Chute Scale for weighing cattle

The simple to install and use weigh bars turn your chute into a livestock stock scale instantly. A chute scale is the simplest method of weighing your cattle as they’re going through for health and vet checks.

Weigh your cattle in your chute

As you move your cattle through your working equipment, what better time to weigh them when there calm and confined? It doesn’t require any extra effort on your part. Just glance at the digital scale indicator when it captures the weight, make a note of it and you’re done!

Mounting the weigh bars

The chute scale is made up of two individual weigh bars that mount directly to the bottom of your equipment. The built-in mounting tabs on top of both the 33″ and 40″ models make it a direct connection. It becomes part of your chute but can also be easily removed if desired. They’re literally out of sight and but always ready to use.

The bottom of each weigh bar has two adjustable feet to ensure a level surface. They screw in and out to make up-and-down adjustments.

Weigh Bar Cables

The chute scale includes all the necessary cables for quick and accurate weights. There is a cable that connects the two bars together and a generous 20 foot home-run cable up to the indicator.

The cables are enclosed in a protective sheathing to withstand abrasion and protect against rodents or anything else that might try and chew on them. The quick plug-in connections are made from aluminum instead of plastic for extra strength and durability.
The connection itself is protected by a steel frame so they can’t be accidentally stepped on and broken.

chute scale cable connection


Optional platform

If you don’t have a cattle chute to mount the bars to, you can attach them to almost any flat surface to create a platform scale. There is an optional aluminum platform specifically designed for the system.

chute scale platform

It measures 7 feet long and weighs approximately 70 pounds. It’s made with 1/8″ aluminium diamond deck plating and includes an aluminum support tube around the perimeter. There is also square tubing across the middle for extra support.

The platform is designed to mount directly to the 33 inch or 40 inch way bars and is a handy option to turn the bars into a platform scale.

Chute Scale Digital Indicator

A large digital indicator is included for quick and accurate measurements. It is enclosed inside a stainless steel case and uses the industry standard RS – 232 serial output port. You may connect your compatible printer or computer directly.

chute scale digital indicator

The indicator measures in 1 pound increments and includes specialized animal motion hold software. This unique feature allows it to get accurate weights even if your animal is dancing around on the scale.

All of the cable connections feature a quick disconnect so the indicator may be stored indoors, even if your bars remain attached to the chute outdoors.

Cattle Scale Features

chute scale for cattle specification sheet

Other Features:

  • RS-232 communications port eliminates connectors and provides a direct link
  • all cables feature a quick disconnect for easy removal
  • indicator may be disconnected to store indoors
  • cables are rodent resistant with sheathing
  • way bars include easy mounting tabs to attach to chutes or platforms
  • weigh bar cable connections are protected by steel frames
  • One Year warranty

Chute Scale Dimensions

Chute Scale Dimension Diagram


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