Animal Dryers from Barn World: The best in animal grooming

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Animal Dryers from Barn World:  The best in animal grooming

Barn World is proud to offer pet dyers and livestock blowers for your show animals. These two blowers are packed with power and can lower your dry-time over conventional blowers by almost 75%. These new powerful dryers offer variable speeds and don’t have harsh heaters that will dry out animal hair. The warm air from the motor is mixed with outside air to deliver a safe amount of heat and prevents damage to your pets or livestock.

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The Air Force Blaster comes with a ten foot flexible hose and a blower nozzle for heavy duty use. The 4HP motor provides plenty of power and the air flow is controllable for allow variable flows from zero to one hundred percent, unimpeded air. The casing is from an all-steel designed that will allow for years of heavy duty, daily use. This animal dryer is lightweight making it a perfect portable, go-anywhere and use on every type of animal, from pets to livestock, animal grooming dynamo. It’s great for livestock with heavy coats and dries hair without drying out their coats. With a simple and easy to change filter, it’s a very versatile design and is built to last. It comes with a one year guarantee too!

Big Brother Animal Dryer

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The Master Blaster is the big brother to the Airforce Blaster. At 8 horse power, it has double the power and will move air at 58,500 feet per minute. It has two motors with 2 stage, dual fans for two temperature settings. As with the Airforce Dryer, this dryer uses the heat from the motors to mix with the ambient air to prevent damage to your pet or livestock’s hair.

It comes with a 10 foot long hose that’s 1.5 inches in diameter and is made of heavy duty commercial strength flexible hose. The nose is also constructed of heavy duty neoprene to handle the roughest of use. The cord is 12 feet long with a three conductor plug for extra reliability and grounding.

This dryer is portable and weighs only 16 pounds making it convenient to take to shows or travel with. It also features the easy to change foam filter for simplicity and efficiency.=
Keeping it simple, portable and efficient, these two powerful and durable animal grooming dryers will provide years of dependable use and will save money for years to come. Whether using as a portable dryer for shows, traveling or barn use, or for your pet grooming or livestock grooming business, these sturdy dryers are perfect for the job.

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