Calf Warmer Season: give your calves they help they need

Calf Warmer Season

Calf Warmers

Make sure to care for your newborn livestock with this simple and essential warmer.  Your new calves need a secure and warm environment to protect them from the cold and bitter winds and temperatures of winter. They need help retaining their body heat so they may regain their body temperate in a protected environment while recovering from birth.

The stress of the cold can cause severe health problems and even death in a newborn.  In cold climates, when they are dropped from the warmth of the mother, completely wet, onto the frozen ground, hypothermia can lead to the loss of life of even the hardiest of calves.

calf warmer with a picture of a young cow on the side


Calf Warmer Heaters can ensure that the calf is protected from the elements and given the best environment to recover from the birthing process.  The first twenty-four hours of life find them exposed to the risk of hypothermia – the stress on the animal brought on by being exposed to the cold.  It is extremely dangerous and must be taken very seriously as the death of your calf can result.

calf warmer heater

Symptoms of hypothermia in calves

Without the heat of a calf warmer, the young calf’s body will try and compensate by moving warm blood away from its extremities to the center or core of its body. Initially, the most common symptoms are shivering, rapid breathing, and an increased pulse rate. The shivering can keep the calf from standing and cause an overall lack of coordination.

As the hypothermia becomes more severe, the lack of blood to the extremities can cause them to turn pale or blue as there is a lack of oxygen near the surface of the body. The internal organs begin to cool and signs of life can be difficult to detect.   If left untreated, the calf can die.

Calf Warmer  – an easy solution

calf warmer with the lid open

A simple and effective means of preventing the loss of newborn livestock is the calf warmer. It is generally made out of very durable polyethylene and hinged like a large clam to provide room for a calf to stand in the comfort of warm air. They are excellent shelters and are commonly used on all farms with livestock births. They typically have a heater and a floor that allows warm air to rise through a floor and out the top vents.

Due to their size, usually 4’ long and 4’ tall, they are typically designed to be towed by a vehicle to where they are needed. They can come with tow ropes and large bottom skids to make the job easier and to provide longevity.

A must in all livestock supply arsenals, these simple and effective warmers will give the best care to your newborn calves and give them a healthy start to a prosperous life for both animal and owner.

Start your new animals off with the best health advantages possible and make sure they can recover from the trauma and heat loss of birth as quickly as possible.

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