Bucket Forks for clearing debris

Clamping a debris fork onto your tractor bucket and turn it into a real workhorse.The exclusive C clamp with pad won’t hurt your bucket and creates a quick and secure attachment. There is no need to remove the bucket, it clamps directly on and spreads out the force. These clamp on bucket forks make quick work of laborious jobs around the farm and ranch.


C-Clamp Design for the bucket forks

The unique “C-Clamp Pad” is the key to providing a secure fit without damaging your bucket.  A lot of other products out there have a clamp design but they put too much pressure in one place. If all the force your bucket is carrying is focused on one small area, it can ruin your bucket.

This design lays flat on the surface and distributes the clamp pressure over a larger surface area.The long extensions that slide under the bucket also help distribute the weight more evenly.

bucket fork attachment instructions

Video of the Bucket Forks: Clamp and Forks in Use

The following video demonstrates the difference between the C client used with these debris fork and the competitors. Notice the damage that’s created when all the pressure concentrated on one part of the bucket. The c-clamp and under-structure helps spread and distribute the weight to avoid damage to your bucket.


These versatile debris forks are available in 7, 9 or 13 spear configurations as detailed below.

7 Spear Debris Fork

This work will make quick work of your toughest jobs. As with the other design, all you need to do is clamp it on to your bucket and go to work. The spears securely attach with a linchpin and won’t go anywhere.

Picture of the seven spear bucket fork
bucket fork with seven spears for clearing debris
Diagram of 13 spear bucket fork, same as 7 but more spears
      bucket fork dimensions and diagram


Vertical Backstop Mounts

Each one of the spears have a diameter of 1.14 inches and is available in 24″ or 34″  WORKING lengths. The frame has vertical 2″ x 4″ mounts to hold the wood (not included) upright to prevent sliding into the bucket. This is extremely useful when you are carrying things that you don’t want to enter the bucket area.

bucket fork with 7 spears for removing debris


These sturdy forks have a lifting capacity of 1,000 pounds and the complete set up only weighs 170 pounds. The overall width of the fork assembly is 60 inches and it is a slender 4 inches tall. The spears are available in either 24 inch or 34 inch lengths. That’s the working length, the area exposed for use.


13 Spear Bucket Fork

This clamp on bucket fork is the same versatile design as the 7 spear but is made to accommodate the extra spears. The lifting capacity is greater at 1,500 pounds and the total overall weight is 230 lbs.

clamp on bucket fork with 13 spears on a tractor


  • Carrying Capacity 1,500 pounds
  • Overall weight: 230 lbs
  • Width: 60″ / Height: 4″
  • Available Spear Length: 24″ or 34″
  • 11.25″ Under Bucket Support
  • Includes 13 Spears



These are high quality attachments that really boost the usefulness of your tractor.

C-Clamp Design:  These versatile quick attach bucket forks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty* from the manufacturer.  The quick attach c-clamp design means no binders or chains are needed to make a secure connection. The clamp design doesn’t harm your bucket like others and creates a stronger fit.

There’s no need to modify or remove your bucket to being using the forks.

Powder coating: For extra longevity, they are powder coated and designed to be used for years.

Machine Threading: The clamp bolts are machine threaded for a stronger, tight and more secure hold.

For an inexpensive, high-quality clamp on bucket forks, look no further that these patented quick attach bucket forks at Barn World. If you’d like a quote with shipping, be sure to call or email us at Sales@BarnWorld.com and we’ll be happy to help!




Bucket Forks turn your bucket into a pallet fork workhorse

Easy to use and install Bucket Forks

Barn World, your livestock equipment solution center now offers the extremely versatile clamp on bucket forks to add the functionality of a pallet fork to your bucket. The unique clamps also allow other attachments to be added like our Debris Forks too!

How to Install Pallet Forks

These easy to install and remove pallet forks attach quickly to your bucket. They use the patented “C-Clamp Pad” design that won’t harm your bucket. It creates a secure fit  that’s easily removable when ready to un-install. No longer do you need to remove your entire bucket to get the functionality of the pallet forks.

Bucket Fork C-Clamp Attachment Diagram

bucket forks attachment diagram

Note that this unique clamp on design makes adding and removing the forks a breeze. You don’t need to remove your bucket, simply screw them on and you’re ready to go.


  • No Chains or Binders Needed
  • “C-Clamp Pad” won’t harm your bucket
  • No need to remove or modify your bucket
  • Quickly and easily attaches directly to your existing bucket
  • All Bucket Forks are powder coated

Three types of pallet forks

Light Duty Pallet Forks -working length of 39″ and load capacity of 1,200 lbs.


  • Great for compact and sub-compact tractors and loaders up to 25HP
  • Move pallets, logs, rail road ties and more!
  • Bucket forks will turn your tractor into a workhorse!

pallet forks mounted the bucket of a tractor

Medium Duty Pallet Forks – working length of 43″ and a load capacity of 2,400 lbs.


  • Great for compact tractors and loaders from 35 HP to 55 HP
  • Move pallets, logs, rail road ties and more with our Bucket Forks!
  • Slip in a standard 2 x 4 as a back stop


Heavy Duty Pallet Forks – working length of 53″ and a load capacity of 5,000 lbs.

  • Great for tractors, loaders and skid steers up to 55 hp and above
  • Lifting Capacity for both, together is an impressive 5,500 pounds
  • Slip in a standard 2 x 4 as a back stop with our HD Bucket Forks

Pallet Fork using 2 x 4's for a backstop  


  • 5,500 Lifting Capacity (Pair)
  • Total Weight: 190 lbs
  • Length: 72″
  • Width: 4″
  • Fork Height: 2.”
  • Height: 10.5″
  • Length of forks: 53″
  • 15.25″ Under Bucket

All of the bucket forks come with a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

The great feature of the clamp on design is that it allows a quick and easily attachment to an existing bucket.  There’s no need to go through the hassle of changing the bucket. There’s not additional expense of buying another implement, use what you have!

Get a pair of bucket pallet forks from Barn World, your livestock equipment headquarters. www.BarnWorld.com