Instant Garages

Instant garages can be the best option for those who have to shelter their cars when there is lack of space for a permanent structured garage and when one is often traveling.

Round style shelter

– the instant garage is made of heavy durable steel frame and bonded with thermostat treated powder coated finishing, preventing the rust and corrosion, chipping and scratching. It has the wedged tubing for easy assembling and slip fit connectors. The structure is very tough with the bolts which are used at every joint. The cover of the instant garage is made of the 9 ounce triple layered and chemically bonded polyethylene. This material is very much resistant to the harmful ultra violets and has the additional features of the fade blockers and the anti aging and anti fugal agents.

The hot air which is infused at the seams make it 100 % waterproof. The interiors have the white lining for enhancing the illumination. The package comes with the fitted cover, front panel and back panel with double zipped doors. The other additional kits include the auger anchors and the foot plates made of steel.

Instant Garage


Auto storage shelter

This auto storage shelter provides ample space for use as a temporary garage. It has the coveted Rhino shield surface which is a highly durable and well-built steel frame. It is made of a heavy and durable 2 inch diameter steel frame.  The frame is baked with a powder coated finish to prevent rust and corrosion.There are also fade out blockers, anti-aging and anti fugal agents for added longevity. The triple layer polyethylene fabric makes it possible to infuse the hot air in the seams to make it waterproof. The fit connectors and the wedged tubing makes it easy for assembling. The wide steel footplates on every leg make it possible to deliver the sturdy base with the access to the anchor points. The easy cross rail mechanism helps to lock down and roll up the covers.

Mini shed instant garage

the pre drilled frames can be easily assembled with most minimal tools.  It has the durable galvanized steel frames which can provide maximum strength and durability to the instant garage. Assembly is easily be done with nuts and bolts which are used in the joints while there is wind brace support on both the sides. This makes it incredibly stable while outdoors year-round. There are two double zipped doors with the bottom pockets. The sturdy metal frame has the added feature of the protective plastic tube ends. The package comes with the thread plated hard ware kit and has the spare nuts and bolts with SS screws. It also includes the permanent anchors. There is the poly rope to tie down the cover and the grommets on the doors and covers.

One car house style instant garage

it has heavy duty galvanized finish on the steel frame components, two standard double zipped doors and a wind brace support on each side. Anchors are included to keep the garage secure and both the covers and doors are made of 10 once Polyethylene fabric. As the instant garage comes pre-drilled the assembling becomes easy and requires only bolting the joints.

Utility round instant garage

Other than using for protecting cars, the garage can also be used for storing equipment and materials The round style console provides ample space along the surface of the enclosed space, with the tallest height near the middle ridge. The pre-drilled frame can be easily assembled with hardly any bulk instruments. This product requires no drilling or field cutting. Each of the framed components is built from durable and long lasting galvanized steel. The doors and covering are made from long lasting fire retardant which includes an ultra violet resistant Polyethylene.

The triple layer polyethylene fabric makes it possible to infuse the hot air in the seams to make it waterproof. The unit features a door with double zippers on both sides to provide drive-through affordability, and proper ventilation. Both the doors contain a compartment for a sturdy pole at the bottom. The durable cover constructed with full flap protects from the rain or snow and deflect water from flowing in through the edges of the cover. The unit comes entirely equipped with a bunch of earth anchors and stainless steel drive rod and tethers to position the unit at each frame arch and every corner.

Domed Truss Building Instant Garage

These structures are constructed for great commercial, industrial and agricultural use. This form of instant garage has the steel galvanized frame and the exclusive double cover tension mechanism, which makes the structure very strong from back to front. The other typical usage includes structuring the instant garage at big workshops, for sheltering cattle, storing multiple truck or cars. The package comes with ready to assemble features.

Such frame used is the one of heaviest in sole tube construction. The framed components are made of galvanized materials.

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