Livestock Scale Weigh Bars Make Great Chute Scales!

Barn World carries a large selection of livestock scales and powerful chute scale weigh bars too!

Weigh Bars

chute scale weigh bars

This weigh bar is constructed from carbon steel and finished with a high grade epoxy paint.   The digital weight indicator is for the weigh bar is made from stainless steel NEMA 4X.


  • Weight sensors: Two loaded cells per weight bar (each load cell 50 ohm)
  • Load Feet: 2 per bar, 3″ high capacity
  • Load cell Output: 3mV/V
  • Overload protection: 200%
  • End loading: 100%
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 104 degrees F (-10 to 40 degrees C)
  • Interface Cable: 25ft cable included
  • Two load cell summing boxes

Barn World carries the weigh bar with your choice of 33″ or 40″ lengths and an optional scale platform. Make a wide open animal platform scale and see all of our animal scales online.

livestock scale platform

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Heavy Duty Hay Feeder for Bulls

You need to control your hay costs and make sure your feeders are tough and long lasting to maximize your profits . This heavy duty hay feeder is made to do both with ease.

hay feeder for bulls

Controlling Hay Costs

A hay feeder’s primary responsibility is to dispense hay with a little waste as possible. A feeder that allows expensive hay to blow away or be scattered and trampled is worthless.

This feeder has a hay skirt around the entire perimeter to keep any fallen hay inside the feeder. This means it’ll stay where it can be eaten and not be trampled into the dirt or mud around the feeder itself.

Heavy Duty Design

Making an investment in a feeder should be easy and your best weapon in controlling costs. Sure keeping hay inside the feeder is paramount, but a feeder that lasts is extremely important as well.

Open top Feeding stations

Cattle tend to keep their heads inside a feeder when the surrounding stanchions are open above their heads. It’s been discovered that a top ring will encourage animals to pull the hay off the bale and out of the feeder before eating eat.  The open area above them promotes consumption inside the feeder and the reason for the tombstone design.

The uprights create a 20.5″ wide feeding station and are made with 16 gauge steel. The square tubing is 1010 carbon in 1.5″ x 2.5″ SQUARE TUBING.  This adds extra strength and makes a total of 12 stations around the perimeter.

large heavy duty cattle hay feeder with a bale inside

Mud Legs

The feeder is 427 pounds and comes with extend rail legs to keep it out mud. The elevation keeps the steel away from any moisture or mud in the ground and extends the life of the feeder. All of the steel is powder coated for even more protection!


The overall height of the feeder is a tall 58″. The bottom has a large 9′ 8″ diameter and tapers to near 8′ at the top. This helps keep your bale upright and secure while it’s being consumed.

The hay-saving skirt is make with 16 gauge steel and measures 18″ tall. It’s built to keep the loose hay inside where it can be eaten even after it falls.

There are no sharp edges for your animals to scratch their necks or manes.

Video Review of the Hay Feeder

The unique three-piece, bolt together design allows the feeder to be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 States.

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A Pig Feeder to minimize waste and maximize profits

A quality pig feeder will help manage your feed costs and overall profitability. The Osborne folks have been in the industry for decades and offer top-notch feeders for every stage of growth.

many pigs eating from indoor pig feeders

Pig Feeders Save Money

Feed is one of the high cost items when raising any animal and it’s no different with pigs. Minimizing food waste can have a very positive and dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Osborne Industries has a full line of feeders designed to consistently have feed available without allowing play waste to occur. A trough full of food that just waits to be eaten will quickly wind up lost on the floor. You don’t want it scattered around the barn when the pigs start playing.

An on-demand feeder is one designed to only dispense feed when called for by the animal. It eliminates standing trough feed but always provides it when asked for.

On-demand Feeding

All of Osborne’s feeders include the on-demand only feeding feature that saves money and increases profits. They have designed a paddle sweep that must be moved before anything is released. When the pig noses the paddle left or right, it moves the feeder paddle to the side and grain will be dispensed. If the paddle’s not moved, the feed stays inside.

The side motion of paddles also helps clean the trough. On the bottom and ends of each arm, a flexible paddle is installed. It acts as a spatula and cleans as it rotates through the trough. Your pigs will be cleaning their own feed trough!

Convertible Pig Feeder

Osborne does offer a gravity fed feeder that converts to on-demand automatically.  When pigs are very small, they may not be able to turn the rotating feeder bars. This new design allows the feed to flow through without the use of the paddles. It’s strictly done with gravity.

automatic pig feeder display

Once they get older and larger, they will start moving the paddles. As the arms are turned a complete revolution through the trough area, the feeder will automatically close the gravity chutes and engage the on-demand feature. The food saving start as soon as the pig are ready and by the pigs themselves!


Pig Feeder Video

Feeding Stations Promote Consumption and Weight Gains

It’s been demonstrated the pigs will spend more time eating and eat more when they are in a stress-free environment. The Osborne feeders promote a non-competitive area for pigs to eat.

Each feeder has designated feeding stations that allow animals to stand right next to each other without promoting aggression or competition for food. There are steel bars that create structural support for the center holding section that also divide the trough into individual stations. This creates a secure place to eat without another animal butting in. The security and defined areas reduce stress and lead to more consumption and thus larger weight gains.

The feeding stations are in a round configuration to maximize the number of pigs that can access the trough at one time. Their shoulders won’t come into contact as their heads are close together but their rear-ends are not.


Pig Feeder Eating Stations

pig feeder eating stations



The feeders are all made from polyethylene that is impervious to rust, corrosion or feed area acids. They’re built to handle high and rambunctious activity levels that can be seen in growing operations.

The steel support members are powder-coated for extra toughness and longevity. It’s built for use in high volume operations.

If you ever need a part for any of the Osborne feeders, they can be ordered separately. That really helps when you don’t have to incurring the cost of replacing an entire feeder.

Indoor Pig Feeder

pigs eating from a pig feeder

Please take a look at all the pig feeders and select the one that best fits the size of your operation. They go all the way up to 15 bushels and available for hogs in the Outdoor Hog Feeder section of our website.

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Mineral Feeders to your Livestock Healthy

Barn World offers a large selection of mineral feeders and one of the most popular is the Upright Mineral Feeder from Tarter. This cattle supplement feeder is overbuilt and will take years of abuse from the elements and your largest livestock out in the field.

Below is a picture of a feeder with the optional face fly kit installed.

cow eating from a mineral feeder

Benefits of Mineral Feeders


Your livestock need precious supplements year-round. These nutritional feeds can help maintain overall health and promote healthy weight gains at the same time. When natural grass or hay is scarce, this feeder will make sure your animals have the necessary nutrients.

The optional Face Fly Control Kit offers relief from annoying, disease carrying pests. As your animals go into to eat the minerals, their face comes into contact with the hanging mop. It spreads your pest control product from the tip tank, onto the mop and covers the face of your animals.

face fly kit for the upright mineral feeder

It’s a simple and effective means of helping to prevent common problems like pink eye and other contagions that can be carried by flies.


This feeder is made with a very heavy-duty, 2″ round pipe frame. It’s literally one of the heaviest on the market today. All of the metal is covered in a powder-coat red finish for extra toughness and longevity.


The incredibly wide base creates a 48″ wide foot print to prevent tipping. The very low center of gravity further enhances the overall stability. You don’t want your cattle to be able to tip over the feeder so it’s design as low and wide as is practical.

There are two stand designs to choose from. Both the square base and the skid configuration provide strong vertical support. The skids allow for easy movement to new locations and pastures where it’s needed.

mineral feeder on skid base  mineral feeder on square base

The feeder also includes a rotating poly hood that moves on a heavy duty sealed bearing. The hood can turn 360 degrees and will keep it’s back to the wind when it blows. The rotating cover has an overhang that will protect your precious minerals from the rain as well.


  • 13 gallon capacity inside the tub of the hood
  • The hood opening measures 28″ x 24″
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Wide base for extreme stability is 48″ square
  • Overall height is 56 inches
  • Hood turn 360 degrees on a heavy duty sealed bearing
  • Weighs approximately 76 pounds

Mineral Feeder Video Review

Make sure your livestock have access to the minerals they require for healthy weight gains with the heavy duty Tarter Upright Mineral Feeder.

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Small Grain Bins for all kinds of storage

Small grain bins can be used to store and manage not only feed, but all types of loose material that’s used around your farm, ranch or even your home. They’re handy for storing and distributing smaller amounts of feed, pellets or corn used for heating your house and really distributing any loose material.

small grain bin

Although we carry and distribute a lot of the larger metal grain bins, sometime you just don’t need that much capacity or have room for that kind of storage. This smaller bin is much more manageable, is easy to assemble and will easily dispense into buckets with the included manual slide valve.

Small Feed Bin Uses and Benefits

The bin is ideal for a lot of different loose material storage and dispensing. Below are benefit and uses for this smaller bin size.

  • Variety of storage possibilities – corn, heating pellets, animal feed bulk seed or any bulk material really.\bulk seed or anything you need
  • Pellet burning stoves require corn or pellet storage and this bin is perfect for it.
  • Small feed bin for smaller feeding and storage requirements.
  • Range cube storage – great for large cubes that are 3/4″ round and 2″ long
  • Capacities include 40 bushel (2,240 pounds) and 65 bushel (3,640 pounds)
  • Keeps material or feed protected from moisture, elements and bugs.
  • Feed bin is constructed of galvanized steel
  • Load feed through the lid on top of bin


The bin is available in both and 65 bushel capacity. The diameters are the same for both at five feet but the larger bin is two feet taller at 10′ overall. It weighs approximately 114 pounds more and uses the same poly boot and slide valve for manual dispensing.

Below is a diagram of the assembled 65 bushel bin that is really the 40 bushel with an extra horizontal ring added to it.

mini feed bin diagram

Small Grain Bin Specifications

Below are the dimensions and capacities for each size bin. Note the diameters are the same, it’s just the overall height that increase to provide room for the additional capacity.

small grain bin specifications

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Bucket Pallet Forks from Barn World

Pallet forks quickly attach to your bucket and allow you to use your tractor or skid-steer to make short work of tedious and manually exhausting laborious projects. The patented c-clamp design will add all kinds of implements.

They’re available as clamp-on debris forks, pallet forks and even hay bale spears to cover almost any outdoor project.

bucket debris fork  pallet forks on tractor bucket  clamp on hay spear for tractor buckets

Quick Bucket Attachment Features

One of the nicest feature of any of the above bucket implements is the ability to quickly attach them to your existing equipment. The quick clamp design allows you to ad them without removing your bucket.  They’re also designed to prevent scratch and denting. They spread the weight of the load over a larger area than typical clamps and even have extra support beneath for heavier jobs.

Bucket forks quickly attach to your bucket and allow you to use your tractor or skid-steer to make short work of tedious and manually exhausting laborious projects. They’ll attach to your bucket and allow you to use your tractor or skid-steer to make short work of tedious and manually exhausting laborious projects.

The C-Clamp and pad design provides a secure fit without damaging your bucket. Below is a diagram of how simple and easy it is to use.

c clamp bucket attachment diagram

Benefits of the Quick Attach Bucket Design

  • You won’t need chains or binders
  • The clamp design protects your bucket
  • The C-Clamp provides an incredibly secure fit
  • You can use any of the implements with your existing bucket
  • You don’t need to remove your bucket to attach
  • The Pallet forks are powder-coated!

Pallet Forks

One of the most common attachments is the pallet fork. We have light, medium and heavy-duty options available depending on your needs.

Light Duty Pallet Forks

The clamp on pallet forks are designed for all types of general use. They have a working length of 39″ and will carry maximum loads of 1,200 pounds. Use these quick attach implements to move pallets, railroad ties, fallen trees and pretty much anything around your ranch.

pallet forks clamped on to a tractor bucket
Light Duty Bucket Forks

Medium Duty Clamp on Pallet Forks

 Pallet Forks – working length of 43″ and a load capacity of 2,400 lbs.

These quick attach forks are a bit large than the light-duty and will carry twice the load of 2,400 pounds. Built for loaders and tractor of 35 – 55 horse power, they have a generous working length of 43″.

They also include welded vertical holders for wood 2 x 4s as a back stop on each fork to keep your loads out of the bucket.

Medium Duty Pallet Forks Clamped onto a Tractor Bucket
Medium Duty Pallet Fork

Heavy Duty Pallet Forks

These large forks allow you to use 53″ of length. They use the same quick attach c-clamp and can carry an enormous 5,000 lbs!

They’re built for buckets powered with 55 horses or more and include the welded on backstop support for 2 x 4s on each fork.

Heavy Duty Pallet Forks with 2 x 4 Backstop

heavy duty clamp on pallet forks lifting a pallet

All of our bucket forks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty*

All of the forks come with a manufacturer’ limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind!

With the quick attach c-clamp design to protect your bucket, you can quickly add the functionality of forks to your current equipment. There’s no need to switch it out and the increase usage will really keep your labor to a minimum!

Let us know if you have any questions, would like quote or if we can help with anything at all and we’ll be glad to do so!

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Handmade Cinches for all Riding Disciplines!

Barn World carries cinches for all types and styles of riding.  Whether cutting or roping, there’s a cinch that will offer the best fit, comfort and performance for your type of riding.

Cinch Chart Styles and Designs

These cinches are all handmade to order with all-natural, 100% Mohair and are made right here in the USA!  Choose your riding discipline, the design and fill it in with any style you like.

Cinch Cord

The best material for cinch comfort and performance is mohair. These use an 8-ply, 100 % virgin mohair cord. They are individually laced by hand onto the buckles and hardware for the best in fit.


Top quality mohair calls for top-of-the-line hardware. It is made by Bork Saddle Hardware Company, which creates the best buckles in the business. They offer traditional round and now flat buckles that keep your horse’s skin from ‘rolling over’ and possible pinching in the buckle.

Available in tumbled or polished, any selection you make when designing your cinch will result the best saddle security you can buy. Below are pictures of the available bucket styles in bronze, brass and stainless steel.

Cinch Buckle Styles

These great mohair cinches are available for the following riding styles:

Take a look at all the cinches, breast collars, shu-flys and even top-of-the line saddle pads at Barn World today!


Creep feeders for all your livestock

Creep feeders are essential for increasing weight gain and making sure your animals get the supplements and nutrition they need.

Goat Creep Feeders

goat creep feeder

Creep feeding is a means of providing supplemental feed for nursing kids. It is an essential component of an accelerated kidding and/or early weaning management program. It increases pre-weaning weight gain, especially for kids reared as a twin or triplet. Kids will reach a target market weight and can be marketed at a younger age.   All Barn World goat creep feeders are built with a covered shelter to keep feed dry.

Calf Creep Feeder
Creep feeding helps get your calves ready for market sooner in high quality condition. Creep feeding also assures less strain on your brood stock. Healthy brood stock means better quality calves year after year. All calf creep feeders come standard with a gray enamel finish.

calf creep feeder

Deer Creep Feeder


Nutrition is the key to successful wildlife and game management. And nothing is more important than protein. Protein is absolutely essential to the health of your entire herd and to the potential for trophy bucks. Whitetail deer need protein all year round, especially after the rut and during the critical 200-day antler-growing period.  This is where a deer creep feeder is especially important. Protein feeding is the ideal complement to natural forage.

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Poly Grain Bins Have Some Advantages over Metal Bins

Poly Bulk Grain Bins have a lot of advantages over the traditional metal grain bin designs. Consider a poly den when making your next purchase decision.

metal grain bins  large poly grain bin

Bulk grain storage is a necessity when working with large quantities of feed. Traditional metal grain bins been around for decades and are traditionally thought of as the standard in the industry. New polyethylene materials have made the plastic grain bin design a stout competitor to metal.

Benefits of a Poly Grain Bin

Large poly grain bins are a great choice for handling high moisture materials such as soybeans and corn. The high density polyethylene is translucent so unlike its metal counterpart, you may see the levels remaining in the bin at a quick glance.

The walls are created with a UV treated, high density material that is 3/16 inches thick. It will never corrode and is impervious to rusting you can expect long life out of these bins.

The simple assembly is also major improvement over the metal grain bin design. Typically, the metal bins are made up of corrugated sheets of steel that require many nuts and bolts to assemble. This poly design includes one upper and lower section that bolt together in the middle. It’s like putting one ice cream cone on top of another and makes assembly quick and easy.

Assembled Grain Bin

assembled grain bin with section identification  assembled poly grain bin

This design also creates a smooth interior wall all the way to the hopper which helps reduce bridging. The lack of bolts coming through to the interior of the bin eliminates any flow issues.

Grain Bin Options

These large bins are of course available with an optional auger system is a mechanical means of unloading is required. The auger attaches to a collar and unloading boot just like the metal bins. Auger lengths go all the way up to 6 inches in diameter and a maximum of 21 feet in length.

They come standard with a ladder, a ground operated bin lid and the choice of manual slide valves if desired.

When buying a new, take a look at our poly grain bins and let us know if we can put together a quote for your review.  720.238.2190



A Poly Horse Feeder Has Advantages over Metal Feeders

A Poly Round Horse Hay Feeder from Barn World

Feeding your livestock and horses shouldn’t be a difficult chore. With the plastic horse hay feeder, even feeding round bales in this hay feeder is a breeze.  No longer are horse hay feeders bulky and difficult to manage. Don’t put up with a rusting hulk of a feeder in your pasture!

See the new round poly horse hay feeder at Barn World (click here).

Corner Stall or Pasture Pictures
poly hay feeder in the corner of the horse stall poly round hay feeder in the pasture with two horses

The new round poly horse hay feeder is easy to assemble, move around a pasture and is extremely durable.  It may be used in a stall or outdoors for full round bales.    The hay feeder is made from Recycled Materials with UV Resistant Resin and is specifically designed for horse safety with overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners.

a single person moving the round hay feeder lowering the hay feeder over a bale of hay

At 80 lbs, it’s easy to assemble and move and is much more convenient than the traditional metal feeders.

Benefits of a poly hay feeder over metal feeders

    • Specifically designed for horse safety with overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners.
    • Ideal for small ponies and colts.
    • Easy to assemble and handle.
    • Environmentally friendly.
    • Made of recycled materials with UV resistant resin.
    • Lightweight. Only weights 80 lbs!
    • Call for quantity discounts
    • 4 pieces – 2” width x 35” high x 7’ diameter
    • One year manufacturer’s warranty on material and workmanship.

Visit Barn World to view our large selection of horse hay feeders!  Please call or email for a quote with shipping today.  (720) 238-2190.