Grain Gauge for Bulk Bins

Look at your bin to see how full it is!

In the world of agriculture, having reliable tools that simplify essential tasks can make all the difference. IntelliFarms has introduced the Grain Gauge™ Level Indicator, a game-changing solution designed to bring unprecedented ease and accuracy to monitoring the material levels in your bin. It’s a must-have for farmers who are tired of banging on the sides of their bins to estimate how much feed remains.

Easy Installation

The IntelliFarms Grain Gauge is engineered for simplicity and installing the device is a breeze. The best part – no need to enter the bin! A 1¼ inch hole and two screws are all that’s required for set up. The streamlined installation process is safe, easy and eliminates the need for precarious climbs or entering the bin itself.

The mechnical design requires no wire or batteries for power.

Using it couldn’t be easier, just look at the bin!

The Grain Gauge offers unparalleled ease of use. Once installed along the bin wall at key levels, the device will show the material levels automatically. There’s no need for manual checks or complex calibrations. The intuitive design ensures that anyone can view the bin level from outside the bin just by looking at it. Even at night!

The convenience of knowing how much material is in your bin cannot be overstated. The gauges ar equipped with a glow-in-the-dark capability, ensuring clear visibility even during nighttime operations.

Enhanced Safety

The Grain Gauge not only simplifies tasks but also prioritizes safety. By eliminating the need for climbing onto the bin for manual assessments, the risk of accidents is significantly reduced. This thoughtful design ensures that farmers can focus on their work with peace of mind, knowing that the Grain Gauge is providing accurate and reliable information without putting their safety at stake.


Investing in advanced agricultural technology often comes with concerns about cost. The Grain Gauge is a cost-effective solution for monitoring bin levels. Its efficient design, low maintenance requirements, and durability make it a sound investment for farmers looking to enhance their operations without breaking the bank.

How to Order

Wheter ordering a new Grain Bin from Barn World, or adding to an existing bin, consider including these easy to install, instant read bin level guages. With the Grain Guage, you’ll never miss tapping on the side of your bin again!

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