A hog scale ensures healthy weight gains

Keeping track of your hog weight and overall health shouldn’t present a challenge. A lot of times we put off weighing as it can be a time consuming chore and we become too complacent with our health records. With a hog scale, you can track weight gains and monitor the efficiency of your feeding regiment. A quality animal scale can monitor overall health in a calm and safe environment.

hog scale in green with a digital display
Most everyone in the hog industry knows of the importance of a good hog feeder. Using an on-demand feed flow feature to eliminate standing feed helps maximize feed efficiency. Eliminating waste is one of the largest cost savings available when raising animals.

A hog scale allows you to measure gains and when compared to the amount of feed used, create an efficiency standard for your operation. Scales can be used to help determine the overall health of your animals and allow you to track their progress through the growing season.

Hog Scale Details

Osborne has been an industry leader in livestock equipment for years. They make top-of-the-line feeders and a fantastic hog scale that’s used throughout the country.

A Confined Weigh Station Will Calm Your Animal

In order to get the most accurate weight possible, a calm, stationary animal is ideal. As we know, that doesn’t happen very often. Osborne has built a confined area scale designed specifically for pigs and hogs.The platform is enclosed with solid sidewalls and easy entry and exit gates for a smooth operation. They are available in either standard side opening or center opening designs.

Side Opening Gate Feature

hog scale with side opening gates

The platform is designed to reduce bouncing and is entirely cable free. There is an option of side or center opening doors for both entry and exit for easy access.

Once on the platform, your animals will calm and wait to be released.  While doing so, you can easily weigh them in a safe environment. Below are pictures of a hog and a sheep using the scale. The scale is available in 18” or 24” widths to work with almost any type of small animal.

hog being weigh on an animal scale   sheep on a hog scale

Wheel Kit Option for Portability

The scales are available with an optional wheel kit. This simple addition allows the 5 foot long scale to be moved up and down alleys with the simple pull of the lever to put it on the wheels. No longer will you have to herd your animals to the scale, simply bring the scale to them.

hog scale wheel kit


Scale Display Options

As part of the kit, you may use the large, mechanical dial for economical and easy to read display. The dial includes hydraulic dampening and can be read from great distances if needed.

Scale Display Options

hog scale mechanical indicator   hog scale digital indicator

There is also a digital display option that uses an LCD readout. It allows displays in pounds or kilograms, has a constant auto-zero for resets and comes with the industry standard RS232 port. This port allows you to connect directly to your computer or printer for quickly recording weights.

No mater how large your operation, a scale is an invaluable tool to get the most out of your feed and monitor your animal’s health.

We do ship throughout the US. Please let us know if we can prepare a quote for one of these wonderful hog scales for you.






Weigh Bars turn your squeeze chute into a livestock scale

The easiest way to weigh your livestock is when they’re calm and contained. This environment allows for accurate measuring and is exactly what you get when your cattle are in the squeeze chute. Turning your squeeze chute into a livestock scale is made quick and easy with the rugged Weigh Bars from Barn World.

weigh bars in gold with digital indicator


Weigh Bar

This chute scale kit is made with carbon steel and finished in a high quality epoxy for longevity and ruggedness. It includes two loaded cells in each bar and is able to operate in temperatures as low as 14°F and all the way up to 104° if need be.


  • Each bar includes two load cells(each load cell 50 ohm)
  • Each bar has two adjustable feet per bar with a 3″ high adjustment
  • The Cell Output: 3 mV/V
  • Overweight protection – 200%
  • Maximum Operating Temperatures: 14 to 104 degrees F
  • Included Cable to the indicator is 20′

The low profile of 3.5″ allows them to be mounted just about anywhere. The mounting tabs are designed to hold the bars under your livestock chute or platform and are available with the 33″ or 40″ spec dimensions shown below:

weigh bar dimension diagram

Digital indicator

The indicator itself measures a generous 9″ x 5.5″ inches and is made and protected with stainless steel. It has a strong back-lit LCD display for easy reading and comes with a rechargeable 6 V battery and an AC adapter.

weigh bar display indicator

The software includes an animal motion hold setting so you may obtain accurate weights even if your cattle are moving in the chute.

The indicator also includes an RS – 232 port which is a full-duplex serial output so you may plug directly into your printer, laptop or other compatible device.


The kit includes a 20 foot connecting cable with plugging connections. To remove and store the display unit, simply unplug it. It also includes the cable to connect the bars together and is a complete system out-of-the-box!

weigh bar cable for cattle chute scale

The cables themselves are protected at each connection point with a steel surround so they can’t be kicked off or broken at the connection itself. See the picture below of the protected ports

weigh bar cable connections

Optional Platform Scale

These rugged bars can also be bolted directly to an optional platform to create a free-standing platform scale if desired. The platform weighs approximately 70 pounds is made from aluminum diamond tread deck plate and is further supported with cross members. The bottom of the perimeter is given extra support with 2″ square tubing for extra strength. It also includes cross-bracing through the middle of the platform area. 

It can be ordered for either the 33 inch or 40 inch sizes and will weigh almost anything up to 5,000 pounds!

Platform Scale made with Weigh Bars

Optional Heavy Duty Aluminum Platform - Floor Scale

Since you have your cattle going through the chute anyway, it is no extra effort to grab an accurate weight by installing these chute scale weigh bars to the bottom of your equipment. They are ready to go when they arrive and simply bolt on the bottom of your existing equipment. You can get accurate weight even if your cattle are somehow able to move around while in the chute.

Any flat surface can be made into a platform scale. The adjustable feet allow for a solid foundation and the entire portable scale system comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

They do include free throughout the lower 48 states and make managing your livestock weight gains and health quick and easy.

If you have any questions about this way bar scale system or any of our livestock scales, just let us know and will be happy to help.

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Chute Scale for weighing cattle

The simple to install and use weigh bars turn your chute into a livestock stock scale instantly. A chute scale is the simplest method of weighing your cattle as they’re going through for health and vet checks.

Weigh your cattle in your chute

As you move your cattle through your working equipment, what better time to weigh them when there calm and confined? It doesn’t require any extra effort on your part. Just glance at the digital scale indicator when it captures the weight, make a note of it and you’re done!

Mounting the weigh bars

The chute scale is made up of two individual weigh bars that mount directly to the bottom of your equipment. The built-in mounting tabs on top of both the 33″ and 40″ models make it a direct connection. It becomes part of your chute but can also be easily removed if desired. They’re literally out of sight and but always ready to use.

The bottom of each weigh bar has two adjustable feet to ensure a level surface. They screw in and out to make up-and-down adjustments.

Weigh Bar Cables

The chute scale includes all the necessary cables for quick and accurate weights. There is a cable that connects the two bars together and a generous 20 foot home-run cable up to the indicator.

The cables are enclosed in a protective sheathing to withstand abrasion and protect against rodents or anything else that might try and chew on them. The quick plug-in connections are made from aluminum instead of plastic for extra strength and durability.
The connection itself is protected by a steel frame so they can’t be accidentally stepped on and broken.

chute scale cable connection


Optional platform

If you don’t have a cattle chute to mount the bars to, you can attach them to almost any flat surface to create a platform scale. There is an optional aluminum platform specifically designed for the system.

chute scale platform

It measures 7 feet long and weighs approximately 70 pounds. It’s made with 1/8″ aluminium diamond deck plating and includes an aluminum support tube around the perimeter. There is also square tubing across the middle for extra support.

The platform is designed to mount directly to the 33 inch or 40 inch way bars and is a handy option to turn the bars into a platform scale.

Chute Scale Digital Indicator

A large digital indicator is included for quick and accurate measurements. It is enclosed inside a stainless steel case and uses the industry standard RS – 232 serial output port. You may connect your compatible printer or computer directly.

chute scale digital indicator

The indicator measures in 1 pound increments and includes specialized animal motion hold software. This unique feature allows it to get accurate weights even if your animal is dancing around on the scale.

All of the cable connections feature a quick disconnect so the indicator may be stored indoors, even if your bars remain attached to the chute outdoors.

Cattle Scale Features

chute scale for cattle specification sheet

Other Features:

  • RS-232 communications port eliminates connectors and provides a direct link
  • all cables feature a quick disconnect for easy removal
  • indicator may be disconnected to store indoors
  • cables are rodent resistant with sheathing
  • way bars include easy mounting tabs to attach to chutes or platforms
  • weigh bar cable connections are protected by steel frames
  • One Year warranty

Chute Scale Dimensions

Chute Scale Dimension Diagram


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Cattle Scales and Weigh Bars

Cattle Scales come in many different designs and perhaps the easiest to use are the traditional weigh bars. They are easy to install to the bottom of a livestock chute and turn the entire chute into seamless cattle scale.

cattle scales in weigh bar format

This system is ready to go right out of the box. The rugged design is built for high use and is extremely tough and dependable. The bars can be mounted to a platform for use as a traditional platform scale if needed. The optional heavy duty aluminum platform option is specifically designed for these bars.

Picture of the Weigh Bars Use with a Platform

Platform Scale used for cattle scales

The highly durable scale is designed with simplicity, portability, and economy in mind. In just a few minutes the entire system can be setup and ready to weigh.

The standard system includes two weigh bars with built-in handles and 20′ of cable that runs from the bar to the indicator. Each bar has protected quick connectors to cover the attachment ports. It also includes the NEMA 4X stainless steel digital indicator with back-light, and a 1-year warranty!


The individual bars come with handles and are lightweight and portable. The quick connect cables make setup and breakdown simple.

The low-profile design includes adjustable feet to ensure a level and firm surface for accurate measurements.

The included animal motion hold software feature allows you to obtain an accurate weight even if your animal is moving on the scale. It can quickly and accurately grab the weight even if there is movement on scale.

The indicator uses the common RS – 232 serial output to connect to computers, printers and other compatible devices.

The high-resolution LCD display is large and easy to use and the cattle scale system comes with a 6 volt rechargeable battery as well as an AC adapter.

These cattle scales are used for weighing livestock in a chute or on a platform. Simply place the bars under an existing squeeze chute or platform and your ready to weigh animals. Standard capacity is 2,500 lb per bar with a total system capacity of 5,000 lb. for the 33″ and 40″ lengths.

The system includes everything necessary to start weighing animals and livestock right away.

Common uses

  • Livestock chute weighing system mounts to the bottom
  • Alleyways in handling equipment with cattle, hogs, sheep etc
  • 5,000 lbs capacity floor scale
  • Platform scale to weigh almost anything – grain, hay and produce

Weigh Bars

Cattle scales that use individual bars like this system feature quick disconnect cables and protected connection ports. The cables themselves contain rodent resistance steel sheathing to protect them from all kinds of critters. The bars themselves are available in 33 inch and 40 inch lengths and include tabs to attach to the bottom of livestock chutes and platforms.

The bars are made of carbon steel and finished with a high grade epoxy paint. Each one has two load cells 2 feet on the bottom for leveling on uneven surfaces.

They measure approximately 3 inches high and include mounting tabs on the tops for easy attachments.

The lightweight and portable system is mounted to the bottom of the livestock chute or platform. The setup includes everything necessary to start weighing animals and livestock right away. It includes a 20 foot cable to the indicator as well as an interconnecting cable between the bars.

Make managing your livestock weight as simple as running them through the chute or mount them to a platform where you can weigh just about anything.

See all of our livestock scales and let us know if we can help with anything at all.


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A Pig Scale for weighing small animals

The Osborne Pig Scale is used for weighing all types of small animals. It has side rails and doors on each end for a safe and orderly weighing process. This creates a secure and controlled environment for capturing accurate weights.

A hog enjoying his weigh-in!

A pig being weighed in a small animal scale

Features of the Scale

Every try and weigh an animal as it dances around frantically on the scale?  The weight jumps around and the animals is so anxious, an accurate weight is illusive.

Containment and gates

A stress-free animal is calmer and easier to weigh than one that’s unsettled. Ever notice how a calf calms down once secure in the chute? It’s the same for smaller animals who are in the ‘comfort’ of confinement too. The interior of the scale has a solid floor for footing confidence and the large doors allow easy access and entry.

Once inside, they’re able to relax more in the defined space. Calm and relaxed is easier on the animal and provides better opportunities to get an accurate weight.

Once done with weighing, the scale has a rear door for the animal to exit. They don’t need to turnaround and leave through the front door. This one-way design is more natural and safer for the animal and operator

sheep being weighed in the pig scale


The pig scale uses cable-free weigh arms to help remove any swaying or movement cause by an excited animal. The anti-sway bars coordinate the movement of the basket with the scale. The entire mechanical portion is cable free! This allows the two to be in-sync for fast and accurate weights. A mechanical dial is available for quick reading as is a digital meter for increase accuracy.

Pig Scale Options

The scale is customizable and has many available features to make weighing your animals a breeze. Below are a few of the favorite additional features:


The are two available indicators for the pig scale. The large mechanical dial allows for a quick glance to note the weight and is the most economical option. There’s also a digital indicator that’s accurate to 1/10th of a pound for more precise measurements.

pig scale mechanical dial  digital pig scale indicator

Wheel Kit

To make the 5′ long scale portable, an optional wheel kit may be added. It mounts to one end of the scale and with the pull of the handle, you can roll it around. Roll it to the area where you’ll be weighing instead of herding your animals to it. It also makes it easy to put out-of-the way for storage.

pig scale wheel kit

Gate Options

There are two gate options for the scale. One is the side opening style that opens like a traditional door. This simple side hinge design is economical and easy to operate.

The center opening gates open from the center with two side doors. The center-opening is more natural for animals to use. Instead of going around the end to enter or exit, they walk right through the center.

pig scale with side opening doors  pig scale with center opening doors


The scale is available in an 18″ and 24″ inch width. Both sizes have a 500 pound capacity and the only difference between the two is the width itself.


Keeping your animals calm while going through the weighing process is the key to a stress-free and safe weigh-in for your and your animals. The secure side-rails and doors create a trouble-free scale and weighing system.

The door options grant easy access and exit from the scale while the wheel kit will make it portable. Take the scale to where it’s needed instead of bringing the animals to the scale. The feature also makes it easy to move out of the way when not in use.

The Osborne Pig Scale has been popular for decades with back-yard farmers and producers alike. They’re quality and experience in the industry make it a top-notch choice for any operation.

If you have any questions or would like a quote with shipping right to your farm or ranch, please email or call and we’ll be happy to help!

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Cattle Scales and the Weigh Bar

Weighing your cattle is an important health monitoring tool for your animals. This weigh bar setup allows you to weigh right in the chute and turns it into an effortless cattle scale. The calm squeeze chute environment creates a safe place for you and your animal to get an accurate weight.

cattle scale weigh barsThe MTI-500 is a simple and economical addition that mounts right to the bottom of your chute. It comes in lengths of 33″ or 40″ to fit most frames and quickly attaches with the mounting tabs on each end of the bars.

You may buy individual weigh bar cables and parts by clicking here.

Livestock Scale Weigh Bar Features

These cattle scale bars ship ready to use and can be quickly set up right from the box. They include both weigh bars that have built-in handles on each bar. There’s a 20′ cable from the bar to the digital indicator which is housed in stainless steel. The indicator includes a back-light and the entire system comes with a manufacturer’s 2-year warranty.

The system has a total weighing capacity of 5,000 pounds, 2,500 on each bar in both the 33″ and 40″ lengths.

To use for weighing your livestock, place the bars under the platform they’ll be standing on, zero out the display and you’re ready to go.

The indicator uses the common RS-232 communications port to link directly to your laptop. The included cable is easy to disconnect from the digital indicator for storage.

At the bars, the cables also easily unplug and are made with rodent-resistant protective wrap. Each of the connection points on the bars have protective steel shields. These protruding covers protect your connections from damage when you’re transporting your scale.

Platform Scale

Although it’s designed to mount to your chute, it doesn’t have to. There is an optional heavy-duty aluminum platform designed to fit the bars and make it an open-sided platform scale.

It measures a generous 7′ long and is available in 33″ or 40″ to match the size of the bars you select. See the picture below for a fully-assembled scale.

livestock scale platform

The bars can be mounted to most anything using the included mounting tabs!

Weigh Bar Specifications and Details

Click the following link to access the manual. It includes setup details, helps with setting up the digital display, and a lot of detailed information that may be useful for reference.

Weigh Bar Manual

Dimension Diagram

cattle scale dimension diagram

The bars themselves are made with carbon steel and finished in high-grade epoxy paint. Each individual bar has two loaded cells for accuracy. Recommended operating temperatures for most accurate weighing are 14 – 104 F degrees. Each bar has a low profile 4″ height.

Cleaning the Scale

The chute scale may be washed down with water but it’s not recommended that they be sprayed with a hose. The bars are sealed but a strong blast of water from the stream of a hose may force water into areas that can wear down or even break through a seal.

It’s also recommended that the bars aren’t submerged in water. When using on the bottom of a chute, it’s best to keep them out of the mud or from resting in wet areas. For more accurate results, the feet of the bars should be on a solid surface that’s free of standing water.


The light and portable design means it can be portable and each handle makes them easy to carry. The quick-connect cables make set up and break down a breeze.

The indicator features an animal motion hold. The built-in software can grab an accurate weight even if the animal being weighed is moving around.

The bars come with a 6 V rechargeable battery and an AC adapter for use almost anywhere.

Barn World offers free shipping for these versatile chute scale weigh bars throughout the lower 48 States!

Go to BarnWorld.com to see our large selection of livestock scales!

Hog Scales: Weighing Small Animals

Barn World Livestock Scales (click here)

When it comes to livestock scales, Osborne has been an industry leader in high-quality hog scales for decades. Their design creates a contained weigh station that helps reduce stress on the animal and creates a manageable experience for you as well!

Below a hog calmly enjoying the weighing process!

hog scale

The optional wheel kit makes this 5′ long scale portable. One personal can easily roll it out for weighing and roll back out-of-the-way when not needed. It can be moved from pen to pen so you don’t have to herd your animals to the scale itself.

The weighing mechanism is entirely cable free and the platform is built to reduce movement. This allows it to quickly grab an accurate weight.

Hog Scales – Specifications

  • Overall width:  18″ or 24″
  • Width 18″ – Platform is 14″ wide and 60″ long
  • Width 24″ – Platform is 20″ wide and 60″ long
  • Optional Wheel Kit – adds 4″ to overall exterior width
  • Wheel kit includes wheels, fasteners and handles
  • Gates available with center or side opening

Available Size Specification Chart

hog scale dimensions and size chart

Hog Scale Options

The scale is designed for rugged use in large animal operations. It comes with a variety of options to meet your preferences. See the available configurations below.

Scale display Options:

The scale is designed to be used with either a mechanical dial or the digital scale options. Some customer prefer the large manual display while others use the digital option below.

Mechanical Hog Scale Dial

The traditional mechanical dial display is the most popular choice of readouts. It’s simple and straight forward method and allows view the result with a quick glance. This is the most economical option and is extremely reliable. The system includes a lever with an optional hydraulic damping and can be read even if your animal is moving around.
hog scale mechanical dial

Digital Display

The digital scale readout features a continuous re-zeroing and a quick freeze feature for displaying a recorded weight until the scale is unloaded. It comes with an RS232 port so you can send your results electronically to a computer database for recording. This option includes the cable need to connect from the indicator to your PC. The precision allows readouts accurate to the 10th of a pound.

digital hog scale indicator

Wheel Kit

The wheel kit is an extremely popular add on and fits both the 18″ and 24″ scales. It includes a handle that raises and lowers the wheels on the far end and allows one person to easily move the scale from location to location.
hog scale wheel kit

Hog Scale Assembly Instructions Link (click here)

The scale ships un-assembled to keep shipping costs low. Click the link above to see the assembly required.


Use this scale to weigh your small animals in a stress-free environment. It’s better for you and them to have a ‘controlled experience’ and you get more accurate weights too. The wheel kit turns this large scale into a portable one and you’ll no longer have to bring your animals to the scale. Bring the scale to them and have a calm weighing experience.

If you’d like a quote with shipping right to your door or have any questions, please let us know.


Animal Scales – Are your animals adding the weight they should?

Keeping track of your animal’s over-all weight and weight gains is an important barometer of overall health. There are many different types of Animal Scales and they  are an important health management tool. They can also help you see how effective your feeding strategies and grain efficiencies are as well.

Platform scales are very versatile, especially for larger animals. Specialty scales for weighing animals that are bit more ‘energetic’ includes doors and side walls for an accurate measurement. There are variety to choose from and we’ve highlighted a few different styles below..

Animal Platform Scales

The platform is perhaps the most versatile designs there is. If you can get your animal on the scale from any direction, you can get your weight. Simple and straight-forward, once on, you can easily read the weight from the included display.

The most common of these are available in capacities of 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 pounds shown below. The large 3,000 pound capacity and platform will allow you to weight almost anything!

Click on an image below to see more details of these various capacities

dog on a floor scale animal platform scale with a donkey standing on it cow standing on a platform scale heavy duty animal scale with a horse standing on it

The only potential trouble with the open-sided platforms is sometimes you can’t get your little guy to stay on. For these ‘higher energy’ measurements, there are contained scales that use doors and sidewalls to assist.

Sheep and Hog Scales

Hogs and Sheep don’t like to stand calmly on an open platform and wait for the weights to be recorded. These scales have entry and exit doors as well as side-walls to help them stay in place.

Below is a hog enjoying his weigh in!

large hog in the portable animal scale

Osborne has been an industry leader in small animal scales for decades. They have designed a portable animal scale specifically for weighing hogs and sheep too.

sheep in a portable animal scale

Scale Options

To make this scale portable, simply add the wheel kit and move it to where you need it. The available wheel kit is designed so move it around or even roll it into the back of your truck for true portability. Makes it easy to store.

The entry doors allow you to contain your animal while weighing and provide a calm environment for even your friskiest of hogs.

There are no weigh cables to deal with. The weigh arms and anti-sway bars help minimize fluctuations in weight readings so you can get an accurate reading. Your animal movements are minimized with this unique design.

Give yourself and your animals a safe and comfortable area for getting accurate weights with this portable animal scale from Barn World!


Barn World Carries Livestock Scales

Livestock Scales

Barn World offers a great selection of livestock scales for all sizes and types of cattle. Several of our livestock scales are perfect for 4-H projects and weighing smaller animals. We have livestock scales to weigh your cattle, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, dogs or grain. Multipurpose livestock scales weigh smaller animals including pigs, sheep, goats and calves. Our low-profile animal scales weigh horses and llamas. We also offer livestock scales to work under your chutes and alley ways using weigh bars for a complete cattle weighing system.

The Multi-Purpose Livestock Scales are perfect livestock equipment for 4H uses with 1,000 and 2,000 lbs limits.

Animal platform scale with 1,000 capacity:

This multipurpose livestock scale is designed with 4-H in mind. Weigh pigs, sheep, goat, calves up to 1,000 lbs. 55.5″x20.1″ mild steel platform scale with end ramps. Pre-calibrated to a stainless steel digital indicator. Includes 6VDC rechargeable battery and AC adapter and ships free in the lower 48 states. It also has an Optional Indicator Stand Available.
animal scale with a mule on it

Animal platform scale with 2,000 capacity:

The PS2000 animal scale is just like the PS1000 except the platform is a little bit larger. It is a 59″x30″ mild steel platform that is pre-calibrated to a digital readout. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries and includes an AC adapter. The maximum weighing capacity on this scale is 2,000 x .1 lb. Optional Desktop or Floor Indicator Stand Available.

livestock platform scale

Barn World cattle scales are designed for easy loading of the cattle onto the scales with ramp ends on the platforms, platforms that are very low to the ground, and tread on the scales to keep skittish cattle from slipping and falling. Our cattle scales are portable and can be leveled to work on any surface and provide a lot of advantages over other scales.

The Sheep and Hog Scale Package includes 18″ x 55″ aluminum platform scale, crate assembly, optional side rail, stainless steel digital indicator, rechargeable battery, AC adapter (charger), pre-calibration, one-year warranty. Capacities: 500 lb and 1,000 lbs. Shipping is estimated based on weight and location.

Small Livestock Scale System

Weigh Dogs, Goats, Alpacas, Grain, etc. This 22″ x 42″ stainless steel platform scale has a calibrated digital readout. The weighing capacity is 550 lbs. The scale is powered by a rechargeable batter or AC adapter. Both are included with purchase. The scale also comes with a removable rubber mat and a one-year warranty.

Animal Scale System

This highly durable scale is designed with simplicity, portability, and economy in mind. In just a few minutes the entire system can be setup and ready to weigh. The standard system includes two weigh bars with built in handles and 20′ of home-run cable, quick connector, a NEMA 4X stainless steel digital indicator with back-light, and 2-year warranty. We also carry a 105″ and 200″ replacement cable for the scale

To get more information on livestock equipment, scales or place an order, go to BarnWorld.com today.