Cattle Guards at Barn World

Barn World has a large selection of cattle guards for all of your livestock containment needs.They may be called by various names (Texas gates, animal guards, cattle grids, cow guards etc.) but they all are the same great idea. Barn World has a cattle guard for every need.

Rated Cattle Guards

The HS20 and HS25 rated cattle guards are designed for highway use and certified to meet the specifications needed for State and Federal requirements such as DOT, BLM, USFS, NP, and US Military installations. They provide years of rugged service in commercial applications such as mining, forestry, agriculture, and petroleum production. They are also the product of choice for residential usage where city, county, or state regulations require the HS20 rating.Certified structural steel is used in the manufacture of all Barn World HS20 rated Cattle Guards.

Standard Cattle Guards

Barn World also carries a less expensive option for private use such as washouts and driveways.  The Standard 6’and 8′ wide cattle guards are made of NEW 3″ Schedule 40 steel. All Flat Cattle Guards may be ordered with optional wings, integral box, or removable box.

The ATV cattle guards are unique in the industry. These cattle guards are suitable for all types of projects on private land. The standard boxed cattle guards are perfectly suited to construction sites, mine sites and oil field applications.

Spec Cattle Guards

Our 7.5′ and 8′ spec cattle guards meet current AASHTO load ratings and are suitable for all types of applications where a square pipe is desired including heavy duty logging roads. They may be ordered with optional wings or clean-out line.

All cattle guards may be fitted with plow strips that allow plows to cross over the guard with minimal interference and wear.

cattle guard with snow plow strips welded to the top

All cattle guards may be outfitted with a removable box for easier cleaning as an option.

Cattle Guard with a removable box

Barn World has a cattle guard to meet your needs. Please call us (720) 238-2190 with your questions and to obtain shipping quotes. We can also provide professional bid packages for large company, military, and government programs and carry a large selection for all of your livestock equipment needs.


The Electro Groom Horse Vacuum

The Electro Groom Animal Vacuum from Barn World

animal vacuum

The Electro Groom Dairy Vacuum has excellent grooming power for removing dirt, dandruff, and parasites, leaving hair smooth and lustrous. The Rapid Groom does the work , ends hand grooming, and animals enjoy it. Your horse will look better, feel better, leaving the oils for a shiny lustrous coat. This is a great animal vacuum and animal blower.

The Electro Groom unit includes 10′ crush-proof hose with curved chrome swivel end, 1 1/2″ID, with Serrated Jet Vac Nozzle, Vinyl Spaghetti Brush, and Blower Tip with connector.


  • Eliminates The Labor Of Hand Brushing
  • Unit is 28 inches in height, 2 inch by 8 inch wheels.
  • Double Power Unit Providing Up To 150″ of Water Lift
  • Tough Baked Enamel Finish on Rugged 18 Gauge Steel
  • Two Motor Turbines, Lamb Mfr. 120 Volt, 575 watts each 14.85 Amps Each, 150 inches of water-lift.
  • Use in Single Or Dual Mode. Motors can be run separately for sensitive areas.
  • Quickly removable filter bag catches overflow dust and debris, preventing foreign matter from entering unit, thus protecting motors.
  • Two Year Warranty (Motor Only)

Animal Vacuum Attachments

attachments for the animal vacuum

The Electro Groom animal vacuum is an excellent livestock vacuum and livestock blower!

Visit today to view our great selection of livestock grooming blowers and vacuums.


Boot Scrapers from Barn World – a great gift idea!

Barn World now carries boot scrapers to keep your outdoors from coming indoors!

boot scrapers

Stop the dirt before it gets into your house, business or vehicle!

Theses tough boot cleaners will remove dirt, mud, snow, slush and grass outside, not inside, making your floors and shoes cleaner! 

Save Time And Money!

  • Less Time Mopping and Scrubbing Your Floors
  • Spend Less Time Vacuuming Up Dirty Floors
  • Spend Less Time and Money on Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

Spend your time doing the things you want to do! Reducing your house work is simple and easy. There is no assembly. You take it out of the box and it is ready to go! What could be easier than that!

Why they’re the best on the market:

  • Made in the USA
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Soft and Durable Brushes
  • Many Models to Select From
  • Quality Matters to Us

Every home, farm and business should have a decorative boot scraper out by the front entrance.

Head to to see all the different styles. There is certain to be a model that meets your needs and fits in with your environment.

Now Barn World carries more than just your livestock supplies and livestock equipment needs. Visit us today for all your farm and ranch supplies and livestock needs too!


A great all around animal scale – the 4H livestock scale from Barn World

Barn World offers a wide selection of livestock scales.  If you need a livestock scale, one of our  animal scales will certainly fit the bill.

Our most popular a very versatile 4H livestock scale is a multipurpose livestock scale designed with 4-H in mind.  Weigh pigs, sheep, goat, calves up to 1,000 lbs. 55.5″x20.1″ mild steel platform scale with end ramps. Pre-calibrated to a stainless steel digital indicator. Includes 6VDC rechargeable battery and AC adapter.   An optional indicator stand is available.


  • Capacity– 1000 lb
  • Accurate– Provides consistent accuracy within 0.1% and comes equipped with an indicator for fast digital read out.
  • Economical to Own– There are no installation costs and no moving parts that require maintenance or adjustment.
  • Low Profile– 2.50″ high
  • Versatile– Accomplishes a multitude of weighing jobs: livestock, pets, feed carts, bulk containers, shipping and receiving.
  • Portable– The PS1000 weighs only 60 lbs, two easy access carry handles makes this scale convenient to relocate. No need for ramps or recessed floors, as this unit comes with ramped ends.
  • Construction – Rugged steel with tread plate surface protects animals and handlers from accidental slips and falls. Adjustable foot pads allow scale to work effectively on uneven floors.   A very touchlivestock scale.

    Overload Capacity – Capable of withstanding 150% capacity of weight without damaging the scale

    Easy Assembly – No installation costs or parts that require maintenance. Just place the scale on a hard surface and level by adjusting the foot pads. Connect the indicator and turn on the power.  Perfect for a 4H livestock scale.

    Call (720) 238-2190 or visit today!


    Cattle Blowers for Showing and Animal Grooming

    The Circuiteer line of cattle blowers is tops in the industry. These rugged machines are built to be used for years in the field and at showgrounds. They’re strong and yet still portable to take wherever they’re needed.

    cattle blower in pink  livestock blowers  cattle dryer


    These tough machines are built to be durable and long-lasting no matter where or how often they’re used. There are four different individual levels of performance and each is an effective livestock blower.

    The lineup starts with the very portable but strong Mini Circuiteer model and goes up to the high performance Circuiteer IV. It has moves at an impressive 245 cubic feet per minute running at 60,921 feet per minute. It’ll get your cattle clean and dry in no time!

    Select the model that’s right for the type of drying you do. Click the model to see more information and available colors!

    Cattle Blower Comparison Chart

     Models CFM FPM Heat Watts Amps Volts
    Mini Circ 114 32,529 120F 1.14 9.5 110/120
    Circuiteer I 186 42,750 122F 1.782 14.85 110/120
    Circuiteer II 218 58,329 126F 2.04 17 110/120
    Circuiteer IV 245 60,921 122F 2.098 19 110/120


    All of the cattle blowers come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the motors.  They have a tough 18 gauge steel body and are made to plug into any standard outlet.

    Depending on the model, they will include a 10′ hose, blower tips and air filters to clean the air before it reaches the motor. This adds to longevity and makes a longer-lasting blower.


    • High powder portable performance in all models
    • 2-year motor warranties from the manufacturer
    • Most models include a 10′ hose, motor filters and nozzles
    • Air is automatically heated as it passes the motor
    • Most models have an exterior plug outlet for phone charging or clippers
    • All cattle blowers use the standard US plug and draw under 20 amps
    • Multiple motors are available on some models to vary air speed and pressure
    • May be suspended, set on the ground, or carried with adjustable shoulder strap or handle
    • Steel body construction

    Choose One Motor Or Two

    A cattle blower with one motor is light, powerful and portable. Some people want the extra power of a second motor. You have the option of using one for delicate areas or two for full-blower power.

    If you desire even great air flow, there is a y-connector available that allows you to connect the outlet hoses of two blowers together. This y-section combines the blowing power of two machines into one!

    If you have any questions or if we can help with your choice of a durable cattle blower, please let us know and we’ll by happy to do so!

    Keep your animals clean, healthy and looking their best with a cattle blower from Barn World!


    Creep Feeders Ensure Nutrients Get To Your Young Animals

    In a polite animal kingdom, a creep feeder wouldn’t be necessary. The adult animals would allow the young ones to eat precious supplements in peace!  However this is far from the case and a separate feeding environment needs to be created so the little guys can eat in a stress-free, noncompetitive environment away from the adults. This is what the creep feeder is designed to do.


    Calf Creep Feeder – Single Sided

    creep feeder for calves

    Almost all young animals need minerals to supplement their diet and facilitate early growth. This targeted nutrition promotes early overall health and growth. Once established as adults, they typically don’t need the same type of dietary assistance and can eat with the other full-grown animals.

    Stress-free feeding

    The creep feeder is nothing more than a dedicated feeding area that only allows access to smaller animals. The idea is to keep the larger and stronger adults away from the trough to ensure the smaller animals get the special early growth nutrients you provide.

    Feeding young animals in a non-stress environment allows them to consume more and that results in stronger gains. The larger and more aggressive adults are separated by the front bars of the cage surrounding the feeder. They prevent adults from competing for food at the trough and create a calmer area for babies to feed in peace.

    Creep Feeder Designs

    The typical design of a traditional creep feeder includes a set of vertical bars set at a width small enough to prevent larger animals from entering. There is usually an adjustable horizontal bar that can be moved up as the young ones grow in height. These bars form an outer sentry that keeps an adult from entering the protected area and away from the trough.

    Feeder capacities can range from as little as 400 pounds all the way up to a large double-sided 1,200 pound feeder shown below.


    Double-sided Creep Feeder

    large creep feeder is double sided

    This design is simply a single-sided feeder put together. The central feed bin in the middle dispenses to the troughs on each side. This can be a great labor-saving feature when feeding large groups as refilling is done less frequently even with very large numbers of eaters!


    Selecting a Feeder

    Capacity is certainly a consideration when selecting a feeder. Smaller feeders mean more labor and filling. Larger feeders can be more expensive and less maneuverable but provide longer times between filling.

    Below is an example of a large trailer pasture feeder that can be wheeled into place and provide 1,200 pounds dispensed on each side simultaneously. This combines portability with a tremendous amount of capacity!

    pasture creep feeder trailer

    You’ll also want to make sure the outer bars are set for the type of animal you are providing entry for. As an example, the bars on a calf feeder are usually wider than the front bars on a goat feeder. The same would apply to a sheep creep feeder and below are examples of both.

    Goat Creep Feeder                   Sheep Creep Feeder

    goat creep feeder       creep feeder for sheep


    Deer Creep Feeders:  Non-traditional designs are available for feeding ‘in the wild’. Deer and other smaller animals that aren’t confined, but roam over large areas freely don’t require the gated entry configuration that large confined groups do.

    These feeders don’t have a gated entry to separate adults and are used to provide and protect supplements in an outdoor environment. The center bin keeps the nutrients safe from mother nature while the covered trough allows for free range feeding.

    creep feeder for deer

    This type of feeder is very popular for providing nutrients to deer and others in the field.





    Nutrition is the key for strong health early

    To give your young animals the best start to their new lives, proper nutrition is a must. These creep feeders are designed to allow them to get those nutrients away from the larger adults in a stress-free environment. Your precious (and expensive!) supplements are protected not only from the hungry mouths of your larger livestock, but also from the elements.

    The time-saving design of dispensing storing a large amount of minerals that are then self-dispensed just to the animals that need it is also a real money saver.

    High-density nutritional supplements can be very expensive and these feeders are designed to protect it from the elements and hungry adults.

    Make sure your animals are well cared for and have early and healthy weight gains so they may become as strong and independent as quickly as possible.

    See our entire selection of creep feeders by clicking here and let us know if you’d like a quote for any of them the shipping rate to your address. Will be happy to email quote for your review.

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