Horse Round Bale Feeder

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A great all-around horse round bale feeder makes feeding time a snap.  This 49" tall, 7'6" outside diameter hay feeder is made from 1", 16 gauge tubing, round stanchions 24" apart  and square tubes for the rings give it extra strength.  The 25" tall steel skirt is made with 20 gauge steel and the entire 3 section feeder easily bolts together for a sturdy 225 lbs finished weight.  Painted with a green enamel, this horse hay feeder is great for all types of livestock.

This feeder ships from Ft. Worth, Tx. in three sections.

Please call or email for a shipping quote before placing an order.

Item no. RBF-H

Today $239.83

This item does not ship free.

Please email or call (720) 238-2190 with the quantity and shipping zip code for a shipping total before placing your order.

All round bale feeders designed and built with high quality steel and built to last.

The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  cost to ship to Goshen, AL 36035 - quantity of 1
ANSWER:  Thank you for your interest in the Horse Round Bale Feeder from Barn World. These feeders ship from Ft. Worth, TX and the shipping for a single feeder will most likely be near the cost of the feeder itself. We do see more economical shipping on a per feeder basis when shipping in quantities of (3) or more.

If that would be of interest to you, please let us know and we'll prepare a quote for your review.

Thank you again.

QUESTION:  How do I find shipping cost?
ANSWER:  Please forward the quantity and the destination zip code and we'll be happy to reply with a quote for your review.
QUESTION:  shipping to Canada?
ANSWER:  We can ship this item to Canada. Please forward your complete shipping address and if you have a broker to clear customs. Thank you.
QUESTION:  shipping to Louisburg Kansas 66053
ANSWER:  This feeder does sit directly on the ground to maximize the amount of hay contained and minimize waste. Keeping the feeder skirt out of wet and muddy conditions will help prevent any rusting over time and they will usually last a long time when cared for properly. The key is to not allow it to sit in wet conditions for prolonged periods. If legs are desired, we can add them for you.
QUESTION:  What is the distance between the top upright arched pole gaurds?
ANSWER:  The approximate distance between the top of each arch is 20".
QUESTION:  Hi Robert, I talked to you from Friday Harbor WA the other day and you quoted me shipping for the RBF-H. Several other questions: Is unit powder coated? What is the rim like on the 25" skirt, is there a rolled top? Who is the manufacturer?
ANSWER:  The feeder is finished in green enamel paint. The sheet metal is welded to the top of the tubing frame and there are no sharp corners on it. This feeder ships from Ft. Worth, TX.
QUESTION:  How much would the shipping cost be for Item no. RBF-H,qty 1 to Cypress, TX 77429?
ANSWER:  Thank you for your interest in the Horse Round Bale Feeder. This feeder is manufactured in Clebure, TX and is available for pick up. We would most likely be able to ship up to three for the same rate. The shipping for a single feeder to your address would be $179.89.
QUESTION:  does it open up so you can roll a round bale in it
ANSWER:  This feeder is bolted together. It weights approximately 225lbs. and can be tipped on it's side to load underneath, or the bale is lifted into it by tractor.
QUESTION:  Do you sell to Canadian customers? What is the cost of shipping and time frame? I live in Cranbrook BC.
ANSWER:  We do ship to Canada. Please forward your postal code and if you have a broker for customs or if you would like us to provide one for you.
QUESTION:  Where can this feeder be picked up at. Dealer location to save shipping costs /
ANSWER:  This feeder can be picked up near Ft. Worth, Texas.
QUESTION:  This also looks like a good possibility for highland cattle.
ANSWER:  This one will work well for long horn cattle.
QUESTION:  Do the sections BOLT together? Is there a SIMPLE way [such as inserting locking pins into slots]to open feeder to allow round bale to be put into feeder and then reclosed?
ANSWER:  Yes the sections bolt together - it is very easy to assemble and to flip over a bale.
QUESTION:  Does this one have a floor? If not can one be built for it?
ANSWER:  No this one does not. We probably would not be able to put a floor in it because of shipping reasons.
QUESTION:  Can this possible be used for rectangular bales? We like the nature friendly color and the simplicity of this one. Item # SH83HF meets our needs for rectangular bales but is YELLOW (not nature friendly color) and seems less simple.
ANSWER:  I do not see any reason that you could not put rectangular bales in it. Thanks
QUESTION:  what is the diameter
ANSWER:  The outside diameter is approximately 7` 6"
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