolls  contoured sheepskin saddle pad with pommel and cantle roll

The dressage and English cuts are also available with both rolls and in a full or partial lining. The lining itself is over 1″ thickness and provide exceptional comfort and fit.

The quilting is available in navy, black and white colors.

Sheepskin Saddle Pad with Fully Rolled Edges

The fully rolled edge combines the great fit and performance of the front and rear rolls with the great looks of completely rolled edge. The incredible comfortable and very plush sheepskin saddle pads are fully lined and the sheepskin itself is rolled completely over to the top side of the pad for extra fit security, comfort and good looks!

The English and Dressage cuts are still available in the fully rolled pad and the extra edge looks great too.

sheepskin saddle pad with fully rolled edges  sheepskin saddle pads with fully rolled edges

Benefits of Sheepskin

Sheepskin has over 3,000 fibers per square inch that act as very small shock absorbers. It also offers incredible wicking abilities that lift moisture and help cool your horse while riding. It collects and dissipates the sweat to keep your horse cool and performing at it’s best.

The extra thick cushioning helps prevent rubbing and contact sores too. The sheepskin won’t build any static electricity and is gentle on the skin.

Sheepskin Saddle Pad Care Instructions

To wash the pad, it’s recommended it be hand washed in cold water with a mild soap. Suggested soaps include the Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo or Ivory Snow Flakes. The agitator in washing machines can be rough on the sheepskin and stretch the quilting.

It’s recommended that the pads be allowed to dry completely before riding again. This gives the fibers a chance to stabilize. To help dry more quickly, you may squeeze the pad or put it in washing machine only on the spin cycle. We don’t recommend wringing out the pad by twisting as it cause deformation.

These wonderful pads are a great addition to you saddle tack collection and will provide years of performance and comfort. Click the following link to see the entire sheepskin saddle pad collection at Barn World.




5 Star Wool Saddle Pads

Barn World carries 5 Star Equine Saddle Pads for all your riding needs.

wool saddle pads

5 Star saddle pads offer the best protection for your horse’s back and are made from 100% Wool. The World’s Finest, All-Natural 100% Wool Contoured Pads are specially designed to fit the shape of your horse or mule’s. The unique, two-piece construction eliminates spinal pressure and improves saddle fit – no over-cinching.

The 5 Star Contoured Saddle Pad is the original Western contour pad with “a true French Curve back-line and withers slope.” Special attention is given to wither height, back-line variance and hip placement which results in a GREAT FITTING PAD that conforms to the shape of your horse or mule. This conscious effort in design has produced a pad that fits most breeds of horses and mules without “break-in” fitting.


1/2″ Under Pad

Great for showing, reining, cutting or pleasure horses when you still need protection yet want to put a colorful blanket over the under pad for show purposes.

3/4″ Regular Pad

An excellent all-around pad for those that need a daily exercise training pad and may also need to throw a blanket over for the show ring.

7/8″ Thick Pad

The best all-around use pad recommended for trail riding, team penning, cutting, reining, and barrel racing. We can also cut the 3/4″ and 7/8″ pad in a 28″ length for barrel racing saddles.

1″ Extra Thick Pad

Designed with ranch work in mind, for roping, performance, colt starting or heading to the mountains with lots of gear. 1-1/8″ Supreme Roper Pad Specially engineered for team roping, calf roping, steer stopping and performance.

heavy duty saddle pad


Simply spray pad with water, rub soiled areas in a circular motion with fingers or a rubber curry comb and hang to dry. A gentle detergent may also be necessary. Do not lay flat on it’s back (upside down). With this reasonable care, pad will last 1500-2000 hours. 5 Star 100% Wool Felt Contoured Saddle Pads contain 90% virgin wool and 10% reworked wool giving your animal protection that will last 2,000+ hours with reasonable care. 5 Star’s felt has been made with heat, steam and pressure which eliminates any concerns about shrinkage or distortion as you begin to consider cleaning needs.

Care & Cleaning

  • Equipment: 5 Star Cleaning Sponge, Rubber Fingered Curry, Flat Rubber Curry
  • Prevent dirt and hair build-up on the under side of pad by brushing occasionally. This keeps old hair from trapping dirt & sweat, and embedding deep into the pad.
  • To remove embedded hair and dirt, rotate a dry 5 Star Cleaning Sponge in circular motion on dry pad. Wipe hair off sponge surface with your hand while cleaning pad.
  • Break up heavy crusted sweat and dirt with rubber curry. Also gently scrape with a dull edged object being careful not to cut the felt. Use a vacuum to remove excess grime and loose material. A brush or a swift slap with your hand may also be used to sweep away dirt and hair.

Every 5 Star pad comes with a label that describes the basic method for cleaning and an all-natural dry-cleaning sponge!

Visit BarnWorld.com today and pick out your new favorite horse tack:  A new 5 Star Wool Saddle Pad!


Organize Your Tack Room

It’s time to organize your tack room!

Have you put off the spring cleaning your tack room desperately needs?  You can easily get organized with the great tack room organizing products from Barn World.

track room organizer

Saddle Racks

These saddle organizers are a wonderful way to store you saddles and keep your tack room clear. The wall mount can be secured for out-of-the way storage of your prized saddles. They’re also designed as a free-standing display rack. Great for store displays or as a relocatable tack room organizer for your tack room.

saddle rack for six saddles  wall mounted saddle rack saddle rack that holds 12 saddles

The largest of these stands come in a 12 saddle rotary design to handle all of your saddles at once!

Saddle Blanket Racks

Blanket racks not only organize your tack but give you a place to dry, hang and store all of your hard working blankets. They are also great for saddle pads too!

saddle pad rack with 20 arms  wall mounted saddle pad rack

They’re available as wall mounted or as a standalone design. With these strong armed organizers, your horse tack room will be clean and keep your floor free and clear from clutter. Let your blankets and pads dry without getting dirty or thrown in a pile in a corner.

The blanket racks have many different configurations to fit almost any size operation. They’ll allow you to store and dry your tack in an organized fashion while taking up minimal space.

Bridal Racks

Keep your bridles from getting tangled. These racks give them a place to be cleaned while hanging and be stored in an organized manner. There are the straight forward wall-mounted single hanger as well as the multiple hanging bridal racks.

headstall rack  bridal rack

All of these wonderful organizers are made in the USA!




Sheepskin Saddle Pads

Sheepskin Saddle Pad with blue quilting

Sheepskin saddle pads are economical, offer comfort, fit and performance for all types of riding. They can wick away moisture seven times faster than a synthetic saddle pad. They also offer important shock absorbing cushioning naturally. It will become your favorite piece of horse tack!

These durable pads provide comfort, performance and are available in half, contoured and full length pads.


Sheepskin 1/2 pad

The low-profile half-pad minimizes the sight of the pad and provides excellent performance and comfort. This design includes a pommel roll and an optional cantle roll if desired. These features not only look great, but they also secure your saddle for high performance riding. It’s one of the favorite designs for competitors and casual riders alike.

half sheepskin saddle pad with black quilting, pommel and cantle rolls sheepskin saddle pad with only the pommel roll

Sheepskin Contoured Saddle Pad

The contoured pad is one of the most popular all-around pad designs. Like all the sheepskin pads, they offer a thick Australian Merino sheepskin. This material offers relief from pressure points and helps avoid friction between the saddle and your horse.This helps avoid potential sores and discomfort when riding.

The plush material will wick away moisture, heat and sweat allowing your order to perform at their best. Regardless of the discipline, these all-around pads provide comfortable performance and are available with full or partial interior linings.

Contoured Pad Options

contoured sheepskin saddle pad with blue quilting  contoured sheepskin saddle pad with cantle and pommel roll  sheepskin saddle pad with full rolls

Full Length Sheepskin Pads

This all-around pad has the largest overall protection and coverage of any of the pads. It’s available with or without the pommel rolls and the cantle roll comes with the fully-rolled edge.

The superior quality provides great cushioned protection from pressure sores for long-distance riding. They come with partial and full linings in a one inch thick sheepskin.

sheepskin saddle pad with blue quilting and pommel roll  sheepskin saddle pad with full lining and rolls

If you have a long trip ahead of you, this is the packing saddle pad you need!

Sheepskin saddle pads offer superior comfort, wicking abilities and performance for both you and your horse no matter the type of riding you do. The half-pads, contoured and full-length designs literally cover you for any type of riding you may be doing.

If you have any questions, see our entire selection by clicking here and let us know if we can help with anything at all!