Poly round horse hay feeder for safety

Poly Round Horse Hay Feeder from Barn World

Feeding your livestock and horses shouldn’t be a difficult chore.  With this poly hay feeder for horses, even feeding round bales is a breeze. No longer are horse hay feeders bulky and difficult to manage and this one won’t rust while sitting oustide year-round in your pasture!  Try the new round poly horse hay feeder from Barn World.

horse stall hay feeder two horses eating from a plastic hay feeder

This feeder is easy to assemble, and move around a pasture and is extremely durable. It may be used in a stall or outdoors with full-round bales.  It’s made from Recycled Materials and a UV-Resistant Inhibitor applied directly to the resin when molded.  It is specifically designed for horse safety and includes overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners to prevent sharp edges and eliminate leg cuts.

rolling a horse hay feeder in a pasture woman lowering a poly horse hay feeder over a round hay bale

At 80 lbs, it’s easy to assemble and move to where it’s needed.

The poly round horse hay feeder is much more convenient than the traditional metal feeders:

  • Specifically designed for horse safety with overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners.
  • Ideal for small ponies and colts.
  • Easy to assemble and handle.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Made of recycled materials with UV-resistant resin.
  • Lightweight. Only weighs 80 lbs!
  • Call for quantity discounts
  • 4 pieces – 2” width x 35” high x 7’ diameter
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty on material and workmanship.
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Creep Feeders Ensure Nutrients Get To Your Young Animals

In a polite animal kingdom, a creep feeder wouldn’t be necessary. The adult animals would allow the young ones to eat precious supplements in peace!  However this is far from the case and a separate feeding environment needs to be created so the little guys can eat in a stress-free, noncompetitive environment away from the adults. This is what the creep feeder is designed to do.


Calf Creep Feeder – Single Sided

creep feeder for calves

Almost all young animals need minerals to supplement their diet and facilitate early growth. This targeted nutrition promotes early overall health and growth. Once established as adults, they typically don’t need the same type of dietary assistance and can eat with the other full-grown animals.

Stress-free feeding

The creep feeder is nothing more than a dedicated feeding area that only allows access to smaller animals. The idea is to keep the larger and stronger adults away from the trough to ensure the smaller animals get the special early growth nutrients you provide.

Feeding young animals in a non-stress environment allows them to consume more and that results in stronger gains. The larger and more aggressive adults are separated by the front bars of the cage surrounding the feeder. They prevent adults from competing for food at the trough and create a calmer area for babies to feed in peace.

Creep Feeder Designs

The typical design of a traditional creep feeder includes a set of vertical bars set at a width small enough to prevent larger animals from entering. There is usually an adjustable horizontal bar that can be moved up as the young ones grow in height. These bars form an outer sentry that keeps an adult from entering the protected area and away from the trough.

Feeder capacities can range from as little as 400 pounds all the way up to a large double-sided 1,200 pound feeder shown below.


Double-sided Creep Feeder

large creep feeder is double sided

This design is simply a single-sided feeder put together. The central feed bin in the middle dispenses to the troughs on each side. This can be a great labor-saving feature when feeding large groups as refilling is done less frequently even with very large numbers of eaters!


Selecting a Feeder

Capacity is certainly a consideration when selecting a feeder. Smaller feeders mean more labor and filling. Larger feeders can be more expensive and less maneuverable but provide longer times between filling.

Below is an example of a large trailer pasture feeder that can be wheeled into place and provide 1,200 pounds dispensed on each side simultaneously. This combines portability with a tremendous amount of capacity!

pasture creep feeder trailer

You’ll also want to make sure the outer bars are set for the type of animal you are providing entry for. As an example, the bars on a calf feeder are usually wider than the front bars on a goat feeder. The same would apply to a sheep creep feeder and below are examples of both.

Goat Creep Feeder                   Sheep Creep Feeder

goat creep feeder       creep feeder for sheep


Deer Creep Feeders:  Non-traditional designs are available for feeding ‘in the wild’. Deer and other smaller animals that aren’t confined, but roam over large areas freely don’t require the gated entry configuration that large confined groups do.

These feeders don’t have a gated entry to separate adults and are used to provide and protect supplements in an outdoor environment. The center bin keeps the nutrients safe from mother nature while the covered trough allows for free range feeding.

creep feeder for deer

This type of feeder is very popular for providing nutrients to deer and others in the field.





Nutrition is the key for strong health early

To give your young animals the best start to their new lives, proper nutrition is a must. These creep feeders are designed to allow them to get those nutrients away from the larger adults in a stress-free environment. Your precious (and expensive!) supplements are protected not only from the hungry mouths of your larger livestock, but also from the elements.

The time-saving design of dispensing storing a large amount of minerals that are then self-dispensed just to the animals that need it is also a real money saver.

High-density nutritional supplements can be very expensive and these feeders are designed to protect it from the elements and hungry adults.

Make sure your animals are well cared for and have early and healthy weight gains so they may become as strong and independent as quickly as possible.

See our entire selection of creep feeders by clicking here and let us know if you’d like a quote for any of them the shipping rate to your address. Will be happy to email quote for your review.

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Mineral Feeders Keep Your Livestock Healthy

Mineral feeders should be an important part of your overall animal health program. The nutrients in feed supplements can make all the difference in growth, wellness and weight gains.

A liquid feeder is a very common livestock feeder but we’d like to take a look at one of the heaviest ground mineral feeders on the market from Sioux Steel below.

ground mineral feeder with the flap open  

Details of the Ground Mineral Feeder

The ground style has been around for decades and so has Sioux Steel. They make a lot of heavy duty livestock equipment and this feeder is one of the toughest on the market. It weighs an impressive 64 pounds and will stand up to year of abuse in the pasture!

ground mineral feeder with a closed flap

Mineral Feeder Base

It features three compartments to hold up to 200 pounds of loose minerals. The base compartment is a large 38″ in diameter. This creates a large footprint to prevent any tipping and a stable eating platform.

The polyethylene material has a UV-resistant material mixed right in the resin when it’s poured in the mold. It also includes three anchoring points on the exterior. If you have rambunctious animals, these anchoring points will prevent any mischief.

Mineral Feeder Flap

The sturdy base is covered by a large 41″ diameter top flap in a 3/8″ thickness. It’s recently been redesigned to take even more abuse than the original feeder. It now includes two poly top washers and one on the bottom. This was done to prevent creasing of the flap near the attachment post.

The flap may be purchase separately so you don’t need to replace the entire feeder if it ever wears out. See the picture below, it includes the large flap cover, the individual top and bottom washers as well as the connecting hardware.

mineral feeder flap and hardware

Note the flap shows the Sioux Steel logo but it’s currently being phase out. New orders may not include the logo.

Video Review

Below is a quick video review of the feeder. The feeder is built for everyday use with large herd s. The large and rugged design is extremely durable.

If you supplement your animal’s feed to make sure they get the nutrients they need, this high capacity flap feeder is for you. It’s a simple, effective and fool-proof design that can be used most anywhere.

The proven design has been around for decades and will provide an effortless means of keeping your animals supplied with the minerals they need.

the feeders ship on a pallet and we’re able to ship up to five of them on a single pallet for near the same cost as two or three.  If you’d like a quote with shipping directly to your ranch, let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review.

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Cattle Cube Feeder – Livestock Pasture Feeding Made Easy

Feeding your cattle from the safety of your truck is made effortless with this cattle cube feeder from Hastings. Take the work and danger out of feeding your herd with this truck-mounted range cube feeder.
cattle cube feeder

Cattle Cube Feeder Flow Control

Make feeding your cattle in pastures a non-event with this handy feeder. It mounts to the back of a flat bed truck and is controlled by the driver from the cab. As you drive, the spring-loaded slide gate on the back of the feeder is operated by pulling the rope.

cattle cube feeder rope control diagram

From the cab, you can open the valve and lock the rope at the desired flow-rate in your window or just hang on to it. There aren’t any electric motors or whiz-bang features to worry about.  A simple to operate and easy to use rope-and-pulley system is still the best fail-proof design available.

The rope is pre-assembled in the pulleys and ready to go when it arrives.

This feeder holds 500 pounds of loose feeder and material. The water-proof lid is hinged for easy filling. The fill opening measures 33″ x 16″ so you can dump a lot in at a time.

Filling view of Feeder

cattle cube feeder filling area

The rear vertical slide is spring loaded so it will close automatically when the control rope is released. The flow-rate of feed is controlled by from the cab. The more rope you pull in, the higher the slide valve goes and the faster grain is released. The action pulleys allow for precise control.


  • 500 pound capacity
  • Overall size:  36″ L x 35″ W x 36″ T
  • Chute Dimension: 10″ Wide by 5′ Tall
  • Weight:  120 pounds
  • Warranty – Entire Year on workmanship and manufacturing defects

This is a popular and fool-proof feeder. We do ship it all over the United States and if you’d like a quote with shipping to your door, let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review.

Click the following link to see all of our cattle feeders.

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Heavy Duty Hay Feeder for Bulls

You need to control your hay costs and make sure your feeders are tough and long lasting to maximize your profits . This heavy duty hay feeder is made to do both with ease.

hay feeder for bulls

Controlling Hay Costs

A hay feeder’s primary responsibility is to dispense hay with a little waste as possible. A feeder that allows expensive hay to blow away or be scattered and trampled is worthless.

This feeder has a hay skirt around the entire perimeter to keep any fallen hay inside the feeder. This means it’ll stay where it can be eaten and not be trampled into the dirt or mud around the feeder itself.

Heavy Duty Design

Making an investment in a feeder should be easy and your best weapon in controlling costs. Sure keeping hay inside the feeder is paramount, but a feeder that lasts is extremely important as well.

Open top Feeding stations

Cattle tend to keep their heads inside a feeder when the surrounding stanchions are open above their heads. It’s been discovered that a top ring will encourage animals to pull the hay off the bale and out of the feeder before eating eat.  The open area above them promotes consumption inside the feeder and the reason for the tombstone design.

The uprights create a 20.5″ wide feeding station and are made with 16 gauge steel. The square tubing is 1010 carbon in 1.5″ x 2.5″ SQUARE TUBING.  This adds extra strength and makes a total of 12 stations around the perimeter.

large heavy duty cattle hay feeder with a bale inside

Mud Legs

The feeder is 427 pounds and comes with extend rail legs to keep it out mud. The elevation keeps the steel away from any moisture or mud in the ground and extends the life of the feeder. All of the steel is powder coated for even more protection!


The overall height of the feeder is a tall 58″. The bottom has a large 9′ 8″ diameter and tapers to near 8′ at the top. This helps keep your bale upright and secure while it’s being consumed.

The hay-saving skirt is make with 16 gauge steel and measures 18″ tall. It’s built to keep the loose hay inside where it can be eaten even after it falls.

There are no sharp edges for your animals to scratch their necks or manes.

Video Review of the Hay Feeder

The unique three-piece, bolt together design allows the feeder to be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 States.

Call or email Sales@BarnWorld.com today for a quote with shipping right to your farm or ranch and visit Barn World today!


A Pig Feeder to minimize waste and maximize profits

A quality pig feeder will help manage your feed costs and overall profitability. The Osborne folks have been in the industry for decades and offer top-notch feeders for every stage of growth.

many pigs eating from indoor pig feeders

Pig Feeders Save Money

Feed is one of the high cost items when raising any animal and it’s no different with pigs. Minimizing food waste can have a very positive and dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Osborne Industries has a full line of feeders designed to consistently have feed available without allowing play waste to occur. A trough full of food that just waits to be eaten will quickly wind up lost on the floor. You don’t want it scattered around the barn when the pigs start playing.

An on-demand feeder is one designed to only dispense feed when called for by the animal. It eliminates standing trough feed but always provides it when asked for.

On-demand Feeding

All of Osborne’s feeders include the on-demand only feeding feature that saves money and increases profits. They have designed a paddle sweep that must be moved before anything is released. When the pig noses the paddle left or right, it moves the feeder paddle to the side and grain will be dispensed. If the paddle’s not moved, the feed stays inside.

The side motion of paddles also helps clean the trough. On the bottom and ends of each arm, a flexible paddle is installed. It acts as a spatula and cleans as it rotates through the trough. Your pigs will be cleaning their own feed trough!

Convertible Pig Feeder

Osborne does offer a gravity fed feeder that converts to on-demand automatically.  When pigs are very small, they may not be able to turn the rotating feeder bars. This new design allows the feed to flow through without the use of the paddles. It’s strictly done with gravity.

automatic pig feeder display

Once they get older and larger, they will start moving the paddles. As the arms are turned a complete revolution through the trough area, the feeder will automatically close the gravity chutes and engage the on-demand feature. The food saving start as soon as the pig are ready and by the pigs themselves!


Pig Feeder Video

Feeding Stations Promote Consumption and Weight Gains

It’s been demonstrated the pigs will spend more time eating and eat more when they are in a stress-free environment. The Osborne feeders promote a non-competitive area for pigs to eat.

Each feeder has designated feeding stations that allow animals to stand right next to each other without promoting aggression or competition for food. There are steel bars that create structural support for the center holding section that also divide the trough into individual stations. This creates a secure place to eat without another animal butting in. The security and defined areas reduce stress and lead to more consumption and thus larger weight gains.

The feeding stations are in a round configuration to maximize the number of pigs that can access the trough at one time. Their shoulders won’t come into contact as their heads are close together but their rear-ends are not.


Pig Feeder Eating Stations

pig feeder eating stations



The feeders are all made from polyethylene that is impervious to rust, corrosion or feed area acids. They’re built to handle high and rambunctious activity levels that can be seen in growing operations.

The steel support members are powder-coated for extra toughness and longevity. It’s built for use in high volume operations.

If you ever need a part for any of the Osborne feeders, they can be ordered separately. That really helps when you don’t have to incurring the cost of replacing an entire feeder.

Indoor Pig Feeder

pigs eating from a pig feeder

Please take a look at all the pig feeders and select the one that best fits the size of your operation. They go all the way up to 15 bushels and available for hogs in the Outdoor Hog Feeder section of our website.

We do ship them all over the United States and if you’d like a quote with shipping right to your farm, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

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Mineral Feeders to your Livestock Healthy

Barn World offers a large selection of mineral feeders and one of the most popular is the Upright Mineral Feeder from Tarter. This cattle supplement feeder is overbuilt and will take years of abuse from the elements and your largest livestock out in the field.

Below is a picture of a feeder with the optional face fly kit installed.

cow eating from a mineral feeder

Benefits of Mineral Feeders


Your livestock need precious supplements year-round. These nutritional feeds can help maintain overall health and promote healthy weight gains at the same time. When natural grass or hay is scarce, this feeder will make sure your animals have the necessary nutrients.

The optional Face Fly Control Kit offers relief from annoying, disease carrying pests. As your animals go into to eat the minerals, their face comes into contact with the hanging mop. It spreads your pest control product from the tip tank, onto the mop and covers the face of your animals.

face fly kit for the upright mineral feeder

It’s a simple and effective means of helping to prevent common problems like pink eye and other contagions that can be carried by flies.


This feeder is made with a very heavy-duty, 2″ round pipe frame. It’s literally one of the heaviest on the market today. All of the metal is covered in a powder-coat red finish for extra toughness and longevity.


The incredibly wide base creates a 48″ wide foot print to prevent tipping. The very low center of gravity further enhances the overall stability. You don’t want your cattle to be able to tip over the feeder so it’s design as low and wide as is practical.

There are two stand designs to choose from. Both the square base and the skid configuration provide strong vertical support. The skids allow for easy movement to new locations and pastures where it’s needed.

mineral feeder on skid base  mineral feeder on square base

The feeder also includes a rotating poly hood that moves on a heavy duty sealed bearing. The hood can turn 360 degrees and will keep it’s back to the wind when it blows. The rotating cover has an overhang that will protect your precious minerals from the rain as well.


  • 13 gallon capacity inside the tub of the hood
  • The hood opening measures 28″ x 24″
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Wide base for extreme stability is 48″ square
  • Overall height is 56 inches
  • Hood turn 360 degrees on a heavy duty sealed bearing
  • Weighs approximately 76 pounds

Mineral Feeder Video Review

Make sure your livestock have access to the minerals they require for healthy weight gains with the heavy duty Tarter Upright Mineral Feeder.

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Creep feeders for all your livestock

Creep feeders are essential for increasing weight gain and making sure your animals get the supplements and nutrition they need.

Goat Creep Feeders

goat creep feeder

Creep feeding is a means of providing supplemental feed for nursing kids. It is an essential component of an accelerated kidding and/or early weaning management program. It increases pre-weaning weight gain, especially for kids reared as a twin or triplet. Kids will reach a target market weight and can be marketed at a younger age.   All Barn World goat creep feeders are built with a covered shelter to keep feed dry.

Calf Creep Feeder
Creep feeding helps get your calves ready for market sooner in high quality condition. Creep feeding also assures less strain on your brood stock. Healthy brood stock means better quality calves year after year. All calf creep feeders come standard with a gray enamel finish.

calf creep feeder

Deer Creep Feeder


Nutrition is the key to successful wildlife and game management. And nothing is more important than protein. Protein is absolutely essential to the health of your entire herd and to the potential for trophy bucks. Whitetail deer need protein all year round, especially after the rut and during the critical 200-day antler-growing period.  This is where a deer creep feeder is especially important. Protein feeding is the ideal complement to natural forage.

Visit Barn World online and see our selection of creep feeders explore all your livestock equipment needs.

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A Poly Horse Feeder Has Advantages over Metal Feeders

A Poly Round Horse Hay Feeder from Barn World

Feeding your livestock and horses shouldn’t be a difficult chore. With the plastic horse hay feeder, even feeding round bales in this hay feeder is a breeze.  No longer are horse hay feeders bulky and difficult to manage. Don’t put up with a rusting hulk of a feeder in your pasture!

See the new round poly horse hay feeder at Barn World (click here).

Corner Stall or Pasture Pictures
poly hay feeder in the corner of the horse stall poly round hay feeder in the pasture with two horses

The new round poly horse hay feeder is easy to assemble, move around a pasture and is extremely durable.  It may be used in a stall or outdoors for full round bales.    The hay feeder is made from Recycled Materials with UV Resistant Resin and is specifically designed for horse safety with overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners.

a single person moving the round hay feeder lowering the hay feeder over a bale of hay

At 80 lbs, it’s easy to assemble and move and is much more convenient than the traditional metal feeders.

Benefits of a poly hay feeder over metal feeders

    • Specifically designed for horse safety with overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners.
    • Ideal for small ponies and colts.
    • Easy to assemble and handle.
    • Environmentally friendly.
    • Made of recycled materials with UV resistant resin.
    • Lightweight. Only weights 80 lbs!
    • Call for quantity discounts
    • 4 pieces – 2” width x 35” high x 7’ diameter
    • One year manufacturer’s warranty on material and workmanship.

Visit Barn World to view our large selection of horse hay feeders!  Please call or email Sales@BarnWorld.com for a quote with shipping today.  (720) 238-2190.


Pig Feeders and Hog Feeders from Barn World

Start and finish your animals with high quality pig and hog feeders for long-lasting weight gains and high profits with a feeder from Barn World.

All operations should start out using quality pig feeders to ensure that proper and healthy weight gains are established early. The feeders below create a non-competitive feeding environment to establish healthy eating habits early.

three pig feeders in a row
As they grow larger hog feeders with higher capacities are necessary to continue their journey to market weight.

Barn World has a great selection of hog feeders. We offer both gravity feed pig feeders and ration style hog feeders that minimize wasted feed. In addition, we have many different sizes of hog feeders to accommodate the different needs of nursery pigs, grower pigs, and finishing pigs. Hog feeder sizes range from 2 bushels to 90 bushels and come in indoor and outdoor options. All Barn World hog feeders are made from materials that are impervious to acids from hog waste and will last and last.

Supreme Hog Feeder

large hog feeder with door flaps


  • Advanced scalloped trough design saves feed.
  • 12 large openings “natural” to hog anatomy.
  • Keeps feed in the feeding zone where hogs can get to it.


  • Long-lasting trough is heavy galvanized 12 gauge steel warranted.
  • Largest feed-saver flange on the market.
  • Strongest plastic door on the market.
  • Seamless spun steel top cover with reinforcement beads.
  • W-rod hinged top cover.
  • Polyethylene skid runners that never rust.

Top-Crank Feed Adjustment:

  • Convenient top-crank feed adjustment with four rigid 5/8” adjustment tubes.

All Supreme Feeders are available without top lid and/or doors.

Big “O” Hog Feeder

large poly hog feeder with plastic trough

Choose the 40, 65 or 90 bushel feeder hog feeder for your operation. The feeder will not rust, rot or corrode and hog lot and confinement pen acids have no effect. The Big “O” Oscillating Feeder Polyethylene Base will fit most sizes of feeders and an adapter ring is used to fit others.

Do not throw away your old feeder with the rusted-out bottoms. Bolt the top half of your old feeder to a new big “O” polyethylene base. Save big dollars!!!

Includes: Polyethylene base, trough a hopper, poly skids, painted steel supports, side feed adjustment.

Add packages to bases (40 BUSHEL FEEDER 1 ROW, 65 BUSHEL FEEDER 2 ROW, or 90 BUSHEL FEEDER 3 ROW) to make complete feeders.

Pig Feeders

Barn World also carries a full line of pig feeders. They range in size from one to 15 bushels in capacity.

pig feeder with on demand trough paddles  pig feeder full of food

Theses great feeders are on-demand, meaning they only dispense food when asked for.  The pigs will initially bump and the then turn the paddles in the trough which dispenses the feeder.

The ‘paddle sweep’ design not only hold feed until asked for, it also cleans the bottom of the trough as the pigs turn the wheel. A self-feeding and self-cleaning feeder!


small pig feeder

1 bushel

large pig feeder

15 bushel

The indoor feeders will manage very small groups all the way up to the 15 bushel capacity of 60 pigs to market weight.

See our entire selection of indoor pig feeders and outdoor hog feeders at Barn World today!  If you’d like a quote with shipping directly to your farm, please let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review!

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