Cattle Blowers for Showing and Animal Grooming

The Circuiteer line of cattle blowers is tops in the industry. These rugged machines are built to be used for years in the field and at showgrounds. They’re strong and yet still portable to take wherever they’re needed.

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These tough machines are built to be durable and long-lasting no matter where or how often they’re used. There are four different individual levels of performance and each is an effective livestock blower.

The lineup starts with the very portable but strong Mini Circuiteer model and goes up to the high performance Circuiteer IV. It has moves at an impressive 245 cubic feet per minute running at 60,921 feet per minute. It’ll get your cattle clean and dry in no time!

Select the model that’s right for the type of drying you do. Click the model to see more information and available colors!

Cattle Blower Comparison Chart

Mini Circ11432,529120F1.149.5110/120
Circuiteer I18642,750122F1.78214.85110/120
Circuiteer II21858,329126F2.0417110/120
Circuiteer IV24560,921122F2.09819110/120


All of the cattle blowers come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the motors.  They have a tough 18 gauge steel body and are made to plug into any standard outlet.

Depending on the model, they will include a 10′ hose, blower tips and air filters to clean the air before it reaches the motor. This adds to longevity and makes a longer-lasting blower.


  • High powder portable performance in all models
  • 2-year motor warranties from the manufacturer
  • Most models include a 10′ hose, motor filters and nozzles
  • Air is automatically heated as it passes the motor
  • Most models have an exterior plug outlet for phone charging or clippers
  • All cattle blowers use the standard US plug and draw under 20 amps
  • Multiple motors are available on some models to vary air speed and pressure
  • May be suspended, set on the ground, or carried with adjustable shoulder strap or handle
  • Steel body construction

Choose One Motor Or Two

A cattle blower with one motor is light, powerful and portable. Some people want the extra power of a second motor. You have the option of using one for delicate areas or two for full-blower power.

If you desire even great air flow, there is a y-connector available that allows you to connect the outlet hoses of two blowers together. This y-section combines the blowing power of two machines into one!

If you have any questions or if we can help with your choice of a durable cattle blower, please let us know and we’ll by happy to do so!

Keep your animals clean, healthy and looking their best with a cattle blower from Barn World!


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