Calf Warmers and Calving Season

Calf Warmer on the grass with a picture of a calf on the side for scale

It’s that time of year again; time to start planning for calving season! Spring is fast approaching and you need to make sure you have the necessary calf warmers and livestock supplies to protect your newborns from the elements when they arrive.  To give them the best start to a healthy life and to provide the necessary weight gains early on, make sure you provide a calf warmer for their first hours on earth!

interior of a calf warmer

Health advantages of calf warmers

It’s not always possible to be born and on a warm, sunny day and it seems more often than not that the weather is at its worst when your calf arrives. A warmer provides a secure and comfortable enclosure to foster a nurturing environment and allows for the quickest possible recovery after what can be a very traumatic birthing process. Leaving its comfortable and toasty mother and being thrown directly into the often cold, wet and windy conditions, a newborn is immediately exposed to a dangerous and life-threatening environment while they are so fragile.  It can be such a dramatic shock that your animal may experience long-term health problems or even death from extreme exposure at such an early point in its life. Immediately protecting your animals from the elements is never more important than when they are in such a vulnerable state.

Heating Controls in calf warmers:

A calf warmer heater and fan is used in combination to keep the interior warm and provide protection from the cold.  Most heaters have a thermostat or temperature control switch to keep the inside nice and cozy. The heater itself is usually powered with 110 volts and a multi speed fan helps distribute the heat, keeps moisture from building up and will provides proper ventilation for its occupant. Don’t let your little ones freeze in the pasture, keep them warm for the best recovery possible.

heater for calf warmer


Newborn warmers are typically made from durable and sturdy polyethylene and are large enough that your newborn calf can stand up in with the lid closed. The enclosed (but ventilated) environment allows for the natural sent to remain intact so the mother will still identify with the calf. An important consideration when they join up again.

side of calf warmer with picture of cow on the side

The lid of the shelter is usually completely removable allowing easy access to your animal and for ease in cleaning. Floors are raised and slotted for ventilation and are usually supported the entire length of the box with stainless steel. The bottom is typically ribbed with thicker material so the entire shelter can be drug around the pasture to where it’s needed.

calf warmer with the top off


Circulation is achieved by drawing air in the bottom, passing it over the heater where the fan pushes it up and out of the top vents. The eve vents have adjustable holes that can be opened or closed to help control airflow and will help regulate both temperature and humidity.

Providing the best for the growth of your herd and bottom line Calf Warmers are a simple and effective way to ensure the best possible start for the newest additions to your herd. Make sure yours have access to a warm, safe and enclosed environment this spring so your bottom line and your animals are as strong as possible.

If you have any questions or would like to provide the best start possible for your newborn calves, please visit or call Barn World today.







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