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The Electro Goom Animal Vacuum and Blower

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The Electro Groom Vacuum and Blower has excellent grooming power for removing dirt, dandruff, and parasites, leaving hair smooth and lustrous. The Rapid Groom does the work , ends hand grooming, and animals enjoy it. Your horse will look better, feel better, leaving the oils for a shiny lustrous coat.  This is a great animal vacuum and animal blower. This unit is a powerful blower.

The Electro Groom unit includes 10′ crush proof hose with curved chrome swivel end, 1 1/2″ID, with Serrated Jet Vac Nozzle, Vinyl Spaghetti Brush, and Blower Tip with connector.


  • Eliminates The Labor Of Hand Brushing
  • Unit is 28 inches in height, 2 inch by 8 inch wheels.
  • Double Power Unit Providing Up To 150″ of Water Lift
  • Tough Baked Enamel Finish on Rugged 18 Gauge Steel
  • Two Motor Turbines, Lamb Mfr. 120 Volt, 575 watts each 14.85 Amps Each, 150 inches of water lift.
  • Use in Single Or Dual Mode. Motors can be run separately for sensitive areas.
  • Quickly removable filter bag catches overflow dust and debris, preventing foreign matter from entering unit, thus protecting motors.
  • Two Year Warranty (Motor Only)

Animal Vacuum Attachments

The Electro Groom dairy vacuum is an excellent livestock vacuum and livestock blower!

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