Do-it-Yourself Radiant Floor Heating Kits

Barn World is much more than farm and ranch supplies. One of our newest product additions is the Radiant Floor Heat kits for do-it-yourself projects. Hydroponic radiant floor heating systems are an excellent choice for heating concrete floors in basements, garages, greenhouses, and slab-on-grade additions. Chose from three different sizes of boilers and insulated floor panels for the right size for your project.

These systems feature four different sizes of electric boilers. They’re small and highly efficient and employ patented power-sharing technology. They are UL listed for space heating applications and are known for self-diagnostics and ease of service


Installing the boilers is simple. Layout your insulated floor panels, mount your boiler panel to the wall, and install the PEX tubing before pouring your slab.

pouring concrete on insulated floor panels

The modular insulated floor panels are available in 1, 2, and 3-inch thicknesses and make installation of the PEX tubing simple and snap-in easy. Using the panels can not only cut your installation time but also provide long-lasting insulation. They keep your tubing from moving while you pour.  Most importantly, keep the heat from going into the ground instead of your floor.

radiant heat floor panels holding pex tubing in place

After the tubing is installed, connect the PEX tubing to the manifold, and fill the system with antifreeze. Next, purge the air and have your electrician wire the thermostat, circulating pump, and electric boiler.

Once done, you’ll have a silent, long-lasting heat source where it’s most efficient.  Your entire floor will provide consistent warmth during your coldest nights.

The panels ship throughout the US in unprotected bags on pallets and are easy to ship and unload.

crete heat floor panels ready to ship

Visit for all your radiant floor heating needs as well as reflective insulation and farm and ranch supplies.  Call them at 720-238-2190 with your questions and they’ll be happy to help!


Hog Feeders Delivered To Your Door!

Barn World has a complete selection of pig and hog feeders ready to ship directly to your farm. What could be more convenient than having them delivered to your doorstep?

Hog Feeders

One of the largest expenses of raising hogs is the money spent on feed. Wasted feed destroys profits and creates a mess too. On-demand feeders make your hogs ask to be fed before any food is released. It will only dispense when the wheel is turned to help eliminate waste and prevents food from sitting in the trough where it can be turned into ‘play-waste’ as it gets knocked around.

The troughs have feeder bars with paddles on them. Your animals quickly learn to nudge the bars and turn the paddles through the trough to release the food. As the feed bars turn, the paddles sweep along the bottom of the trough. It sounds too good to be true, but the hogs actually clean the trough they are eating from!

Pig Feeders

pig feeder from Osborne

For the largest weight gains, food should be present at all times. This ensures they establish healthy eating habits and necessary early weight gains but can also lead to a lot of waste.

However, when feed is left sitting in the trough, it can become wasted when it gets scattered around the barn and can actually create an unsanitary mess. The gravity feeder inefficiencies created the need for the on-demand design prevalent in the industry today.

The nursery feeder capacities are as small as one bushel and go all the way up to 15 bushels for larger operations.

Pig to Hog Feeder

pig feeder that converts to a hog feeder automatically

Osborne makes a unique feeder that automatically converts from a gravity feed to an on-demand feeder. The mechanical conversion takes place when the pigs learn on their own to move the paddles in the bottom of the trough. As the wheel turns, the individual vents slide shut and require movement to dispense food in the future.

The automatic conversion needs no attention as it converts automatically.  Not only are the pigs cleaning the trough by turning the feed wheel paddles, but they’re also converting the feeder to a gravity flow system automatically.

Having gravity replenish the trough is a great way to make sure they can eat at all times and the conversion to on-demands helps eliminate waste when they’re older.

Hog Feeders

hog feeders in large capacities

These larger capacity feeders are designed for large groups of animals. They come in capacities of up to 105 bushels for large groups of heavy eaters are can be used outdoors year-round.

The 60 bushel Supreme Hog Feeder has door flaps that are lifted for access. The food is always available in the individual scalloped door-covered troughs. IT’s a gravity feeder that provides a constant supply.

The larger Big O Hog Feeder is available in 40, 56, and 90-bushel capacities. It uses on-demand bump bars to dispense food.

The poly material used for the lids and troughs makes them impervious to feedlot acids and they won’t ever rust or corrode!

The on-demand feature helps eliminate waste and maximum profits even when servicing large groups of unsupervised adults. Below is a picture of the Osborne feeder in the field.

outdoor hog feeder with pigs

Let us know if we can help pick out a feeder for your operation. If you’d like a quote with shipping to your door, we’ll be happy to help!


A Hog Waterer keeps your animals healthy and gaining weight

A quality hog waterer will keep your hogs well-hydrated and is a must for overall health and weight gain. It’s not a difficult thing to do and with its large capacity, it will keep clean water available at all times.

hog waterer

This design has drinkers on both sides for easy access and will service large groups at one time. You can also place it in a fence line to provide water to two separate pens at once.

It may seem very basic, but making sure cool water is available year-round is crucial. Providing water in summer with this large capacity hog waterer can relieve heat stress on hot days and keep your hogs comfortable. Hydration also helps with healthy weight gains.

In the winter, it can be used outdoors when coupled with a submersible water heater to keep it from freezing.

hog waterer heater


Made with 100% non-porous polyethylene, it will not rust or corrode and is impervious to feedlot acids. This construction material also makes it easy to clean!

The trough height is only 6″ tall so even your smallest pigs will be able to drink with ease. With a trough on each side, a lot of thirsty mouths can be served at one time. Each trough lid lip is covered with a heavy-duty, steel-plated chew guard to protect the edge and make for easier cleaning.

Filling with water is easily done through the large, snap-on, and removable lid on top. It will not rust, rot or corrode.

The side walls of the drinker have easy-to-read gallon capacity calibrations molded directly into them. You can also see how much water remains through the translucent wall with a quick glance.

We cannot stress how important it is to keep your hogs healthy. with simple to supply water This quality hog waterer from Sioux Steel has a large capacity to make it easy to keep your animals in good health. Simply fill when empty!

Visit us at Barn World or call 720-238-2190 for all of your livestock supply needs.


Hog Feeders

Barn World has both Osborne and Sioux Steel hog feeders to take care of your animals. Take a look at the collection below and make sure you have a fresh supply of food at all times for your hogs.

Hog Feeders from Sioux Steel Hog Feeder from Osborne

Hog Feeders

A quality hog feeder provides a stress-free eating environment and keeps a fresh supply of clean food available at all times. The trick with having food accessible for maximum, healthy weight gains is to minimize waste. Each of these feeders has a unique method of keeping the trough clean when not in use to eliminate ‘play waste.’

Large Outdoor Hog Feeder

large outdoor hog feeder

This large outdoor hog feeder comes in 40, 65, and 90-bushel sizes. They’re all 56″ in diameter but the addition of wall ‘rings’ increases the capacity and overall height. Made with a polyethylene trough to eliminate rusting, the hopper section contains an on-demand-only feeder.

The top is also poly for longevity and the 65 and 90-bushel feeders come with the side ladder shown.

On-demand Feed

The feeder will only be dispensed when your hogs hit the bump bars in the trough. This eliminates standing food and thus food waste. It has 12 individual feeding stations and the trough design eliminates the need for noise doors.

Osborne Hog Feeders

Long known for quality feeders, Osborne makes a full line of pig feeders as well as a large selection of high-quality hog feeders. These feeders are available in capacities from 45 bushels all the way up to 105 bushels.

outdoor hog feeder   large capacity hog feeder

All of them use the mechanical, on-demand design to dispense feed only when needed. The trough contains a paddle that sweeps horizontally through the bottom of the trough.  As the hogs push the wheel to turn it, the paddle cleans the bottom of the trough. This sweeping action releases feed and cleans at the same time!

Feed Control

There is an adjustable feed flow control to help manage how much food is dispensed when the paddles are moved. All of this control helps minimize waste and keeps your feed fresh. These results promote healthy weight gain through efficient feeding and maximize your bottom line.

It eliminates standing and wasted food. When bumped by your hogs, a paddle sweep in the trough cleans itself and prevents food buildup while activating the mechanical dispenser. The system includes an adjustable rate feed flow for precise control and prevents bridging of the finer-sized feeds inside the feeder. The result is money saved in labor and feed that is passed directly to your bottom line!

Hog Feeder with Doors

This very popular feeder has a 60-bushel capacity and uses the traditional doors to protect the trough from the elements. Replacement doors are available individually in case they ever get worn.

hog feeder with doors

It has 12 individual feeding stations, each with its own door. Every trough is designed to accommodate the hog’s jowl and provide comfortable feeding. It has a large hinged and lockable lid to protect its full 60-bushel capacity.

The galvanized 12 gauge steel rings make a 56.5-inch diameter feeding station for hogs from 40 pounds up to a full-grown 250 pounds.

If you’d like more information on the hog feeders or a quote with shipping directly to our address, please contact us at Barn World and we’ll be happy to help.