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Easy to use and install Bucket Forks
Easy to use and install Bucket Forks

Barn World, your livestock equipment solution center now offers the extremely versatile bucket forks to add the functionality of a pallet fork to your bucket

These easy to install and remove pallet forks attach quickly to your bucket and are secure with the patented “C-Clamp Pad” design that won’t harm your bucket and creates a more secure fit.  No longer do you need to remove your bucket to get the functionality of the pallet forks.

C-Clamp for easy on and off
C-Clamp for easy on and off
  • No Chains or Binders Needed with our Bucket Forks
  • Exclusive “C-Clamp Pad” design won’t harm your bucket and creates a more secure fit
  • No need to remove or modify your bucket
  • Quickly and easily attaches directly to your existing bucket
  • All of our Bucket Forks are powder coated

We currently offer three types of pallet forks:

Light Duty Pallet Forks -working length of 39″ and load capacity of 1,200 lbs.

  • Great for compact and sub-compact tractors and loaders up to 25HP
  • Move pallets, logs, rail road ties and more!
  • Bucket forks will turn your tractor into a workhorse!
Light Duty Bucket Forks

Medium Duty Pallet Forks – working length of 43″ and a load capacity of 2,400 lbs.

  • Great for compact tractors and loaders from 35HP to 55HP
  • Move pallets, logs, rail road ties and more with our Bucket Forks!
  • Slip in a standard 2×4 as a back stop
Medium Duty Pallet Fork
Medium Duty Pallet Fork

Heavy Duty Pallet Forks – working length of 53″ and a load capacity of 5,000 lbs.

  • Great for tractors, loaders and skid steers up to 55HP and above.
  • Easily lifts up to 5,000 lbs
  • Slip in a standard 2×4 as a back stop with our HD Bucket Forks.
Easily add 2x4's for a backstop
Easily add 2×4’s for a backstop
Heavy Duty Pallet Forks
Heavy Duty Pallet Forks
  • All of our bucket forks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty*

To quickly and easily add the functionality of pallet forks to bucket without the hassle of changing the bucket or the expense of buying another implement, get a pair of bucket pallet forks from Barn World, your livestock equipmentheadquarters.


Cattle Guard Designs and Options

Barn World carries many different types of cattle guards in design and load-ratings.  There is a design for almost any type of project, from residential driveways, highway projects and even for heavier-than-public roadway projects.

Load Ratings

The engineered load-carrying ability of the guards are certified on a ton-per-axle standard; that is, how much weight is on each axle . These engineering standards are set by the AASHTO or American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials show below:

Rated Cattle Guards

Cattle Guard Load Ratings
H-15 (12 tons per axle)
H-20 (16 tons per axle)
U-54 (25 tons per axle)
U-80 (30 tons per axle)


The minimum requirement for public highway projects is the 16 ton per axle rating but as you can see, they can be designed to hold almost double that if needed!

We are usually involved with highway projects and the H-20 rating is the most popular and in high demand however, we get a lot of calls for cattle guard installation for use on private property that don’t require such a high engineered load rating.

Private Use Cattle Guards

We have a design for private use in the round top rail guards for driveways and farm and ranch traffic that can accommodate fully loaded semis.  Although they’re not certified by an engineer’s stamp, we estimate they hold 12 tons per axle which is the same as the flat top rail H-15 load rating.

The best part of this residential design is that it’s much more affordable while still meeting the typical driveway traffic needs of the common farm and ranch.

They are the most economical steel cattle guard category and will provide easy access to your pastures while eliminating the need for gates. You can see the round top rail cattle guards here and the flat top rail cattle guard design here.

cattle guard designs
All of the Standard Guards are made from NEW Schedule 40 steel. All ends of the top rail pipe are capped to prevent rust. Bolt-on wings and boxed cattle guards are available with all sizes and are finished in gray enamel.


Types of Cattle Guards

Although they’re all effective physical livestock barriers, there are some options available for the best fit for your needs. Wings, boxes and the size of pipe should all be considered before selecting what’s right for your use.


This style is designed to sit directly on the ground without concrete footings and it’s an available option on all the round rail designs. What we’ve done is welded a steel skirt to the perimeter to keep dirt from creeping in underneath.  This also allows you to make a dirt ramp on either side to help vehicles cross without it running underneath.  The weight of crossing vehicles is transferred from the top rails to the c-channels below and then directly to the ground.  Unlike a traditional installation, the weight is directed through the full length of the channels rather than just on the ends.

The fixed box design is popular in low traffic or remote areas like cell towers, farms and ranches as well as temporary sites.  In fact a lot of construction companies use them as wash bays or rumble strips for equipment leaving a site. They can also pick them up when done and move on to the next job.

The removable box option makes it convenient to remove the guard without disturbing the surrounding installation area. The boxed section does not carry any of the load, it’s a separate and individual frame the guard sits in and provides no structural support at all.

Fixed Boxed Option

steel skirt welded to perimeter of cattle crossing

Removable Box Option

removable box option on cattle grid

Because they do rest directly on the ground, a few precautions should be noted. A flat ground area is a must as any kind of slope will allow it to ‘walk’ or travel downhill. A lot of customer will bury railroad ties to anchor them and help prevent walking. The issue is drainage. We’d of course recommend a local contractor familiar with the site conditions be consulted and would suggest a bed of crushed gravel be used as well.  This will help drain water away from your crossing and preserve the installation area.



The traditional installation calls for a concrete foundation to anchor to and transfer weight to the ground.  A ‘flat’ style design is mounted to a poured-cement footing in the ground and bolted directly to prevent movement. This permanent installation allows for heavy-duty and high-traffic crossing without concerns of movement or settling. We usually see the rated cattle guards used for these public highway construction projects that require the load ratings that private use designs don’t call for.

Below is a generic foundation diagram for reference.  Please note that every site is different and a qualified professional should be used to ensure a proper, long-lasting installation.

Cattle Guard Foundation Diagram

foundation diagram for grid installation


This is an essential option to prevent your cows from simply walking around your barrier.  The wings allow you to tie the fencing directly to the guard so they can’t step around the connection. If a single fence post is planted next to the middle of the grid, livestock are able to bend around the post and walk next to the side of the steel and go on their merry way!

cattle guard with wings for attaching to a fencline

As you can see from the picture above, the wing takes the vertical structure of the fence and spreads it horizontally to the bottom of the grid. This effectively creates a ‘horizontal fence’ so your animals can’t walk around the guard.


A note on using these barriers for deer.  Believe it or not, deer are much better jumpers than cows! Depending on the type of deer in your area, they can easily clear a 12′ long jump and won’t even think about flying over.  We suggest at least 16′ in the direction of vehicle travel to discourage jumpers.

To get that kind of ‘depth’, we can lay two sections next to each other and bolt them together. We can pre-drill holes upon request so you can just connect them in the field when they’re delivered.  Just remember to check that your fencing is tall enough to keep them out as well!


We’re happy to help help select the proper crossing for your needs. We can forward a quote with shipping directly to your site. Feel free to give us a call anytime at (720) 238-2190 or email See our entire cattle guard selection here and send us an email and we’ll reply with a quote with shipping for your consideration!


A great all around livestock scale is now at Barn World

When looking for a livestock scale, look no further than Barn World.  We carry a large selection of livestock scales that are great as an animal scaleor weighing just about anything.  Specifically the 4-H Multipurpose Livestock Scale System – PS 2000 is great all around animal scalelivestock scale or for just weighing large items up to 2,000 lbs.

The PS2000 is just like the PS1000 except the platform is a little bit larger. It is a 59″x30″ mild steel platform that is pre-calibrated to a digital readout. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries and includes an AC adapter. The maximum weighing capacity on this scale is 2,000 x .1 lb. Optional Indicator Stand Available.

  • Capacity– 2000 lb
  • Accurate– Provides consistent accuracy within 0.1% and comes equipped with an indicator for fast digital read out.
  • Economical to Own– There are no installation costs and no moving parts that require maintenance or adjustment.
  • Low Profile– 2.50″ high
  • Versatile– Accomplishes a multitude of weighing jobs: livestock, pets, feed carts, bulk containers, shipping and receiving.
  • Portable– The PS2000 weighs only 105 lbs. No need for ramps or recessed floors, as this unit comes with ramped ends.
  • 15′ serial cable
  • Call Barn World (720) 238-2190 or visit for all your livestock equipment needs.


    ATV Cattle Guards from Barn World!

    Barn World carries a variety of cattle guards and livestock equipment for your every need and now has an ATV cattle guard.

    front view of an atv on a cattle guard
    It’s made for easy installation. No need to dig a hole – simply cut your fence and lay the cattle guard on the ground.


    • 1-1/2″ x 11″ gauge square tubing!
    • 72″ wide X 91″ long
    • The ramp is 14″ tall at the center
    • Overall width of the guard (including the wings) is 87″
    • Includes a gray enamel finish
    • Shown for two seat, also available for four seat designs too

    Installation Suggestions:

    We do recommend a couple of installation guidelines when placing in a pasture:

    Vegetation: The guard is most effective when it can be readily seen by the animals. While this is a place it and forget it design, keeping the area free and clear of weeds and tall growing grasses ensures it can be sign and not hidden beneath vegetation. If plants are allowed to grow up through the top rails, it can hide the crossing from your livestock and they may think they can trot right through the opening in the fence.

    We’d strongly suggest that the ground that the guard sits on be clear of tall vegetation growth to make sure your animal can see the barrier before walking on it. Most of the time just the sight of the rails will keep them away and you don’t anyone in your herd mistakenly stumbling upon it unknowingly.

    Drainage: The other suggestion is to promote drainage way from the site. The guard is made from steel coated in enamel but leaving it for long periods of time in standing water or muddy conditions can promote rusting.

    Ideally, the site should be able to drain water and allow moisture to move away from the structure. A bed of crushed gravel can help it drain into the ground below and a slight slope will also guide it away from the guard.

    Easy site preparation should include:

    • Selecting a fairly flat area with a slight grade for drainage to the side
    • Creating a layer of gravel to assist with downward (into the ground) drainage
    • Spraying or removing excess weeds
    • Laying a weed control fabric to prevent future growth

    These simple preparation steps will help ensure a long-lasting and extremely effective cattle guard to contain your livestock for years to come.


    The ATV Cattle Guard may be customized for golf carts, four seat ATV’s and other vehicles you may need to cross a fence line.

    The standard design is built for two-place configurations and have an 11″ tall center over the span of 91″ in length. This top rail ramp size is great for the two seat version but may cause bottoming out in the longer four place vehicles.

    The four seat vehicle design requires a longer structure to prevent the extended four seat wheelbase from bottoming out. We can ‘stretch’ the ramp to make it longer to prevent the high point from centering an extended machine on top of the guard.

    Pictures of the ATV Cattle Guard

    atv crossing over a cattle guard atv sitting on top of the atv cattle guard
    side view of the atv on a cattle guard

    Barn World still has all the cattle guards necessary for any road project and now carries this simple and easily installed ATV Cattle Guard too.

    If you’d like a quote with shipping to your site, please let us know and we’ll be happy to forward one for your review.

    Call or email Barn World today at or (720) 238-2190 to place an order for this simple standalone and very effective cattle guard today!



    Tack Organizers at Barn World – get your tack room organized today!

    It’s time to organize your tack room!

    Have you put off the cleaning your tack room desperately needs?  You can easily get organized with the great tack products from Barn World.

    You can do it all with the complete tack rack made from 14 gauge 2″ square steel tubing.  This incredibly versatile rack holds:

  • 10 pads or blankets
  • 10 headstalls or reins
  • AND 6 saddles
  • Or try the Space Saver tack room organizer.  This organizer takes up minimal space while holding all of you tack:

  • 10 pads or blankets
  • 4 headstalls/halters or reins
  • 4 saddles
  • Takes up minimal space!
  • We also carry a wide selection of saddle racks for getting your saddles off the floor or shelves and keep them from getting marked up while mixed up with your other tack.   We even have a selection of the popular adjustable saddle rack!

    Too many bridles getting tangled up and marked up while shuffled around in your tack room?  Try keeping them neat and organized with our bridle racks.

    For saddle blankets, we offer saddle blanket racks.  The saddle blanket rack and saddle pad rack offer many options for organizing your tack room.

    For all of your tack room organizing needs, Barn World can help.  Visit our  website at today to view our wide selection of tack roomfarm and ranch supplies, and livestock supplies.


    Livestock waterers from Barn World – waterers for all your livestock

    Livestock waterers are important for keeping your animals for health and weight gain.   Barn World has a wide selection of livestock waters for all you animal waterer needs.

    BIGspring - ENERGY FREE WATERER - 60 Gallon with heat
    BIGspring – ENERGY FREE WATERER – 60 Gallon with heat

    The large 60 gallon Big Spring Waterer is a constant-flow watering system ideally suited for free-stall dairy operations and large feedlots. If you raise beef or dairy cows, the BIGspring model is perfect to fit your needs.

    LilSpring WATERER - Double-Sided 6 GAL (with heat in GREEN)
    LilSpring WATERER – Double-Sided 6 GAL (with heat in GREEN)

    Smaller waterers in the Lil Spring waterer models are ideal for small animals or groups of small animals — such as goats, llamas, ponies, horses, and many others. Lil’Spring models can accomodate multiple pens by installing them in a split-fence application.   We offer them as single or double sided waterer.

    MiraFount - ENERGY FREE WATERER - 4 HOLE Removable
    MiraFount – ENERGY FREE WATERER – 4 HOLE Removable

    Our Energy-Free Waterers:

    E-Founts are the most economical electric heat waterers available today. The E-Fount is equipped with a 50 watt heat element and thermostat. E-Founts only require 4 kilowatts of electricity during a week of -25 degree F temperatures. This model is ideally suited to operations with just a few animals drinking infrequently or if extreme cold weather conditions are persistent.

    We also offer the MiraFount models which are patterned after their first energy-free livestock watering systems, built more than 30 years ago. These small. medium and large capacity watering systems are ideal for beef operations, dairy herds and other livestock.

    Hog and Pig Waterers
    Hog and Pig Waterers

    Hog Waterers

    We also have utility Hog Waterers in 80 and 35 gallon sizes.  The hog waterer is:

  • Made of 100% non-porous polyethylene – will not rust, rot or corrode.
  • Confinement pen acids have no effect – waterers last and last.
  • Quick and easy cleaning – no pans or shields to remove from drinker trough.
  • Big hogs drink with ease from 18” wide x 17” high x 9 fl” deep drinkers.
  • Trough height from floor is 6”, so little pigs drink easily.
  • No cracks, corners or crevices to collect sediment or bacteria.
  • Each drinker has a drain plug, so washing and flushing is fast, simple and complete.
  • One dependable float and valve handles both drinkers.
  • Heavy steel-plated chew guard protects trough lip.
  • Gallon capacity calibrations molded into tank wall.
  • Float and valve completely protected from hogs.
  • Remember to keep your animals healthy with a animal waterer from Barn World.  Visit for all your livestock equipment needs.


    Poly round horse hay feeder for safety

    Poly Round Horse Hay Feeder from Barn World

    Feeding your livestock and horses shouldn’t be a difficult chore.  With this poly hay feeder for horses, even feeding round bales is a breeze. No longer are horse hay feeders bulky and difficult to manage and this one won’t rust while sitting oustide year-round in your pasture!  Try the new round poly horse hay feeder from Barn World.

    horse stall hay feeder two horses eating from a plastic hay feeder

    This feeder is easy to assemble, and move around a pasture and is extremely durable. It may be used in a stall or outdoors with full-round bales.  It’s made from Recycled Materials and a UV-Resistant Inhibitor applied directly to the resin when molded.  It is specifically designed for horse safety and includes overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners to prevent sharp edges and eliminate leg cuts.

    rolling a horse hay feeder in a pasture woman lowering a poly horse hay feeder over a round hay bale

    At 80 lbs, it’s easy to assemble and move to where it’s needed.

    The poly round horse hay feeder is much more convenient than the traditional metal feeders:

    • Specifically designed for horse safety with overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners.
    • Ideal for small ponies and colts.
    • Easy to assemble and handle.
    • Environmentally friendly.
    • Made of recycled materials with UV-resistant resin.
    • Lightweight. Only weighs 80 lbs!
    • Call for quantity discounts
    • 4 pieces – 2” width x 35” high x 7’ diameter
    • One-year manufacturer’s warranty on material and workmanship.
    • Visit BarnWorld today to view our large selection of hay feeders at
    • Call us anytime (720) 238-2190

    Animal Scales!

    Barn World carries many livestock scales and is featuring our hog scales and sheep scales to make it easy to track the progress your animals make. These scales are extremely durable and are built to last under heavy-duty use.

    These two are the small animal scales available in a 500 and 1,000 pound capacity. Both include the aluminum 18″ x 55″  platform making it easy to weigh almost anything!

    animal scale with a donkey standing on it  cow standing on an animal platform scale

    Scale Details

    Both of these scales include all of the following to make weighing and tracking your animal’s health as easy as possible. Just step on and read the display!


    • Indicator is stainless steel
    • Rechargeable batter
    • AC Adapter is a powder supply and a used to recharge the battery
    • Warranty is for a full year
    • Load capacities: 500 and 1,000 pounds!
    • Accuracy is to within 0.5% and is comes with “motion control” software.
    • The platform has a lower profile to ensure small animals can easily use
    • The load cells are stainless steel, hermetically sealed
    • Digital indicator is battery powdered
    • Virtually no maintenance cost, and economical replacement parts are readily available.

    Call Barn World today at (720) 238-2190 or visit to order yours and view all of our livestock equipment!


    Campfire Rings – outdoor fire rings from Barn World

    Campfire Firering
    Campfire Fire Ring

    Visit Barn World to see our latest addition:  outdoor campfire rings!

    Barn World has just added a fun product to it’s farm and ranch supply website.  The new campfire rings make it easy to add a campfire.

    Fire rings are ideal for camps and campgrounds near cabins, in backyards almost anywhere.  There is no hardware needed to install, just toss on the ground, build your fire an enjoy.  It easily dismantles into two pieces for easy transportation and storage and includes a great steel poker.

    At 36″ in diameter and 10″ high, it’s the perfect size for any camp fire.  This sturdy ring is made from 12-gauge steel and may be personalized with any two characters!

    For outdoor fire rings, these are the most decorate and highest quality for any outdoor fire.  You may choose from two designs:  The Deer, Pine and Oak campfire ring design, or the Moose and Tree fire ring.  We also offer the option to personalize your fire ring with your initials or any two characters you desire.

    These fire ring also make a great unique gift that may be personalized for anyone on your list.

    Be sure to visit for all of our livestock supplies and cattle guards too!


    Bale Spears and Pallet Forks for your tractor bucket

    Barn World now offers hay bale spears!

    Barn World has quick attach round bale spears and square bale spears. The patented quick attachment allows you to turn your tractor into a hay bale spear work horse. The great spears clamp on like our great bucket forks do and are just as strong!

    The round hay bale spear

    has a 2,000 pound lifting capacity and only weighs 125 lbs.

    • Length: 54″
    • Width: 28″
    • Height: 20″
    • Length of spear: 33″with our HD Bucket Forks.

    round bale spear

    The square bale spear

    has a 2,000 Lifting Capacity and weighs 148 lbs.

    • Length: 54″
    • Width: 40″
    • Height: 9.5″
    • Length of spear: 33″

    square bale spear
    To get the most out of your tractor and handle hay bales with ease, choose the hay bale spears from Barn World.

    Call today (720) 238-2190 or visit for bale spears and all your livestock equipment needs.