Cattle Blower Review – Circuiteer Animal Groomers

The development of a powerful cattle blower led to the creation of the animal blower Ciruiteer line. These tough and portable machines are designed to be used almost anywhere and are great for use with pets and livestock alike.

One of the most popular uses is with livestock as a cattle blower. These compact and powerful units are easy to take to shows and get your animals looking their best in no time.

cattle blower with nozzle, hose and air filter for animal grooming


The Circuiteer cattle blowers are made with 18 gauge steel bodies are built to last. The electric cleaner company designs and builds durable equipment to offer long service life. These units of the world’s most powerful portable vacuum and blowers of their kind. There sold all over the United States and exported worldwide. They provide ease of operation and reduce grooming and cleaning time in style.

Not only are the cattle blowers built to high standards, the employees themselves have a commitment to quality and loyalty to the company that makes these machines. The average length of service by manufacturing and assembly employees is 15 years. They care about the quality of their work and are extremely experienced in making these wonderful blowers.

All of these models come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. They really stand behind their products.



The body of the animal blowers are made with 18 gauge steel and are available in 13 different paint colors! Take a look at all the different color offerings below.

cattle blower color selection chart



All of the circuit here units come with a hose, round blower tip and an air filter for protecting the motor. The Mini and Circuiteer I come with a 10′ hose while the II and IV come with 15′ hoses.
cattle blower hose in black


The cattle blowers comes standard with two motors for ultimate power except for the Mini-Circ which is built for lightweight portability in a smaller package.

The Mini-Circ animal blower is an excellent blower for use almost anywhere. It’s small size makes it easy to transport and yet maintains excellent power with its Lamb motor. The motor only draws 9.5 amps yet creates an exit speed of 32,500 feet/min. That works out to 114 CFM and will make quick work of grooming.

mini animal blower in red

Other uses we don’t typically consider is that of inflating rafts, blowing off workstations and even removing water from recently washed vehicles.

The larger Circ I, II and IV cattle blowers have the choice of using one or two motors.

cattle blower in blue  cattle dryer in red  animal blower in copper

You can use just one motor for sensitive areas and both motors for higher airflow and maximum drying.

The Circuiteer I is an excellent unit for grooming large animals. It’s also great for cleaning up around the farm and has many industrial uses such as blowing parts and personnel.

It uses 120 V standard but is available in 220 V if needed. It also has a 120 V utility outlet on the body of the blower you may plug-in an extra set of clippers or even charge your phone while working!

The Circuiteer II model is still portable and lightweight but Packs more power and can move at over 58,000 ft./m at the nozzle. It draws approximately 17 A and also has a 120 V utility outlet built into the body of the blower for your accessories.

The Circuiteer IV Cattle Blower Is the newest addition to the line. It has two 120 V outlets built into the body and in comes in the new hammer tone paint colors: Gold and silver.

heavy duty cattle dryer  livestock blower

This powerful machine is excellent for all types of blowing and drying. The two motors will move an amazing 245 CFM using only 19 amps.This will quickly become your favorite cattle blower for use at all your prestigious livestock shows!


Take a look at the performance comparisons below between the different models. You may click on the model link shown in blue on the left see more details for that particular model.

Animal Blower Comparison Chart

Click CFMFeet/Min
Mini Circ11432,529120F1.149.5110/120
Circuiteer I18642,750122F1.78214.85110/120
Circuiteer II      21858,329126F2.0417110/120
Circuiteer IV24560,921122F2.09819110/120

This line of animal blowers offers a high quality selection while maintaining excellent portability for use almost anywhere.

Click the following link to see all of our animal blowers and let us know if we can help with anything at all.

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