Concrete Cattle Guard Form is Reusable!

Cattle guards are tremendous time savers and provide peace of mind as well. They allow you to pass through a fence line without having to stop and open a gate. The reusable forms allow you to pour as many as you like!

The trouble with gates

Gates offer the unwanted excitement of fighting off cattle trying to sneak out while you try and dive through. Once through, you have to stop yet again and close the gate behind you. Not exactly convenient when you’re moving hay and the entire herd is just waiting for you to open the gate. It’s not ideal in the rain or snow either.

The gate also doesn’t offer peace of mind when allowing access to others. You have to hope that anyone that enters your property remembers to close the gate behind them or your livestock will be out exploring the town!

The ability to just drive over a cattle guard without stopping while keeping your animals contained has made them extremely popular on farms and ranches throughout the US. A newer economical design that has some advantages over steel is the concrete cattle guard.

Concrete Cattle Guard Forms

Concrete guards have some advantages over steel and the newest product, the form itself, allows you to make as many as you like. The finished dimensions are approximately 6′ L x 21.5″ W for a single pour.

cement cattle guard form


The forms make a finished HS20-Rated (16 tons per axle) livestock barrier. The gaps measure  5″ between the top beams and get more narrow in width as they go to the bottom. As shown in the picture below, there is an actual bottom to prevent hoof entrapment. This is a huge advantage over a traditional steel guard with a vault that allows the animal’s hoof to slide between the bars. This exposes their fragile legs to breakage when they struggle to get out.

concrete cattle guard dimensions

Make your own cattle guard

Another advantage over steel is cost. There are saving on not only the materials but the shipping as well. When you order the form, you only pay for the shipping of the lightweight poly form itself.  When you have a steel cattle guard delivered, its weight is over 1,000 pounds, and when coupled with the large finished dimension, you can get quite a bill. Making your own can save a lot of money and it’s not hard to do.

First, you’ll want to apply a release agent to the inside of the form. This helps remove the finished guard from the form itself. You can use plain old vegetable oil or any kind of silicone agent.

Next, set the form on level ground and install the rebar into the pre-cast slots. You’ll need (12) of the 80-pound bags of 4,000 psi cement to fill the form.

cattle guard forms filled with cement

After it cures (3-4 days), you’ll remove the form and be able to reuse it again. This durable form allows you to make as many as you like for all your entrances.

cement cattle guards ready to install

They’re easy to set in place for immediate use. We’d recommend setting them on crushed gravel for proper site drainage.

Concrete Cattle Guard Form Specifications

  • Weight of the Form: 75 pounds
  • Finished Dimensions: 6′ long by 21.5″ wide
  • Load Rating: HS-20 – 16 tons per axle
  • Requires 12 bags of 80 pound, 4,000 psi mix
  • Each pour is approximately 1/2 yard of cement
  • Requires 1/2″ re-bar

Take a look at this economical form that can be re-used to make as many crossings as you like.

If you have any questions, or if there’s anything we can help with, please let us know.

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Bucket Forks for clearing debris

Clamping a debris fork onto your tractor bucket and turn it into a real workhorse.The exclusive C clamp with pad won’t hurt your bucket and creates a quick and secure attachment. There is no need to remove the bucket, it clamps directly on and spreads out the force. These clamp on bucket forks make quick work of laborious jobs around the farm and ranch.

C-Clamp Design for the bucket forks

The unique “C-Clamp Pad” is the key to providing a secure fit without damaging your bucket.  A lot of other products out there have a clamp design but they put too much pressure in one place. If all the force your bucket is carrying is focused on one small area, it can ruin your bucket.

This design lays flat on the surface and distributes the clamp pressure over a larger surface area.The long extensions that slide under the bucket also help distribute the weight more evenly.

bucket fork attachment instructions

Video of the Bucket Forks: Clamp and Forks in Use

The following video demonstrates the difference between the C client used with these debris fork and the competitors. Notice the damage that’s created when all the pressure concentrated on one part of the bucket. The c-clamp and under-structure helps spread and distribute the weight to avoid damage to your bucket.


These versatile debris forks are available in 7, 9 or 13 spear configurations as detailed below.

7 Spear Debris Fork

This work will make quick work of your toughest jobs. As with the other design, all you need to do is clamp it on to your bucket and go to work. The spears securely attach with a linchpin and won’t go anywhere.

Picture of the seven spear bucket fork
bucket fork with seven spears for clearing debris
Diagram of 13 spear bucket fork, same as 7 but more spears
      bucket fork dimensions and diagram


Vertical Backstop Mounts

Each one of the spears have a diameter of 1.14 inches and is available in 24″ or 34″  WORKING lengths. The frame has vertical 2″ x 4″ mounts to hold the wood (not included) upright to prevent sliding into the bucket. This is extremely useful when you are carrying things that you don’t want to enter the bucket area.

bucket fork with 7 spears for removing debris


These sturdy forks have a lifting capacity of 1,000 pounds and the complete set up only weighs 170 pounds. The overall width of the fork assembly is 60 inches and it is a slender 4 inches tall. The spears are available in either 24 inch or 34 inch lengths. That’s the working length, the area exposed for use.


13 Spear Bucket Fork

This clamp on bucket fork is the same versatile design as the 7 spear but is made to accommodate the extra spears. The lifting capacity is greater at 1,500 pounds and the total overall weight is 230 lbs.

clamp on bucket fork with 13 spears on a tractor


  • Carrying Capacity 1,500 pounds
  • Overall weight: 230 lbs
  • Width: 60″ / Height: 4″
  • Available Spear Length: 24″ or 34″
  • 11.25″ Under Bucket Support
  • Includes 13 Spears



These are high quality attachments that really boost the usefulness of your tractor.

C-Clamp Design:  These versatile quick attach bucket forks come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty* from the manufacturer.  The quick attach c-clamp design means no binders or chains are needed to make a secure connection. The clamp design doesn’t harm your bucket like others and creates a stronger fit.

There’s no need to modify or remove your bucket to being using the forks.

Powder coating: For extra longevity, they are powder coated and designed to be used for years.

Machine Threading: The clamp bolts are machine threaded for a stronger, tight and more secure hold.

For an inexpensive, high-quality clamp on bucket forks, look no further that these patented quick attach bucket forks at Barn World. If you’d like a quote with shipping, be sure to call or email us at and we’ll be happy to help!




Range Cube Feeders for Cattle

Feeding a herd of cattle in pasture can be a time consuming task. Maintaining a feeding system into troughs can be manually challenging. The simplest and safest means of feeding is to lay it directly on the ground. That’s what the Range Cube Feeder is designed for.

Pasture Feeding

Feeding in the pasture, directly on the ground, is the absolute easiest method for getting food to your livestock. It’s not as simple as it sounds and it does come with risks and logistical issues.

Laying down grain can risky. If you’re not in a vehicle, you are exposing yourself to being rushed by your cattle. Overeager to eat, they can inadvertently trample anything between them and the food, even yourself.

The safest method of getting the grain to your livestock is from the safety and comfort of a vehicle and that’s what the Range Cube Feeder is designed for.

cattle cube feeder for the pasture or open range

Range Cube Feeder Design

Hastings has built a cattle feeder that mounts to the back of a light truck. It allows you to dispense your feed from the safety and comfort of the cab of your truck.

The feed bin is welded with angle iron for heavy-duty support throughout. The 18 gauge galvanized steel construction will fend off moisture and rusting. The lid protects the large fill opening that measures 16″ x 33″ for quick filling.

cattle cube feeder lid

The feeder mounts to the back of a flatbed truck and will dispense almost anything. The dispenser opening measures 10″ wide and 5″ tall to accommodate most cubes, wafers and pellets.

The large 36″ L x 35″ W x 36″ H feeder holds 500 pounds at a time and makes short work of dispensing. Once full, drive out to your pasture and begin your feed line.

The spring loaded vertical feed chute door controls the feed flow. A control rope runs from the pulley on the top of the door the cab of your truck. To being releasing feed, pull the rope to the flow rate you desire. The feed will flow down the chute and onto the ground for consumption.

Feeder Diagram

cattle cube feeder rope and pulley diagram

The feeder comes with a straight chute that dispenses off the back center of the truck. It measures 10″ W x 24″ L.

There is an optional off-set chute available if you’d like to release into a tire track. The offset chute has a 6″ adjustment to move the dispensing point to the side. This is extremely useful if feeding in the snow. The truck tire track creates a natural trough in the ground after it compresses the snow. This makes it easy for livestock to access and eat.

Range Cube Feeder Specifications

    • 500 pound capacity
    • Overall Dimension: 36″ L x 35″ W x 36″ H
    • Chute Opening: 10″ W x 5″ Tall
    • Total Weight: 120 pounds
    • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-year on workmanship and defects

This simple gravity fed feeder mounts quickly to your flatbed and allows you safely and conveniently drop feed for cattle in the pasture. The driver feed-control allows you to dispense from the safety of vehicle. This range feeder keeps you and your animals safe. It’s not worth the risk of feeding from the ground and is much more efficient too!

If you have any questions or would like a quote with shipping directly to your ranch, please email or call us anytime at (720) 238-2190.


Sheepskin Saddle Pads

Sheepskin saddle pads offer a natural pad fabric that provides superior protection and comfort for you and your horse. The small individual fibers create a cushion of comfort. Each one acting as a tiny spring that alleviates pressure points and potential friction. They also wick away moisture and keep your horse comfortable and cool.

full length saddle pad with a pommel roll and partial lining

These full length saddle pads are great for your confidence and can give a competitive edge. These pads are designed and used for packing, barrel racing and Western riding.

Sheepskin Saddle Pads

These elite equine pads are made with full and partial lining  designs for your type of riding. They’re great for the training ring as well as for use in competition events. The sheepskin itself is one inch thick Australian Merino. One inch thick, high quality sheepskin makes for an extremely plush lining. The thick lining creates a fantastic cushion for long distance rides and great performance.

These pads are available with cantle and pommel rolls if desired for saddle security.  For a complete look, you may even select a fully rolled edge as well. Even the most demanding ride won’t be able to move your pad out of place. There won’t be slipping of the saddle and you’ll look great too!

The saddle blanket and pad contours to the shape of the back of your horse.

Cleaning your Saddle Pad

Sheepskin is a resilient material that can be easily cleaned and ready for use quickly. To effectively clean, simply wash with a mild detergent and cold water. To dry, squeeze without twisting and lay out in the sun or on a flat surface. For faster drying, you can use the spin cycle on your washing machine.

Be sure you don’t wash in your washing machine as the agitator may distort the quilting or agitate the sheepskin itself.

Once dry, take a light brush and fluff to restore the resiliency of the sheepskin. This reestablishes the cushioning and wicking abilities of the pad.

Styles and Options

The full-length sheepskin saddle pads are available with front, real and full rolls. They are made with full or partial linings as shown below. The cuts are available for Dressage and Contoured All Purpose designs.

Saddle Pads with Partial Linings

These pads have an interior lining that comes 1/2 the way down
full length sheepskin saddle pad with blue quilting and a partial lining  a full length saddle pad with pommel roll and partial sheepskin lining

Saddle Pads with Full Rolled Linings

Fully lined pads can have sheepskin rolled over the entire edge
a blue quilted sheepskin saddle pad with a fully lined roll  white sheepskin saddle pad for horses

A sheepskin saddle pad offers extreme comfort for your horse and high performance for your saddle. The thick cushioning offers protection from sores and wicks away sweat and heat. These quality pads have great benefits for you and your equine partner.

See all of our sheepskin saddle pads at Barn World today.




Contoured Sheepskin Saddle Pads

Sheepskin saddle pads provide tremendous comfort and performance. The bi-level Australian Merino sheepskin is so thick and well conforming that it can relieve pressure points and friction spots. The plush fibers create a material that lifts sweat and moisture that allows it to wick away heat. This keeps you and your horse cool under pressure while enjoying a secure fit for your saddle.

There a three different pad cuts for every type of riding and each has cantle and pommel roll options.  Below is a look at the contoured sheepskin saddle pads.

Contoured Saddle Pads

The contoured design is one of the most popular and is used in many disciplines. The sheepskin pads offer three different roll designs:  Pommel Roll, Pommel and Cantle Rolls and a Fully Rolled edge

Sheepskin saddle pad with Pommel Roll only

The pommel roll is one of the most important when securing your saddle. The forward movement created when your horse is stopping or changing direction can create a forward sliding issue with your saddle.  The rolling of the sheepskin over the front edge of the pad helps prevent forward saddle movement.

contoured saddle pad with pommel roll  black sheepskin saddle pad with a pommel roll

The pad is available with a full lining as pictured above on the right and well as a partial lining. The partial lining doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the leg sections as shown on the right.

There are also two different leg cuts. The dressage pad has slightly thinner leg at 15″ than the English pad design.

Sheepskin saddle pad with Pommel and cantle Rolls

The addition of the cantle roll adds even more saddle security than just the pommel roll alone. With a roll at each end of the pad, the saddle sits securely between the two for the best possible performance.

sheepskin saddle pad with pommel and cantle rolls  contoured sheepskin saddle pad with pommel and cantle roll

The dressage and English cuts are also available with both rolls and in a full or partial lining. The lining itself is over 1″ thickness and provide exceptional comfort and fit.

The quilting is available in navy, black and white colors.

Sheepskin Saddle Pad with Fully Rolled Edges

The fully rolled edge combines the great fit and performance of the front and rear rolls with the great looks of completely rolled edge. The incredible comfortable and very plush sheepskin saddle pads are fully lined and the sheepskin itself is rolled completely over to the top side of the pad for extra fit security, comfort and good looks!

The English and Dressage cuts are still available in the fully rolled pad and the extra edge looks great too.

sheepskin saddle pad with fully rolled edges  sheepskin saddle pads with fully rolled edges

Benefits of Sheepskin

Sheepskin has over 3,000 fibers per square inch that act as very small shock absorbers. It also offers incredible wicking abilities that lift moisture and help cool your horse while riding. It collects and dissipates the sweat to keep your horse cool and performing at it’s best.

The extra thick cushioning helps prevent rubbing and contact sores too. The sheepskin won’t build any static electricity and is gentle on the skin.

Sheepskin Saddle Pad Care Instructions

To wash the pad, it’s recommended it be hand washed in cold water with a mild soap. Suggested soaps include the Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo or Ivory Snow Flakes. The agitator in washing machines can be rough on the sheepskin and stretch the quilting.

It’s recommended that the pads be allowed to dry completely before riding again. This gives the fibers a chance to stabilize. To help dry more quickly, you may squeeze the pad or put it in washing machine only on the spin cycle. We don’t recommend wringing out the pad by twisting as it cause deformation.

These wonderful pads are a great addition to you saddle tack collection and will provide years of performance and comfort. Click the following link to see the entire sheepskin saddle pad collection at Barn World.




Livestock Waterers keep your animals healthy

Even more important than food, providing your animals with fresh water is paramount to good health. Using a livestock waterer to keep your animals well hydrated is important for overall health and weight gains.

There are many different options to choose from and they all provide an economical method of providing that all important clean water source. Take a look at some of the designs below and ma

How a waterer works

Below is a generic diagram on how a cold weather waterer can be set up. Notice everything but the electrical supply is located below the frost line so it can be used in the cold weather months.

This is most important for the supply line that brings the water into the tank. A heat tube is used in the diagram below to insulate or heat the water supply line as it moves above the frost line and into the waterer.

A qualified electrician and plumber should be consulted for a proper and long-lasting installation.

livestock waterer installation diagram

Types of animal waterers

Livestock waterers can be divided into closed and open categories as well as animal specific. Open means the water source isn’t covered and is the most common design. The closed design is typically seen where freezing occurs or in hot and dirty environments. They provide a literal cover to the water below and help contain evaporation and keep the water clean.

Other popular styles include animal specific designs for horses and hogs and we take a look at some of them below.

Open Livestock Waterers

Any animal can use these open waterers. They’re traditionally used in outdoor pasture or pen settings in capacities of only one gallon all the way up to 60 gallons. They contain a float that keeps a preset level of water. As the float rises, it closes off the supply valve and stops filling the tank.

With the water carried underground to the tank, it’s usually a cool 50 degrees or so when it enters the waterer. Water is automatically replenished with cool water through the valve when animals drink.

In the winter, the underground supply is usually still near 50 degrees which is well above freezing and water heaters are used to keep it that way.

Pictures of Open Waterers


The construction material of choice is polyethylene. It allows the tanks to have smooth edges and prevent rusting or corrosion. It can also take a lot of abuse from animals without bending or denting and the smooth sloped bottoms make it easy to clean.

The single trough or double-sided design allows you to plan your pens or corrals. The double sided waterer can supply fresh water on both side of a fence-line eliminating the need for a second tank.

All of these come with a 5 year warranty and are an easy way to provide a source of fresh water year round.

Closed Top Waterers

This clever design has a lot of advantages over the open top waterers above. The covered source protects from debris like blowing dirt, leaves and even insects. Algae has a tough time accumulating as there isn’t a light source for growth.

The waterers below illustrate the types of closures for containing the water. The balls shown float in their holes and when depressed, provide access to the water below. They are available with built-in heaters for winter operation as well!

The center tank has flap covers that require lifting to access the inside.  Both of these designs are popular and very efficient.

animal waterer with ball enclosures  hog waterer  heater waterer


They come in an ‘energy free’ design as well as a heated, which has a built in heater for cold winter operation.

The same strong polyethylene construction takes a beating and eliminates corrosion and rust. There are no sharp corners so cleaning is a simple as wiping the trough section down.

They also come with the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects and will provide hassle free water to your animals much longer.

Hog Waterer

A more traditional looking waterer is the hog waterer. It’s made of 100% non-porous polyethylene so it will never rush, corrode or rot. Confinement pen and acids have no affect on the waterer at all.

There are not cracks or corners for sediment, dirt or bacteria to hide. A quick wipe down will allow easy access to all areas of the waterer.

hog waterer

This large poly tank holds 80 gallons at a time and uses a filling float to keep it full. It’ s a single float that keeps the central tank full. The tank itself has calibrations molded into it and the translucent material. This allows a quick glance to see how much water is in the tank.

It has two drinking areas, one on each side. The lip of each drinker is protected with a heavy-duty chew guard in case your hogs try to start chewing where they shouldn’t!

The trough is only 6″ tall so even your little pigs have easy access. It comes with a drain plug to make flushing and washing painless.

Visit Barn World today and select the proper livestock waterer to ensure your animals stay well-hydrated and see the proper weight gains and overall health they need.


Animal Scales – Are your animals adding the weight they should?

Keeping track of your animal’s over-all weight and weight gains is an important barometer of overall health. There are many different types of Animal Scales and they  are an important health management tool. They can also help you see how effective your feeding strategies and grain efficiencies are as well.

Platform scales are very versatile, especially for larger animals. Specialty scales for weighing animals that are bit more ‘energetic’ includes doors and side walls for an accurate measurement. There are variety to choose from and we’ve highlighted a few different styles below..

Animal Platform Scales

The platform is perhaps the most versatile designs there is. If you can get your animal on the scale from any direction, you can get your weight. Simple and straight-forward, once on, you can easily read the weight from the included display.

The most common of these are available in capacities of 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 pounds shown below. The large 3,000 pound capacity and platform will allow you to weight almost anything!

Click on an image below to see more details of these various capacities

dog on a floor scale animal platform scale with a donkey standing on it cow standing on a platform scale heavy duty animal scale with a horse standing on it

The only potential trouble with the open-sided platforms is sometimes you can’t get your little guy to stay on. For these ‘higher energy’ measurements, there are contained scales that use doors and sidewalls to assist.

Sheep and Hog Scales

Hogs and Sheep don’t like to stand calmly on an open platform and wait for the weights to be recorded. These scales have entry and exit doors as well as side-walls to help them stay in place.

Below is a hog enjoying his weigh in!

large hog in the portable animal scale

Osborne has been an industry leader in small animal scales for decades. They have designed a portable animal scale specifically for weighing hogs and sheep too.

sheep in a portable animal scale

Scale Options

To make this scale portable, simply add the wheel kit and move it to where you need it. The available wheel kit is designed so move it around or even roll it into the back of your truck for true portability. Makes it easy to store.

The entry doors allow you to contain your animal while weighing and provide a calm environment for even your friskiest of hogs.

There are no weigh cables to deal with. The weigh arms and anti-sway bars help minimize fluctuations in weight readings so you can get an accurate reading. Your animal movements are minimized with this unique design.

Give yourself and your animals a safe and comfortable area for getting accurate weights with this portable animal scale from Barn World!


5 Star Wool Saddle Pads

Barn World carries 5 Star Equine Saddle Pads for all your riding needs.

wool saddle pads

5 Star saddle pads offer the best protection for your horse’s back and are made from 100% Wool. The World’s Finest, All-Natural 100% Wool Contoured Pads are specially designed to fit the shape of your horse or mule’s. The unique, two-piece construction eliminates spinal pressure and improves saddle fit – no over-cinching.

The 5 Star Contoured Saddle Pad is the original Western contour pad with “a true French Curve back-line and withers slope.” Special attention is given to wither height, back-line variance and hip placement which results in a GREAT FITTING PAD that conforms to the shape of your horse or mule. This conscious effort in design has produced a pad that fits most breeds of horses and mules without “break-in” fitting.


1/2″ Under Pad

Great for showing, reining, cutting or pleasure horses when you still need protection yet want to put a colorful blanket over the under pad for show purposes.

3/4″ Regular Pad

An excellent all-around pad for those that need a daily exercise training pad and may also need to throw a blanket over for the show ring.

7/8″ Thick Pad

The best all-around use pad recommended for trail riding, team penning, cutting, reining, and barrel racing. We can also cut the 3/4″ and 7/8″ pad in a 28″ length for barrel racing saddles.

1″ Extra Thick Pad

Designed with ranch work in mind, for roping, performance, colt starting or heading to the mountains with lots of gear. 1-1/8″ Supreme Roper Pad Specially engineered for team roping, calf roping, steer stopping and performance.

heavy duty saddle pad


Simply spray pad with water, rub soiled areas in a circular motion with fingers or a rubber curry comb and hang to dry. A gentle detergent may also be necessary. Do not lay flat on it’s back (upside down). With this reasonable care, pad will last 1500-2000 hours. 5 Star 100% Wool Felt Contoured Saddle Pads contain 90% virgin wool and 10% reworked wool giving your animal protection that will last 2,000+ hours with reasonable care. 5 Star’s felt has been made with heat, steam and pressure which eliminates any concerns about shrinkage or distortion as you begin to consider cleaning needs.

Care & Cleaning

  • Equipment: 5 Star Cleaning Sponge, Rubber Fingered Curry, Flat Rubber Curry
  • Prevent dirt and hair build-up on the under side of pad by brushing occasionally. This keeps old hair from trapping dirt & sweat, and embedding deep into the pad.
  • To remove embedded hair and dirt, rotate a dry 5 Star Cleaning Sponge in circular motion on dry pad. Wipe hair off sponge surface with your hand while cleaning pad.
  • Break up heavy crusted sweat and dirt with rubber curry. Also gently scrape with a dull edged object being careful not to cut the felt. Use a vacuum to remove excess grime and loose material. A brush or a swift slap with your hand may also be used to sweep away dirt and hair.

Every 5 Star pad comes with a label that describes the basic method for cleaning and an all-natural dry-cleaning sponge!

Visit today and pick out your new favorite horse tack:  A new 5 Star Wool Saddle Pad!