Cattle Guards from Barn World – A cattle guard for every need

There are many names for what we call cattle guards.  A cattle guard is a grid of parallel metal bars (either square or round), usually set in the ground across a road instead of using a gate to keep cattle from wandering off of your land.

cattle guard with wings - installation
cattle guard with wings – installation

Cattle guards have been called by many names.  In Australia they are called either cattle grids or cattle grates.   In the United Kingdom a cattle guard is known as a cattle grid.   In Canada, they are called a texas gate or a vehicle pass. And we hear other names too – livestock guard, cattle grill and deer guard.  In New Zealand, a cattle guard is called a cattle stop.  As long as they keep your cattle from wandering away, any name will do.

Barn World , the farm and ranch store, has cattle guards in a wide variety of sizes and options to match your application.  Call today 720-238-2190.

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