Animal Scales – Are your animals adding the weight they should?

Keeping track of your animal’s over-all weight and weight gains is an important barometer of overall health. There are many different types of Animal Scales and they  are an important health management tool. They can also help you see how effective your feeding strategies and grain efficiencies are as well.

Platform scales are very versatile, especially for larger animals. Specialty scales for weighing animals that are bit more ‘energetic’ includes doors and side walls for an accurate measurement. There are variety to choose from and we’ve highlighted a few different styles below..

Animal Platform Scales

The platform is perhaps the most versatile designs there is. If you can get your animal on the scale from any direction, you can get your weight. Simple and straight-forward, once on, you can easily read the weight from the included display.

The most common of these are available in capacities of 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 pounds shown below. The large 3,000 pound capacity and platform will allow you to weight almost anything!

Click on an image below to see more details of these various capacities

dog on a floor scale animal platform scale with a donkey standing on it cow standing on a platform scale heavy duty animal scale with a horse standing on it

The only potential trouble with the open-sided platforms is sometimes you can’t get your little guy to stay on. For these ‘higher energy’ measurements, there are contained scales that use doors and sidewalls to assist.

Sheep and Hog Scales

Hogs and Sheep don’t like to stand calmly on an open platform and wait for the weights to be recorded. These scales have entry and exit doors as well as side-walls to help them stay in place.

Below is a hog enjoying his weigh in!

large hog in the portable animal scale

Osborne has been an industry leader in small animal scales for decades. They have designed a portable animal scale specifically for weighing hogs and sheep too.

sheep in a portable animal scale

Scale Options

To make this scale portable, simply add the wheel kit and move it to where you need it. The available wheel kit is designed so move it around or even roll it into the back of your truck for true portability. Makes it easy to store.

The entry doors allow you to contain your animal while weighing and provide a calm environment for even your friskiest of hogs.

There are no weigh cables to deal with. The weigh arms and anti-sway bars help minimize fluctuations in weight readings so you can get an accurate reading. Your animal movements are minimized with this unique design.

Give yourself and your animals a safe and comfortable area for getting accurate weights with this portable animal scale from Barn World!


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