Cattle Scales and Weigh Bars

Cattle Scales come in many different designs and perhaps the easiest to use are the traditional weigh bars. They are easy to install to the bottom of a livestock chute and turn the entire chute into seamless cattle scale.

cattle scales in weigh bar format

This system is ready to go right out of the box. The rugged design is built for high use and is extremely tough and dependable. The bars can be mounted to a platform for use as a traditional platform scale if needed. The optional heavy duty aluminum platform option is specifically designed for these bars.

Picture of the Weigh Bars Use with a Platform

Platform Scale used for cattle scales

The highly durable scale is designed with simplicity, portability, and economy in mind. In just a few minutes the entire system can be setup and ready to weigh.

The standard system includes two weigh bars with built-in handles and 20′ of cable that runs from the bar to the indicator. Each bar has protected quick connectors to cover the attachment ports. It also includes the NEMA 4X stainless steel digital indicator with back-light, and a 1-year warranty!


The individual bars come with handles and are lightweight and portable. The quick connect cables make setup and breakdown simple.

The low-profile design includes adjustable feet to ensure a level and firm surface for accurate measurements.

The included animal motion hold software feature allows you to obtain an accurate weight even if your animal is moving on the scale. It can quickly and accurately grab the weight even if there is movement on scale.

The indicator uses the common RS – 232 serial output to connect to computers, printers and other compatible devices.

The high-resolution LCD display is large and easy to use and the cattle scale system comes with a 6 volt rechargeable battery as well as an AC adapter.

These cattle scales are used for weighing livestock in a chute or on a platform. Simply place the bars under an existing squeeze chute or platform and your ready to weigh animals. Standard capacity is 2,500 lb per bar with a total system capacity of 5,000 lb. for the 33″ and 40″ lengths.

The system includes everything necessary to start weighing animals and livestock right away.

Common uses

  • Livestock chute weighing system mounts to the bottom
  • Alleyways in handling equipment with cattle, hogs, sheep etc
  • 5,000 lbs capacity floor scale
  • Platform scale to weigh almost anything – grain, hay and produce

Weigh Bars

Cattle scales that use individual bars like this system feature quick disconnect cables and protected connection ports. The cables themselves contain rodent resistance steel sheathing to protect them from all kinds of critters. The bars themselves are available in 33 inch and 40 inch lengths and include tabs to attach to the bottom of livestock chutes and platforms.

The bars are made of carbon steel and finished with a high grade epoxy paint. Each one has two load cells 2 feet on the bottom for leveling on uneven surfaces.

They measure approximately 3 inches high and include mounting tabs on the tops for easy attachments.

The lightweight and portable system is mounted to the bottom of the livestock chute or platform. The setup includes everything necessary to start weighing animals and livestock right away. It includes a 20 foot cable to the indicator as well as an interconnecting cable between the bars.

Make managing your livestock weight as simple as running them through the chute or mount them to a platform where you can weigh just about anything.

See all of our livestock scales and let us know if we can help with anything at all.


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